Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mua Pretty Edgy Eyeshaddow Palette Review & Swatches

Mua Pretty Edgy Eyeshaddow Palette Review & Swatches

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This is a quick review on the Pretty Edgy palette by mua.
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So as you may already know this is from the Luxe range by mua as they have done quite a few items in the Luxe range now.
First off i love the brand mua it's amazing very affordable and great quality {most of the time}
Although there are things i love about this palette i don't think it's one of their best so keep reading.......
The new design of the packaging is gorgeous it's like bam in your face looks and feels more expensive and thus is probably why it was more expensive as unlike their normal palettes which are £4 this one was £8 and because i had seen other people purchase i was very tempted myself.
Ir's a lovely black with gold studs on the top so very on trend and it has the names of the shaddows on the back which is fab,i wish sleek would do this as their ones come on a little bit of plastic which you end up throwing so nice to have them named on the reverse for when you open it has a lovely big mirror so handy.
There are some gorgeous colours in this but i just was not too impressed on the pigmentation of the colours,it was a slight let down for me seen as i had paid more they had less pigment that lets say the undressed or undress me too palettes which are cheaper?
So no i was quite confused why the colours were not that strong.
some colours were ok and pigmented and the black in all mua palettes is always very deep dark black and impressive but if you see my swatches i have taken one with the flash and one without and you will see the difference the flash makes to the colour,i had to press quite hard on some of the colours to get a good swatch.
With that said i will still use this palette as lovely colours and great packaging and nice matte vs shimmery shades,let me know what you think? do you own this palette or are you thinking of buying it? i will leave the link to mua and superdrug underneath.
As always thanks for reading love always
Vinny Littlemissstyleguru ♥♥

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