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Pandora Rings

Pandora Rings

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I'm not sure if you knew already that Pandora did Rings and all different types of jewelry,maybe i'm just slow on the uptake ha ha but i was so happy shocked and thrilled when my lovely partner Jamie bought me three rings last week eeekk yes very exciting.
I was very nervous in the shop,suffering from anxiety and a tremor doesn't help when trying on rings i can tell you,but i went through with it and picked 3 stunning ones but wow Pandora do some really amazing and pretty rings at such amazing prices,i always thought pandora was very expensive but now after browsing in the shop i see the rings are a great price,as you would pay that or more in any jewelers.
They do stacker rings so thinner ones thicker ones that all compliment each other so i'm wearing two on one finger and one on another finger and you also get 2 years guarantee which is fab.
these are the special precious rings i chose hope you like them as i do i will cherish forever.

just click the photo to see bigger.

You have to agree they are very pretty,they are silver 925 and yes it was so very hard to choose as i actually want more,i can see me buying more actually as there were just so many nice ones,very different from the norm in high street jewelers.
So if you have not yet seen Pandora rings then take a sneek peek at their website and maybe pop into a store if you have one near to you as the staff with so very helpful and really nice well mannered and a joy to be served by so thanks Pandora and thanks to Jamie,i got an Eternity ring when Teegan was born so Jamie wanted to get something to signify Tayums birth so he decided these 3 special rings would be from him and the kids who i couldn't love anymore they are my whole world.
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Thanks for reading love vinny
Here is the pandora Website to browse ♥♥

Friday, 23 May 2014

Born Pretty Makeup Review

Born Pretty Makeup Review

Hi Guys so firstly thanks for clicking on my blog as always and please follow me if your not already as it actually makes for feel all tingley when people follow my blog it's the best feeling.

Anyway i was kindly contacted by a company called Born Pretty who asked if i would like to choose a couple of things from their website to review which i have done and i actually am very impressed so thankyou to Born Pretty.
Before i go ahead with my review they have also left me a 10% off code for you guys to use on their website and how can you say no when it's worldwide FREE SHIPPING too,so without further adoo here is the 10% off code and this is off full priced items but they sell so so many different items please go have a nosy.

code is..... VVH10 

Website is below thanks

So i chose a gorgeous big blush palette with some really lovely shades,the blush is in a sturdy black box,no mirror but hey i don't use the mirror in a palette,

There are some fab colours in this palette some not so pigmented and some really pigmented so you would need to use a light hand with some,they are most certainly shades for this season with summer here as the coral orange tones look fab with a tan and there seem to be 2 highlight colours too which are pretty good,these don't seem chalky or powdery they are just nice and i have enjoyed using them plus you do get a lot for your money as they are pretty giantin size,please see my Youtube Review to see more swatches and to see how big this palette is,just click the link below thanks xx♥xx

Next i chose a small compact eyeshadow palette with neutral shades,i wanted one that looked a little shimmer but that also looked pigmented and boy did i choose well,ok i didn't expect much as the packaging did look cheap but then they products are cheap to buy so can't compain so i didn't expect a lot but how wrong was i,i really want to say these are on par with urban Decay shadows and i wouldn't lie,just because i have been sent the items i would tell you guys the truth but i was shocked they so buttery soft,they kind of feel like a cream yet they are not wet they are a shadow,i think i'm in love,i will most certainly be doing an eye look with these,here are the swatches.

so you have some brown coppery and green tones with a lovely highlight,you should really check out my video to see the swatches up closer and see how soft they are and how well they will blend,they felt lovely on the finger and i would imagine they are so nice to apply with your finger too.
Ok the packaging of the shadows did have foreign ingridients on the back but Born Pretty were kind enough to send me them in english and asured me their products were not tested on animals.
so yes all in all i'm really chuffed and impressed with the items i chose,they have such a wide selection on the website please take advantage of the 10% discount and remember free worldwide shipping...
again here is the code for 10% off full priced items ,,VVH10 

here is my Youtube video

Would really love you to subscribe while you are there,if you have any questions please leave them below and also you will find all my social media links at the top of the page under where to find me thanks and thanks again to Born Pretty

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes vs Urban Decay Naked 1 2 3 Dupes & Lipsticks

Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes vs Urban Decay Naked 1 2 3 Dupes & Lipsticks

Hi all i was kindly sent all three iconic Palettes by new brand Makeup Revolution London and also five Lipsticks so huge thankyou i have loved trying these.
They have three gorgeous palettes called Iconic 1 2 & 3 which are meant to be dupes for Urban Decay Naked 1 2 & 3.
Firstly you all know i love my Urban Decay but as  backup or people who can't afford UD but would love to try something Similar then it's a huge thumbs up from me.
These are £4.00 guys yes similar to brand mua and they sell Makeup Revolution London on their own Website or Superdrug.i will leave links at the bottom.
They are nice enough packaging and i love the long shadows.
Ok ok you are not going to beat Urban Decay for the buttery soft texture but i have tried these out and again £4 opposed to £37 then you would expect UD to be better.
The colours of some are not exactly the same but good likeness,some colours are spot on some are a little out but still great pigment and they did last on my eye all day.
I have done  youtube Video on comparing them and even test iconic on one eye UD on other to see if you can guess and you might see swatches better in video,the link is below.

Right i will start by showing you Iconic 1 vs Naked 1

 Yes they look so very similar and the swatches below show how similar they are,some are not the same but you would need to see my video as these swatches were taken with flash so it's hard to tell,,,,anyway Urban decay are top swatched and makeup Revolution on the bottom and the one colour which is better for me is actually gun metal which i prefer from the iconic 1 palette

Right next is Iconic 2 vs Naked 2

So again below are the swatches of iconic 2 and naked 2  the Urban decay are at the top and Makeup Revolution on the bottom,this is a good dupe,some colours are not quite the same and are that bit stronger and more pigmented in the Urban Decay but again thinking of the price £4 then well well worth it.

Next is the first ever dupe to be done for Naked 3 and to be fair it's amazing i love it,Makeup Revolution have done a really fantastic job at getting the colours pretty much spot on and good pigment.

I think this palette is amazing and to save my naked 3 palette i will most certainly be using this and again the swatches are Urban Decay at top Makeup Revolution on the bottom,and again they beat it for me again on the colour blackheart at the end which is a stunning black with tiny red glitter particles,ok UD might be creamier but the Iconic 3 seemed a bit more pigmented on this shade..

It's probably very hard to tell by the swatches so please see my Youtube Video CLICK HERE 

So i was very excited to get these Lipsticks through they are £1.00 each yes a pound so same price as mua but i wanted these colours as they are just crazy and i love crazy as mua don't do anything like this.In colour they remind me of Lime Crime although obvioulsy not as pigmented as Lime Crime,i do have a few gripes about these Lipsticks,my first are the lids they are really so very very loose they rattle and come off so easy so i wouldn't put this just in my handbag as would most certainly just fall off,so i think they need to look at the lids on them as this does put you off a bit.
The colours from the outside and from swatches look really good but some on the lips are a bit patchy.Here are the lipsticks and swatches

This is a bright orange called Vice it's a nice juicy orange colour and for a pound you can't go wrong,a tad bit patchy but nothing a tissue blot then re-apply won't sort out.

Next is Felony which i was dissapointed in as i thought it was going to be a lovely bright yellow but it wasn't really it was ok but it was patchy and didn't look very nice,but i thought maybe it could be mixed with another colour and certainly would be good for fancy dress so a pound to give it a try is worth it.

This gorgeous Pink is called Crime and this is one of my fave it's lovely seems to go on nice and is more pigmented  than some of the others and isn't patchy it looks great,such a pretty colour for summer

The next gorgeous blue is called Immoral and i have the same colour in a Lime Crime Lipstick so Obviously you can't compare as one is a pound the other 12.50,i really really love the colour and if your brave enough then go for it,i will say it is a bit patchy again,they don't seem matte enough to me but like i said you could blot then re-apply as this does help and for a pound i mean what are you waiting for? it could be for fancy dress or it could be for everyday wear plus you can mix the colour up by using the blue with the pink etc.

So i have left my total fave until last wam bam thankyou mam,this was a pound?? what?? this is the most gorgeous purple you will ever find for that price,Purple has been huge recently and everyone is trying to get their hands on a nice purple lipstick,well i can confirm this is stunning,it's not patchy it's very pigmented and glides on smooth so if  i was to pick my faves it would be this purple called Depraved and the pink above called Crime.

so thankyou again to Makeup revolution for the lovely items and in a nut shell all the dupes for the Naked palettes are fab,not the same no and not as pigmented but at £4 then a total steal,and remember they are the first to do a dupe for Naked 3 so that is a total must have before it sells out.

The lipsticks are only a pound,the packaging is very cheap and does need sorting out by the company but hopefully this will get sorted,i would love to try the Matte lipsticks as i bet they are fantastic,some colours are a little patchy but pink and purple are amazing,please see my Youtube Video to see them applied onto my lips 

I'm really looking forward to trying other items from this brand as i have seen some eye foils i would love to try and some single eyeshadows i would love to try too,i will leave the websites below as you just can't pass up on trying this brand,they will be going into Superdrug stores at some point but nobody knows when as yet so for now can be bought from Makeup Revolution or Superdrug website,thanks for reading and please follow my blog and subscribe to my youtube thanks guys love 
vinny Littlemissstyleguru xx♥xx

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