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Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Review & Swatches

So after much debating in boots a week or so ago i got this New palette by Smashbox as the colours looked amazing and at a good price too,it was £36.00 but also came with a double ended brush and a mini Mascara and the all important chart helping you know what eye shape you fall under as if you are anything like me and have never really known what eye shape you are then this chart really helps and i would say mine are Almond i think.
I swatched this palette over and over again before deciding to buy it as i do love my Urban Decay but with them only having the Naked Basics with a full range of matte shades then i much prefered this as i did buy the Naked basics ages ago but ended up giving it to my mother in law as it only has 6 shades and 3 of them in my opinion were very light almost face powder shades.
But low and behold Smashbox smashed it with the matte shades on the bottom row of this palette they are very pigmented buttery shades which are a lot different from each other which is what i liked but the only thing that was making me swatch over and over again was the top row of glittery/shimmer colours were not that pigmented,some were fine but other's i couldn't get much of a colour out of but since getting it home and swatching again i'm really pleased i got it.
Plus if you use primer or dam the end of your brush then they do get more of a pigment but i do find shimmer ones are not so pigmented anyway but using your finger to apply to the eyelid also helps,each shade compliments the one about and i just can't wait to do a look with my new palette as it's such a perfect everyday palette of shaddows which you can use light for the day and smoke out for the evening.
The packaging is gorgeous as you will see by the photos it's a black matte and shuts with a magnetic type closure.
Houses a really big mirror so great to take with you on the go and the mascara being a travel size one is fab too to put in your handbag or travel makeup essentials,ok it's not the best mascara i have ever tried but i will say i do love the small ones as come in very handy for travel or a night out.

I have included picture of swatches of the top and bottom row but ive taken with and without the flash so you can see the difference.

so this is the palette above which you have to admit it gawjus,the top photo is taken with flash and the bottom without flash so the bottom is prob more true to life but was taken under a strong light anyway.
Matte black finish to the case with stunning shimmer to the Smashbox logo,very posh indeed.

These are swatches of the top shimmery row and the top photo is with no flash the bottom longer pic was with the flash,i do have to press quite hard to get the colour pigment but when i did they are just so stunning.

The photos above are the bottom row in the palette which is matte and you can prob see that the top photo was taken with no flash the bottom was with the flash,but these are buttery soft and are pigmented for matte shades.
There are 14 shades altogether and it makes it perfect as there are 2 light highlight shades in the palette a shimmer one at the top which is more of a satin and then a matte highlight so the best of both.

The most thing i think i was excited about was the brush too as the brush is the softest brush i have ever tried it's the best brush i now own actually,i do have a few from Urban Decay a few real techniques and a few elf but this beats them all hands down,it has a blending side which has the softest white bristles and says matte one the end so you can use in your crease to blend matte shades,then the other side is more flat but still very oft and fluffy but better for packing on as this is called the shimmer side and it also is a two tone of bristles,one side being white the other black so you can use the lighter shades on the white side and the darker shades on the black so no need to run off to clean your brush it's just perfect so a lot of thought went into the brush it's lush.

Then we have the eye chat which certainly came in very handy for me and tells you what shades look best where for what eye shape.
Then here is the cute mascara,it has quite a big wand and proper bristles which i like instead of the plastic type wands you can get and this is very handy for my travel makeup bag.

My verdict is that i'm so happy i purchased this palette as i think i will get a lot of use from it having so many matte colours to choose from,i never used to wear matte much but i always wear it in my crease now and again i never used to wear much glitter but this isnt chunky glitter you can see by the photos is very tiny speck of glitter so makes your eyes dazzle,ok not much pigment from the top row but if you use a base on your eyes first or damp the brush then you get a much different effect so i love it and for that price
smashbox have smashed it
love it loads♥
i have done a full review on my youtube channel and the video is below if you click the link,while you are there i would love you to subscribe if your mad about makeup like me and also while ur here please follow as i'm really getting back into blogging now thanks for taking time to read and i hope if you buy this palette you love it too xxx littlemissstyleguru vinny xxx

now the links below are for you to purchase from Smashbox Website or Boots if they have them in stock ♥

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