Friday, 19 October 2012


Well hello my bloggy friends long time no blog i see naughty Vinny i'm so sorry.
But in all honesty i'n not very good at blogging plus don't have the time to do them loads but i am back here and will try and blog from time to time as i need a slap on the wrists lol,i'm just so much into my youtube video Teegan Makeup Shopping Facebook so where do all the hours in the day go??search me!!

Well we went out and did a vloggy sort of video this evening as we went down to the Range which is a huge shop down the road from us so need to piece all the bits togther then it will be uploaded,it takes such a long time to edit everything,now i'm also on instagram too so that is another thing to keep up with so no way am i joing twitter pintrest or any other site that i need to do any work or spend time at ha ha,just like to spend time with Teegan guys that is all and hopefully Teegan will be featuring in more videos as i know i don't put her on too much but she loves the camera more than me the little show off plus i like you all to see her and her outfits etc........ right i better go and start editing and then i will probably upload that tomorrow,love all you guys loads and please please follow me here on blogger cos i know i'm a lazy blog face but i will try a little harder i promise ha ha and also here are my links to youtube and instagram as i would love you to subscribe to youtube and follow me on instagram you stalkers lol,invade my life why don't ya hee hee,shout my name from the roof tops tell ur friends family enemies cat dogs budgies anyone who might subscribe then please make sure they have been told as i'm always here to try and help anyone obviously when i'm not busy with Teegan that is and I love love love makeup as you will probably guess if you watch my videos,i have too much makeup but of no i'm not an expensive gal,i only own 4 mac products upto now,i do own quite a lot of urban decay but i'm mostly a drug store boots superdrug tk.max pounshop sort of person so if you love a bargain then stick with me and we shall go far mwwhha love lots vinny xxxxxxxx♥♥♥

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