Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Help me get to 100 subs

Hello wow i have been neglecting my blog a wee bit as nobody seems to be reading but whoooo i have got to 51 subscribers at the mo on my beauty style youtube channe,and only 3 here lol and 9 on facebook which is a good start i think ;0) but i'm so happy with getting over 50 on youtube and want to head for the 100 mark to really have a happy dance,so if you love makeup,makeup tutorials and reviews and clothing hauls mostly from primark then stick with me kidda and click here to subscribe to youtube,thanks for your support as it is helping me gain more confidence with my anxiety,social phobia,panic attacks etc.......

oh and i almost forgor and shame on me,slap on the wrist mummy.
my baby daughter Teegan will be popping by every now and then and doing outfit of the day ;0)

Teegan Sophia Rose with mummy vinny
aka littlemissstyleguru xxx

Friday, 20 April 2012

please subscribe to my beauty and style youtube and facebook both littlemissstyleguru makeup and primark shopaholic x

Hi all in the past month i have created my own beauty and style youtube channel and facebook page and obviously here too,i'm called littlemissstyleguru aka vinny lol.
I'm a new mummy and have a daughter called Teegan Sophia Rose who is just over 9 months and will be one on the 7th aug,wow time has flown,doesn't seem 2 mins since i was having her but all that pain and worry was deffo worth it as she is such a cutie and the light of my life awww i'm all mushy lol.
I suffer from social phobia panic attacks anxiety and a lot more to boot but i won't bore ya.

I'm here first and foremost to meet nice like minded people who like myself enjoy all things girly.
I love shopping when i don't feel too paniky in town as hate busy places but love clothes and shopping you can't win,oh i'm also into makeup 100% and love trying new styles and colours and also love to review makeup and tell you what i think,i only give my honest opinion so if you agree then that's cool but if you don't then that's also cool.

When i gather more subscribers on youtube i will be doing my first ever give away which will be exciting so please click on the links below and get subscribing,i love to watch other youtube channels too and it's just great to meet new people who seem dead nice,i'm also doing my video's though to help myself with my anxiety,panic socia phobia etc,ok it's not going to go away as had it 13 year and it can only help right? so soz if i'm ever shakey or nervous.

ok i'm not the most beautiful of people and am over weight after having Teegan blah ;0( but hey ho i just take each day as it comes as life can go all too quick.

so anyway that's me,a makeup clothing lover shopaholic lol;who just want's to have a laugh like any other person,please take a look at my video's as i would love to gain more friends and subscribers to my channel.it's nice knowing you actually are doing them for people and not just talking to a camera and wasting my time lol

the links are below,will be adding more video's when i can,think i have added quite a few within a month with a teething 9 month old that want's attention all the time ha ha yes she is a hanfull but a cute one so i'll let her off

love and hugs to all and thanks for reading xxxx

fave shops are...
River island
New look is ok
Sainsburys tu and gok
love the Animal and Bench shop's too
Oh and also love rumaging through tk max
like bank republic asos and just loads really ha ha

and if i had to go into makeup i would be here all day but best cheapest brand is defo
MUA without a shaddow of a doubt they are brill for the price.
also love bourjois,max factor,rimmel.L'oreal,soap &glory,no7,urban decay,benefit and oh anything really as love them all collection 2000 barry m and the list goes on

so if you love all these too then stay tuned for more vids or blogs thanks guys and dolls xxxxx♥♥

Love from Vinny and baby Teegan who is also on my videos as i do baby hauls too and ootd with both me and Teegan ♥

Sunday, 15 April 2012

pixiwoo inspired navy blue dramatic midnight eyes with glitter lips

Hi guys and dolls yes i'm back after easter and a nice few days spent with family.
Well i do lurve watching different youtube video's and obviously pixiwoo is one of my faves just like thousands of other people,anyway one of their videos caught my eye and it was for a dramatic looking blue eye,so anyway thought i would try something similar,i'm only really using high street cheap makeup not top end brabds and this is my first go and i'm no makeup artist unlike pixiwoo sisters who are fan daby dozy btw,so please be kind and i'm not a great model either ha ha,just a selection of photos then link to youtube video at the bottom to see what products i usef,please subscribe here facebook and youtube,thanks so much for taking time to look xxxxx

youtube video below xxx

facebook below too......

glittery kisses from vinny xx

Monday, 9 April 2012

pregnant or a new mum and signing upto bounty baby website

Hi all,If you are already signed up to bounty baby website or thinking of sighning up then please would you be very kind in voting for my baby daughter Teegan Sophia Rose who i'm very proud of,me and her daddy think the world of her,she is just the light of my life in which has been a tough life,so to be blessed with her i feel super lucky........thanks so much if you can vote 10 star i would be over the moon,obviously you don't have to but just would be nice thats all,and also bounty is a fab website if you are pregnant,planning a baby or already have kids,very imformative and tells you everything you need to know,they also have a cool chat area to meet new mums etc,i even put Teegan's name on their and it is featured so chuffed with that.....
here is the link xxxxxxxxxxxx

thankyou ever so much and Teegan is growing so quick,here she is now xxxx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

bounty baby competition april 2012

hi all i would love it and be really greatful if you could vote for my daughter Teegan Sophia Rose on the bounty website to make her a winner,she isa winner in my eyes already but would love her to win,thanks so so much,much love from vinny and Teegan,the link is below to vote and you can also see more of her on my youtube,thanks again xxxxx

and this is my youtube but please vote on bounty xxxx

Hi all i dyed my hair lastnight a sort of plum colour with hair dye called live and i'm uploading a video of it to youtube as i type this but for now here are a few photos i had taken outside as you can see the colour better here in the photos than on the youtube video,so i hope you like,please subscribe here and also on youtube and facebook,thanks ever so much love vinny xxx♥xxx

my outfit is just some cable knit leggings from primark which they prob still sell,a grey vest primark,tunic top from brand tu sainsburys ages ago and playboy boots xxx
link to video and facebook below so pleasesubscribe thanks chucks xxxxx

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

primark haul april 2012 new clothing style blog photos and a few ootd

Hi all,just in the middle of uploading my primark haul for april 2012,wish i could do more but pretty skint now and have family coming down soon so hey ho but at least i got stuff for myself and not my daughter Teegan as she has too many clothes now lol so thought i would treat myself for a change,anyway i'm just going to add some photos of what i bought then you can watch the main haul on youtube once it is uploaded either late tonight or tomorrow,i just have to say one thing  I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY BLUE SUEDE SHOES LOL WELL THEY ARE A SORT OF TEAL STYLE SHOE BOOT BUT THEY ARE THE MOST LUSH THING I HAVE EVER SEEN..........
please do subscribe here and my youtube and facebook,i will put links below to facebook and youtube,thanks all and can't wait for the proper hot weather to come,we have had some lovely days but it was pretty poor today as it poured down with rain ;0(
Thanks so much for reading and i know i'm not stick thin as i have had a baby and can't lose the weight but i'm like a size 14 and can fit into 12's too if they are baggy enough like these tops,much love and hugs from vinny xx☻xx

If i remember right then the teal shirt to match my shoes was £8.00 the black belt i already had,the leather look wet look black leggings were £6.00 and my lush teal blue shoe/boots were down from £16 to £6 wow what a bargain,the red playsuit/jumpsuit was £5 the pink shirt i think was either 5 or 6 pound but is on my youtube video and other lace pink one was i think £5 again on the video,the beige hat was £2.50 and camo one was £3.00,stripey shoes were £3 and they also had them in red too,sorry about my bright makeup but it was to match the teal shoes and shirt nothing else lol and soz about my hair as i had only just taken it out of a messy but to show you the caps ha ha so it looks a state but apart from that i hope you like,time for bed i think while these youtube vids carry on uploading,gosh they take 4 ever and i have to leave them overnight so i hope they are done by the morning zzzzzzzzzz nite sweet dreams xxx

Monday, 2 April 2012

Primark haul next i think april 2012 will be on youtube soon

Hi went on a little shopping trip today to Primark and bought a few bits for myself yay so will hopefully be doing a haul on them tomorrow if i have time........so watch this space and it will be up and running on my youtube channel b4 you know it,so pop and subscribe and then you will be notified when it's been uploaded or keep checking back,i have a few video's though to keep you going until then so sit back enjoy and please give me a thumbs up as not doing this for any gain or purpose only that i like makeup clothing and need to gain more confidence as i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks etc etc and i'm hoping by doing this then it will help,please subscribe here too and my facebook,thanks for that if you do,big hugs and a lovely sunny april to you all xxxxxx {{{nite sweet dreams}}}

vivo makeup and ootd also staring baby teegan

Love this primark dress but got it last year so not on sale anymore but we have a pretty big one where i live so i love to get some bargains,take a nosey at all my videos and if you like them please thumbs up and subscribe thanks so much ;0) xx

Hi Bloggy land,this is mine and Teegan's outfit of the day and a make up of the day ootf muotd and shows off the vivo smokey plaum eye palette i bought from tesco and the cool white eye liner which is crazy but i have also been using the white on my lips too,if you subscribe to my youtube channel you will see all the mad lip lipstick colours ive been messing around with,it's been so much fun,you should give it a go,so howdi from me and howdi from Teegan too,hope you like and subscribe subscibe subscribe everywhere lol here youtube and facebook,the facebook link is below cheers all love vinny xxx

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Jessie j union jack lips first ever try lipstick makeup video

jessie j practice union jack it was pretty hard with one lip liner and two eyeliners and trying to copy the lips off the primark t-shirt i have of her ha ha but ok for my first attempt what do you think the new me lol,love to all on april fools day xxxx

yes it was 1 am and i am bonkers lol so please subscribe here ,my youtube and facebook,here are the links cheers xxxxx

primark haul and mua makeup haul april 2012

Here is my most recent primark and makeup haul if you have not seen it yet,loving doodleing with my makeup at the mo and trying out new shades and brands,please subscribe here youtube and facebook cheers xxxxxx

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