Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentines GRWM Tutorial Makeup Outfit Hair Nails

Be my Valentine..........No i already have the best partner in the world but you can steal this look for your valentines night and i hope you have the best night ever,red lips are always sexy and alluring and black always makes you look slimmer which most people want so this dress was about £13 from Primark the other week if i remember right and it fits lovely and shoes are from Bank xx♥xx

 Love and hugs Vinny Littlemissstyleguru ♥


  1. This makeup look is so nice, you look beautiful! I hope you have a lovely Valentines :) xxx

    1. Thanks ever so much Sophie it took ages to edit hee hee but i enjoyed doing it,i hope you have a fantastic day too hun xx♥xx


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