Sunday, 23 February 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Review

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Review

Hi guys this is a review on the new colorburst matte balms from Revlon.If you are subscribed to me on Youtube then you will know i'm a sucker for a Matt lips so when i heard Revlon were bringing these out i just couldn't wait to get my hands on them to try them.
They do live upto my expectation 100% i love them so much and have done a Youtube video review on these already so if you would like to watch that then please click the link below,and i would love you to subscribe while you are there thanks ♥

So i went to my local Boots which is in a big City so no surprise that most of the Colours were out of stock but i grabbed 2 to begin with to give them a go and as it was 3 for 2 then i also got a cream blush too which is gorgeous.
The Balms are fresh with a hint of mint,so they smell and taste of a slight fresh mint taste which is yummy just like a lip balm so very creamy but dry's to a Matte finish.
I was so impressed with the first two that i had bought that i had to pay another visit to boots to see if they had more colours and alas they did yippeee,so i then got two more and as it was still 3 for 2 i got the photoready perfecting Primer which i will review again.
So now i owned 4 of the Matte balms which i  was over the moon about as if you have ever tried their just bitten kissable then they are very similar only a Matte finish so they stay on your lips for a good while before any touch up's are needed.
I did notice that they didn't sell the purple colour instore though which i was really gutted about as it was my fave colour,a friend actually told me they only sold it Online plus i have also been been asked quite a few times by my subscribers why they couldn't find the purple colour one which is called  {Shameless }
So i contacted Revlon asking why they only sold Shameless Online and because they have impeccable PR customer service the lady offered to send me Shameless to review so that is what i am doing.
So yes just to let you know,i did pay for all four other colour's out of my own money but was Gifted the purple colour Shameless for free from Revlon and i can't thanks them enough as of course it is my fave colour,after trying it i fell in love but then again i love them all and can't stop wearing them,i wore the pink one the other day and it lasted quite a good few hours even after drinking a few cup's of tea and eating it had only started to wear slightly,and of course anything is going to wear off your lips and this product doesn't even claim to be long lasting,it just says Matte so yes it lives up to my expectation just like most of Revlon products i use.
If you have not tried these yet then i do highly recomend them as they are handy to carry in your bag and taste nice and last too so what's there not to like.Please take a look at my swatches and i will also leave the links to where these can be purchased.
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This first Image is the purple colour Shameless which i was sent by Revlon and can only be purchased online but it is the best such a stunning colour x

The next colour is a lovely bright pink called Showy

Next one underneath is a pinkisk peachy colour called Unapologetic

Next is a deep red stunning colour called Standout

The last colour i have is a lovely everyday rose pink called Elusive

Here are all the swatches together

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Need a new highlighter then grab these from Beauty-uk ♥

Need a new highlighter then grab these from Beauty-uk ♥

Ok so yes another great find if i do say so myself is again from Beauty-uk,i'm doing this blog as i featured these in my 2013 fave products on Youtube then i have also done a separate video on them if you click the link below and owww please subscribe while you are there it would make me grin from ear to ear especially if you told me you had subscribed after reading my blog :)

So anyway i was yet again browsing in Superdrug and walked past the beauty uk stand and thought eye eye i like the look of that funky packaging i wonder what it is,so i opened it as it said Blush thinking it was going to be a blusher but to my surprise it was i would say a highlighter,well i wouldn't use this as a blush as it's the most stunning shimmery champagne type colour highlighter it's gorgeous,i couldn't swatch in the shop as they didn't have one on display and this had film across the top so i took the plunge but yes i got home and though this is most certainly a highlight not a blush but as i lurve highlighters then i was so happy,it's very pigmented so the next time i was in superdrug again i noticed another but it said bronzer but by looking at it then it looked to be baked and too shimmery for a bronzer,so before i knew it i was again at the till getting another one ha ha,couldn't wait to get home to swatch it,and once again it did not dissapoint as yes this was a golden bronze colour,i wouldn't use as bronzer but i would certainly use as a bronzed highlight when i have a tan in summer so whatever your skin type then both shades would look amazing ok the top's of your cheek bone,cupids bow which to you and me is the middle part just above ur upper lip to make it look more pouty and full or bridge of nose or anywhere else you like to highlight,you could even use both on your eyes as shaddow too especially the golden bronze it's stunning and yes they are only £3.99 and as i write this blog they are buy one get one half price in superdrug so be quick and grab two items from Beauty-uk.
If you like the look of these the lighter shade is called Halo and the bronzer shade is called Goddess
The packaging is cute and comes with a handy mirror so great for on the go,please see swatches below and check out the Beauty-uk website and Superdrug on the Links below.
Thanks for reading and as always i would love you to follow here or on Bloglovin or both,thanks
Littlemissstyleguru { Vinny }

Beauty-uk Posh Palettes Review Masquerade & Festival

Beauty-uk Posh Palettes Review Masquerade & Festival

Hi everyone so as the title might give it away,this is a quick review of two very inexpensive yet very pigment palettes by Beauty-uk,i don't own a vast amount by beauty uk but i do own some items and i bought these two palettes quite a few months back now from Superdrug,i walked into the shop and saw that Beauty-uk had a deal on and i think it was buy one get one half price or something like that so i noticed these palettes right away as they came in bright white packaging and had really big colours inside,i couldn't swatch the colours as they were sealed so ok it was a gamble but for £5.99 and getting the other half price i was willing to take the risk and oh boy i'm so so glad i did,they have three palettes like this called posh palettes and the two i bought were Masquerade and festival but there is also one called Eden which is also a neautral one which looks fab but at the time i wanted the Masquerade more for a certain redish/brown burgundy type colour.
Anyway both palettes i have used quite a few times during 2013 and now into 2014 as i do grab for them quite often.
As you will see by my swatches i have done swatches taken with the flash and without so you can see what they are like but i have to say that they are very pigmented and have Matte colours and shimmers which is brill,i have done a video on them too if you would like to click the link below to see my youtube video in more detail then please feel free {thanks} and subscribe while you are there it would mean the world ♥

So yes ok you might think wow Vinny i wouldn't use the Festival colourful palette as i don't wear colours but maybe this is your year to shine and to experiment with colour,i don't mean walk down the road like a clown but having a neutral eye but then using a pop of colour just as a line under the bottom of the lash or in the crease slightly maybe to match the colour of your top/dress etc then it makes a whole lot of difference as i explain in the video but i will let you decide but honestly don't be scared of colour,work with it and you can create some amazing looks,have fun and i hope after seeing my swatches or and video you will check out the links below for Beauty-uk and superdrug and grab yourself a bargain or pop into your local superdrug and see if they have them as i don't think you will be dissapointed and i actually featured them in my 2013 fave products i loved them so much,thanks for reading,please leave any comments or questions and please remember to follow me here or bloglovin thanks guys xx
Littlemissstyleguru vinny ♥

Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentines GRWM Tutorial Makeup Outfit Hair Nails

Be my Valentine..........No i already have the best partner in the world but you can steal this look for your valentines night and i hope you have the best night ever,red lips are always sexy and alluring and black always makes you look slimmer which most people want so this dress was about £13 from Primark the other week if i remember right and it fits lovely and shoes are from Bank xx♥xx

 Love and hugs Vinny Littlemissstyleguru ♥

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mua Pretty Edgy Eyeshaddow Palette Review & Swatches

Mua Pretty Edgy Eyeshaddow Palette Review & Swatches

Hi there guys just before i start can i please ask you to follow my blog by clicking on the join with google on the right side of the blog where you see my followers over >>>>>there thanks.
This is a quick review on the Pretty Edgy palette by mua.
i have done a full video review of this on youtube so please click on the link below to watch and subscribe to my youtube while you are there thanks it would mean the world.

So as you may already know this is from the Luxe range by mua as they have done quite a few items in the Luxe range now.
First off i love the brand mua it's amazing very affordable and great quality {most of the time}
Although there are things i love about this palette i don't think it's one of their best so keep reading.......
The new design of the packaging is gorgeous it's like bam in your face looks and feels more expensive and thus is probably why it was more expensive as unlike their normal palettes which are £4 this one was £8 and because i had seen other people purchase i was very tempted myself.
Ir's a lovely black with gold studs on the top so very on trend and it has the names of the shaddows on the back which is fab,i wish sleek would do this as their ones come on a little bit of plastic which you end up throwing so nice to have them named on the reverse for when you open it has a lovely big mirror so handy.
There are some gorgeous colours in this but i just was not too impressed on the pigmentation of the colours,it was a slight let down for me seen as i had paid more they had less pigment that lets say the undressed or undress me too palettes which are cheaper?
So no i was quite confused why the colours were not that strong.
some colours were ok and pigmented and the black in all mua palettes is always very deep dark black and impressive but if you see my swatches i have taken one with the flash and one without and you will see the difference the flash makes to the colour,i had to press quite hard on some of the colours to get a good swatch.
With that said i will still use this palette as lovely colours and great packaging and nice matte vs shimmery shades,let me know what you think? do you own this palette or are you thinking of buying it? i will leave the link to mua and superdrug underneath.
As always thanks for reading love always
Vinny Littlemissstyleguru ♥♥

Friday, 7 February 2014

Sleek Garden Of Eden Palette Review

Sleek Garden Of Eden Palette Review

Hi everyone here i have a review on the New Sleek Garden of Eden Palette which i really so love.
I Purchased my palette from Superdrug as the colours looked fantastic and i do love greens on brown eyes as i have brown eyes.
I own a lot of Sleek palettes now so if there is any other particular one you would also like me to review then please just ask.
I have done a detailed review on Youtube too so please click the link below if you want to watch ♥

So as i have said before in my video's that i love sleek and their eyeshaddows are my most favourite shaddows for pigmentation i love them and they remind me or Urban Decay somewhat.
My palette came in a lovely Snakeskin design which i really wish they has done for the inner packaging as it seems a shame to throw it in the bin but saying that i do love the sleek design of sleek packaging no pun intended lol as it's a matte black finish.
Check out the photo below and click to make larger.

As you will see by the photo's the colours are rich and pigmented like all Sleek shaddows and this is why i love them,you have a mixture of shimmer's and matte shades,neutrals and pop's of colour with the green's.
The top photo of swatches are with no flash and the bottom photo is with a flash so you can see how they look in both lights.
Anyway i really have nothing bad to say about this palette or about any sleek palettes being my favourite drugstore brand,plus i love the way they have cute names to match.
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I have also included the links where to Purchase Sleek
Love always Littlemissstyleguru Vinny x♥x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion Review

Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion Review

Hi everyone if you have landed here on my blog because you follow me then hiya hope your having a nice week but also if you have landed here because of your love for Urban Decay then please don't forget to follow by clicking on the google follow over there >>>>>

I am  huge Urban Decay Junkie and love their products,i love there sales team and some of the products i have tried from them are just out of this world but i can talk about other products on another blog as this one is about the pore perfecting primer.
I was very lucky to get a sample of this primer from UD as i have been looking for a decent one for ages that actually did something for my pores and ok your pores are not going to dissapear nor will they get better but what this does is hides them making your skin feel silky smoothat the same time and easier to apply foundation over the top.
I only got into primers about 5 months back i would say as i just wore moisturizer before i got into them.
I have i would say more oily skin than dry,i do have some dry area's so maybe combination but mostly oily to my t_zone area and this is the area i also have large pores which i hate hate hate as sometimes foundation will clog up your pores and it's quite noticeable.
but hip hip hooray praise the lord i think i have found a winner,this primer of is slightly greasy silicone based but not as silicone feeling as some of the others i have tried,but after rubbing it in and massaging it over my t-zone i was shocked as you will see with the video below on my Youtube channel,just click the link below to see the difference it makes♥

So hopefully you were able to see a difference to my pores on the video review and if not go back and skip to the start then towards the end and then to the start again to compares the big pores on my nose dissapear before your eyes.So yes it does minimize the appearance of pores or at least it did on mine and i class mine as quite bad really,so i would say it gives a matte finish so better for oily skin types,but after about 6 hours i felt my t-zone and it felt a bit oily again so i thought oh no and looked in the mirror but to my surprise it looked matte? which was very strange it felt oily but didn't look oily which was amazing.
Although this is £19 you on't need to put all over your face you can just add to your t-zone like i did as that is where the pores are on me so you don't need much as spready really well and very silky smooth.
I would like to try other brands but to be honest once you find something that works it's probably worth sticking to it so when i can afford it i will be buying one of these i think,if you have any questions i will try my best to answer,here are the ingredients as follows...

  • Dimethicone, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, HDI/Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspolymer, Titanium Dioxide, Cyclopentasiloxane, Hexyl Laurate, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Phenoxyethanol, PEG-10 Dimethicone, Stearic Acid, Alumina, Silica, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Ethylhexyglycerin, Tin Oxide. May contain: CI 77019 (Mica), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77491/77492/77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 77163 (Bismuth Oxychloride), CI 77288 (Chromium Oxides Green).
I will now leave a few links to where this can be purchased from or maybe like me you could ask at your local Urban Decay counter if you could try a sample beforehand as they are usually very good the sales and hugs Littlemissstyleguru Vinny xx♥xx  

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Review & Swatches

So after much debating in boots a week or so ago i got this New palette by Smashbox as the colours looked amazing and at a good price too,it was £36.00 but also came with a double ended brush and a mini Mascara and the all important chart helping you know what eye shape you fall under as if you are anything like me and have never really known what eye shape you are then this chart really helps and i would say mine are Almond i think.
I swatched this palette over and over again before deciding to buy it as i do love my Urban Decay but with them only having the Naked Basics with a full range of matte shades then i much prefered this as i did buy the Naked basics ages ago but ended up giving it to my mother in law as it only has 6 shades and 3 of them in my opinion were very light almost face powder shades.
But low and behold Smashbox smashed it with the matte shades on the bottom row of this palette they are very pigmented buttery shades which are a lot different from each other which is what i liked but the only thing that was making me swatch over and over again was the top row of glittery/shimmer colours were not that pigmented,some were fine but other's i couldn't get much of a colour out of but since getting it home and swatching again i'm really pleased i got it.
Plus if you use primer or dam the end of your brush then they do get more of a pigment but i do find shimmer ones are not so pigmented anyway but using your finger to apply to the eyelid also helps,each shade compliments the one about and i just can't wait to do a look with my new palette as it's such a perfect everyday palette of shaddows which you can use light for the day and smoke out for the evening.
The packaging is gorgeous as you will see by the photos it's a black matte and shuts with a magnetic type closure.
Houses a really big mirror so great to take with you on the go and the mascara being a travel size one is fab too to put in your handbag or travel makeup essentials,ok it's not the best mascara i have ever tried but i will say i do love the small ones as come in very handy for travel or a night out.

I have included picture of swatches of the top and bottom row but ive taken with and without the flash so you can see the difference.

so this is the palette above which you have to admit it gawjus,the top photo is taken with flash and the bottom without flash so the bottom is prob more true to life but was taken under a strong light anyway.
Matte black finish to the case with stunning shimmer to the Smashbox logo,very posh indeed.

These are swatches of the top shimmery row and the top photo is with no flash the bottom longer pic was with the flash,i do have to press quite hard to get the colour pigment but when i did they are just so stunning.

The photos above are the bottom row in the palette which is matte and you can prob see that the top photo was taken with no flash the bottom was with the flash,but these are buttery soft and are pigmented for matte shades.
There are 14 shades altogether and it makes it perfect as there are 2 light highlight shades in the palette a shimmer one at the top which is more of a satin and then a matte highlight so the best of both.

The most thing i think i was excited about was the brush too as the brush is the softest brush i have ever tried it's the best brush i now own actually,i do have a few from Urban Decay a few real techniques and a few elf but this beats them all hands down,it has a blending side which has the softest white bristles and says matte one the end so you can use in your crease to blend matte shades,then the other side is more flat but still very oft and fluffy but better for packing on as this is called the shimmer side and it also is a two tone of bristles,one side being white the other black so you can use the lighter shades on the white side and the darker shades on the black so no need to run off to clean your brush it's just perfect so a lot of thought went into the brush it's lush.

Then we have the eye chat which certainly came in very handy for me and tells you what shades look best where for what eye shape.
Then here is the cute mascara,it has quite a big wand and proper bristles which i like instead of the plastic type wands you can get and this is very handy for my travel makeup bag.

My verdict is that i'm so happy i purchased this palette as i think i will get a lot of use from it having so many matte colours to choose from,i never used to wear matte much but i always wear it in my crease now and again i never used to wear much glitter but this isnt chunky glitter you can see by the photos is very tiny speck of glitter so makes your eyes dazzle,ok not much pigment from the top row but if you use a base on your eyes first or damp the brush then you get a much different effect so i love it and for that price
smashbox have smashed it
love it loads♥
i have done a full review on my youtube channel and the video is below if you click the link,while you are there i would love you to subscribe if your mad about makeup like me and also while ur here please follow as i'm really getting back into blogging now thanks for taking time to read and i hope if you buy this palette you love it too xxx littlemissstyleguru vinny xxx

now the links below are for you to purchase from Smashbox Website or Boots if they have them in stock ♥

Sunday, 2 February 2014

#NextLFWoutfit Competition

London Fashion Week Outfit Inspiration Outfit From Next

#NextLFWoutfit Competition

Hi Guys this competition is to create my ideal outfit which i would wear to London Fashion Week.
I had a long browse through all the amazing clothing ranges on the Website and came up with a total gem of an outfit which i hope you think is amazing too.
I chose these items as i wanted something that covers all area's in fashion so nothing says it more than a Jumpsuit as this paticular one has the whole package it's elegant and sophisticated with a sexy edgey look with the open back which still shows a slight bit of skin so very alluring.this also says to me A POWERFUL WOMAN who knows what she wants as that's just the impression i get from this.
But also at the same time it's casual as you will feel comfy and not conscious of your body image as this only shows that sexy back and has a wide floaty leg,i also teamed it with a silver knitted sparkle cover up cardigan to match the silver jewelled heeled shoes which you have to admit are the most amazing shoes you have set your eyes on as they look designer but not with a designer price tag,actually the whole outfit looks like it would cost a hefty price tag when it doesn't,i was actually quite shocked at how cheap things were as it's all so beautiful.
Obviously you wouldn't be wearing the cover up all the time as you would want to show off the open back of the jumpsuit,so draping it over one shoulder would look fantastic.
The jumpsuit is a aubergine dark plum type colour which is great for this time of year as it's still winter so i would still stay with the darker colours,i didn't choose a black one as everyone chooses black so this would be more eye catching and the silver shoes and accessories would catch the light and look fab,as if you have noticed in the picture the necklace bracelet ring and earings are all matching  which is fantastic as it's hard to get everything they are made from swarovski crystal so would just gleem and shimmer catching the light even from a distance .
I chose a silver bar clutch bag which is such a steal and i think a clutch is a lot more practical with this outfit rather than a stap across your body,it's just classy and elegant.

So yes this is my London Fashion Week outfit Idea from Next.
I will leave the Links Below to every item shown in the photo for you to have a look yourself.
It's bang on trend,classy,sexy,casual,powerful,comfy,Sophisticated,elegant all in one so this is why i chose this outfit.
Thanks for reading and Please comment or share my post on twitter or Google+ thanks Littlemissstyleguru ♥♥

please click on the photo to see LARGER IMAGE

Total Cost £258.00

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