Monday, 3 March 2014

Miners Fresh Faced Concealer Review

Miners Fresh Faced Concealer Review

Hi Guys i was kindly sent the Fresh Faced Concealers by Miners Cosmetics which are new.
They are Paraben free so no harsh chemicals which can on be a good thing right?
I got sent 3 tubes to review and they are fab,i have done a video review also which i will link underneath

Fresh Faced Concealer Youtube Video Review

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The shades are called Porcelain which is a light colour great for under the eyes to highlight or any area of the face you wish to highlight,the next colour is peach which is more skin toned and foundation colour so great again to even out skin under eyes or to hide any blemishes or pimples etc and the darker colour which is only a tad darker than peach is called olive and would be great if you have a tan so fab for the summer or if you use false tan.
They are very similar to the lasting perfection by collection but a fraction of the price,the formula is a bit thinner of that of the collection one but this is better for me as doesn't seem to sit on my skin,it blends easy and is very smooth and seems to last all day.
I have tried it out for about 2 weeks now and my verdict is that i love them and would buy again.
Please check them out on the Miners Website as they are a steal at £2.99 what a bargain,thanks for reading
Love always Littlemissstyleguru Vinny ♥

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