Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Intro blog little miss style guru find me on youtube

Hello and welcome to my new blog little miss style guru,i have also just started a new channel on youtube by the same name littlemissstyleguru and yipeeee already uploaded my first video and have 1 subscriber upto now lol well you have to start somewhere so thankyou very much to that person ;0).
The video is a short into vid telling you about myself and if you are into makeup clothes shopping and style as much as i am then please please subscribe to not only this Blog but my Youtube too as i will add the link below.
Oh and some of my hauls might be baby girl related as i had my first baby called Teegan back in aug 2011 so really love shopping for her too,but i do love a good bargain and try to spend as little as pos.

Well this was a kind of intro Blog but if you want to know more then please subscribe to me on Youtube.
My name is Vinny and here are a few photo's of me and my little angel Teegan.
Thanks for reading,that's all for now folks xxxxxxx

Thanks and have a cracking day as the weather here in the uk is a scorcher but about time eh xx


  1. Please comment as i would love you to drop in and say hiya,thanks all xxx

  2. No. 1 - Your daughter is gorgeous... WELL DONE :)
    No. 2 - You're a tiny size 14........
    No. 3 - Jealous you're so near to the sea when i have to travel an hour to the coast :(
    No. 4 - Can't wait for more vlogs/blogs :)


  3. awww thanks hun,thought you were right by the sea too.
    and no i just picked the photo's i looked thinner on,you should see me on some of them but then again if i'm too lazy to exercise then i can't moan.
    Yes want to do more but just need to find the time when she is asleep,dead nervous but need to keep at it,how strange you can be that nervous talking to a camera with just myself in the room did you get that at the start? xxx
    glad your back with other half btw ;0) xxx

  4. Thanks also for the comment on youtube about mua makeup as i do own loads and think it's just as good as expensive brands,might even treat myself tomorrow and get a few more bargain items ;0)


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