Friday, 30 March 2012

mua new makeup haul summer colours and playboy from superdrug

Hi there yes i'm back with another haul blog of what i bought yesterday,i should be out in the back garden in this amazing sunshine but oh no this hardcore makeup lover just needs you to all see these amazing summer bargains hee hee,and yes i will be doing a haul on youtube on them when i get around to it but for now her is a taster of whats to come.........

This first item is the mua eyeshaddow palette called poptasic.
now look at this amazing zingy summer colours,you can see why it's called poptastic and at £4.99 you have 12 new fresh vibrant colours to mix and match with so can't wait to try this one.
The next trio were £1.oo each so only £3.00 for these very pigmented eyeshaddow's,i have not even used them yet but i can see they are very shimery just by looking at them.
They are shades 28 which is the brown,then 31 which is blue and 9 which is the purple.
More colours that just caught my eye ♥
Then as you can see i bought blue eyeshaddow so of course i then needed a blue eye liner and mascara whooo back to the 80's for that rock chick look,they are light blue again £1.00 each mascara shade 3 and liner turquoise
I heard amazing reviews on youtube about the mua lipstick in shade 13 which is bright red and i mean bright red,look at the shine on that,yum yum how sexy,red is very daring but also red hot and lush so thought i would give it a try and at a pound could not resist.....
mua out there plumping lip gloss,well i'm hoping that it is plumping as not tried it yet but the colour looks a lovely bubble gum pink but is called shocking pink and is a very long tube for £2.00,love pink for summer so will be reviewing them when ive tried them on my youtube channel.

The last three mua products i bought were nail varnish and i just loved these colours and again not tried and tested yet but thought i would put a small blob on the paper to swatch them as best i could.
The first shade is 12 in pink and was £1.00 then shade 5 in like a mint green again £1.00 but the last one was £2.99 and is called nail quake crackle glitter in shade pink.
Its says to paint your nails with normal nail varnish of your choice then wait to dry then add the crackle glitter over the top for that crackle effect so that will be cool to give a go,love painting my toes in the summer as wear flip flops all the time ♥
I was then just on my way out of the shop having paid for the mua and i spotted a box full of playboy makeup all a pound each,ok the boxes were a bit bashed and lots were still sealed so i had to stand there for about half an hour trying to fin ones i like so in the end i chose loose shimmer powder in nude 95 and wowzers i didn't think it would be that shimmery as it's like gold dust very pretty.
then a cute lipstick with the playboy bunny as the twist nozel at the top,it's a dark shade of plum called entourage and would look great matched with a plum dress for a night out {very glam}
and last on my list was a duo eyeshaddow called enchanted evening and its like a smokey dark grey charcoal with a cream on tother side and a tiny brush in the middle......

so my total spend at superdrug yesterday was £19.99 and look at all these wonderful items i have for such a bargain price....
total time spent in superdrug was about an hour lol

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Thanks so much for reading,love and summer sunny fun to you all
from little miss style guru aka vinny

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hi there peeps.well it is Thursday 29th of march and it's night time,i should be in bed by now but thought i would do a quick blog to keep you upto speed,as you may know i have just done myself a youtube channel called little miss style guru or all one word littlemissstyleguru and this is for people like myself who are interested in anything style related,i love makeup and trying out new colours and styles and love clothes but i just wish i was back to the size before having my baby daughter Teegan but my own fault as not exercising or really not having the time to exercise really what with looking after her as she is a handful and full of beans lol as you will get to see in my youtube video's.But anyway i'm like a size 14 now blah but it's just my tummy really which i really hate and i'm sure most mum's will agree that your tummy goes yuck after having a baby or if not then your very lucky ;0),i will be doing ootd day i suppose it's more for the curvier figure like myself but hey ho no point on dwelling as what will be will be and if people don't like that then that's ok just don't watch and also i do suffer from anxiety so i'm sorry in advance for my shakey hands in the video,as you can imagine it is pretty hard to even apply makeup with shakey hands so please subscribe and give me a thumbs up as sooo nervous.

tonight i'm uploading a video of my baby girl for you all to meet,then i'm uploading two more from today as we went into town so they are ootd for me and ootd for Teegan too awww bless her the little youtube superstar ;0)
Bought a few bits and bobs from town today,bought quite a few items from the mua makeup range at superdrug a top and shorts for myself and yes even more clothing for Teegan as i just can't resist they are just too cute.
but the main reason for going into town was to get some outdoor foam play mats that click together from tesco,they are big square ones and you get a pack of 4 for £7 odd so we ordered 2 packs as they did not have them in stock so picking them up sat,now that the weather is better we can take her to play in the garden but have just patio at the back and she is rolling round like a mad one at the mo so needed them so as to not hurt herself,she can crawl backwards and about an inch or two forwards and can roll both ways so no taking your eyes off her now as she is touching everything,she can say mama or she has said it about 3 times but then i taught her to say dada and she has not stopped saying it since,she even looks at me and says dada and screams dada dada at the top of her voice when we are out and about,quite funny really,she does sit up but not for too long before she topples over

Right i'm off to bed,i will be doing a haul on the items i bought today and some swatches of the makeup so please stay tuned all you makeup junkies like myself.............

Hugs to all and please remember to subscribe here and the link below is for ma youtube thanking you xx♥xx

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Intro blog little miss style guru find me on youtube

Hello and welcome to my new blog little miss style guru,i have also just started a new channel on youtube by the same name littlemissstyleguru and yipeeee already uploaded my first video and have 1 subscriber upto now lol well you have to start somewhere so thankyou very much to that person ;0).
The video is a short into vid telling you about myself and if you are into makeup clothes shopping and style as much as i am then please please subscribe to not only this Blog but my Youtube too as i will add the link below.
Oh and some of my hauls might be baby girl related as i had my first baby called Teegan back in aug 2011 so really love shopping for her too,but i do love a good bargain and try to spend as little as pos.

Well this was a kind of intro Blog but if you want to know more then please subscribe to me on Youtube.
My name is Vinny and here are a few photo's of me and my little angel Teegan.
Thanks for reading,that's all for now folks xxxxxxx

Thanks and have a cracking day as the weather here in the uk is a scorcher but about time eh xx

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