Sunday, 4 November 2012


Hi Everyone well it's now the 4th of November and ive had a relaxing day,we have had plumbers here all w.end and now we have heating and hot water yay as it's so cold,so ive just had a nice hot bubble bath and turned the heating on full,Teegan {my daughter} incase you didn't know has just got up from her nap and is running around like a lunatic so her nap must have given her some super human powers,do any of you guys get straight up and run around like a mad person ha ha cos i know i sure don't !!!

Anyway just incase you have not seen any of my Halloween photos i will insert some into this blog,we had a fab evening and Teegan didn't have a clue what was going on but we still have our spooky banner up now and the pumpkin stickers on the door as she just loves them.......
We are not doing anything for Bonfire night tomorrow as it's just far far too blumin cold so we live on a hill which is quite handy so get to see any displays they may have in southampton city centre as we can see from our garden so yes i know it's lazy but if you don't have to get cold or pay then cool ha ha,nah we will take Teegan when she is a bit older.

Has anybody started getting for xmas yet? we have bought 3 things for Teegan and that is all,we still have her to get more stuff and vouchers for family and even have birthdays b4 that so it's going to be very expensive the run up to Christmas so i really don't think i will be doing many hauls on youtube for myself like any makeup or clothing hauls,if i see something small i might buy and show ya but i have that much makeup and clothing anyway that it feels like i'm buying for buying sake sometimes but then again watching other peoples hauls doesn't help as it makes you wants what they have ha ha.

Right it will soon be feeding time at the zoo and i also wanted to make a couple of video's tonight too as the lovely star23478 sent me a package so gonna do an unboxing of that whoo so excited she is a gem.

Will not bore you anymore for now but i will add pics and i will also add my links to youtube facebook and instagram so if you  have not subscribed,liked or followed then plese do,love and hugs to you all on this chilly night and have a fab bonfire night tomorrow whatever your upto xxx♥xxx

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