Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Full Exposure Palette Smokey Eye grwm fotd

A quick and easy grwm get ready with me smokey eye using the gorgeous full Exposure palette from smashbox,love the palette so much,reaching for it all the time now,thanks and please follow my blog xxxxx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Smashbox Mac Bobbi brown gifts unboxing

Smashbox Mac Bobbi brown gifts unboxing

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as this makes me so happy knowing you read my blog.

Si i was very kindly sent a package from a lovely friend the other day and i'm still actually in shock to what she sent me.
Before i show you,i would just like to say i didn't have a clue what she was sending me so was really shocked and had a huge lump in my throat.
I will leave her Instagram and Twitter links underneath so would be very happy if you would follow her.She is a qualified makeup artist and works for Smashbox Cosmetics.
Here are her links

They came in a box all wrapped in beautiful tissue paper

and if that's not cute enough,i went on to open them and was just spellbound to how much she had sent to me,wow i loved everything so much,i had been more spoilt that i have ever i think.

As you will see if you click on the pic,Maddy got me the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette which i love to bits,also by Smashbox was the bb eye cream,2 gorgeous green eyeliners,a crease brush,a retractable Kabuki style chunky brush and some nail wraps by Smashbox too.
Then i open Bobbi brown eekk omg i don't own any Bobbi Brown so i was so happy to get 3 different shades of blush but not only that,she went on to buy me the case to hold them in aww thanks hun your a star.
But not only these great makes but also Mac aahhh omg i was just shocked,i got a Mac bronzer,a Mac mascara Zoom Lash,Mac face and body foundation which i have wanted to try for ages so hun you read my mind you must have,then not just one but 3 gorgeous Mac Lipsticks in shades Russian Red,Snob and Impassioned whoop whoop.
Then i don't own any Mac brushed so to be sent the very sort after Mac 217 and 239 i was just blown away as they are so very expensive.
If you were here hun i would give you the biggest hug,i honestly didn't do anything to deserve this and really would love to send you something back but you won't let me grrr,i know you have tons of makeup but i just would like to send anything you want as not only did you do this but also then went on to send all these samples too which i can't wait to try,thankyou isn't going to even cut it for what you have sent,but your a fantastic girl,great friend,brill makeup artist and have come such a long way in a short space of time....wow a Makeup artist for Smashbox is a girls dream job i think.love you loads and loads thankyou from the bottom of my heart,your a total gem and deserve so many more followers so please guys follow Maddy on Twitter and Instagram thanks love Littlemissstyleguru vinny xx♥xx

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Nyx Cosmetics in Next Stores Shops

Nyx Cosmetics in Next Stores Shops

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Well i was probably last out of blogging and Youtube world to know that they sold Nyx now in Next but not just only as they actually sell it in stores yipppeee i do love myself a bit of nyx.
So yes i was one very happy bunny today purchasing a few bits.
Not sure if all Next's sell this cosmetics range? but mine does,i was slightly gutted that they didn't have the white milk eye pencil in stock and some gorgeous highlighter i had seen but i will keep checking back from time to time.
It was 3 for 2 so you should get down to your next and check it out to see if yours have Nyx Cosmetics.
I took a picture just for you all to see hee hee,i'm such a sucker for Makeup i really am.

You can click on the photos to make them larger but as you can see this was of the counter in my next this morning and even better 3 for 2 whoop whoop ♥
so here is what i bought

The items are not too bad for price i'd say they were in between,they are not mega cheap and they are also not mega expensive.firstly my eyes were drawn to the lip products as they are my fave and the eye pencils as i was looking for the white one but they didn't have it,they did seem to have every other colour though and i do already own the Milk white one but wanted a backup {never mind} so i grabbed a teal instead as i love teal so it's the jumbo eye pencil in peacock 632 and it was 5 pound,they did have a huge colour selection though so will no doubt buy more in the future.Then i noticed the Mtee lipsticks right away as i love love  love a good Matte lip and i swatched them and to be fair the colour pay off seems great and they are a lovely Matte finish,i can't comment on any of these worn on my face as yet but will do a video on them.i got the colours Natural then Alabama then Hippie Chic and here they are in order and they were £6 which isnt too bad for a lippy i didn't think ♥
Then i heard a lot of good things about their blushers so i looked in the light and some seemed to have shimmer which i don't mind but i chose this as it seemed like a matte with no shimmer and is called Mocha and again is £6.
Then as you will see from the photo above i also chose an Eye shadow palette,i do already own a really big Nyx shadow palette which actually i have not used in some time so {not to self} start using other palette more ha ha but this one is so cute,they had a few different ones,they are £10 each for 9 shadow's which when you think about it is only just over a pound each for each shadow so not too bad,ok not your Mua prices and also a bit pricier than Sleek but the side fis in the palm of my hand perfect so as a travel palette then this would be just the right size for me,i chose a neutral one called .....Let them eat cake,which yes is kind of a strange name lol but i didn't buy it for the name,i bought it for the colours,size and cuteness and because i was just drawn to it,i did swatch in the shop and although some look slightly glittery in the palette,it's most certainly more a matte i would say with some amazing colours.

So there we have it my gorgeous Nyx purchases,i will be showing them on Youtube in a haul soon enough so please click here to subscribe to my Youtube thanks Click here thanks

Then also i will leave the next website as i know for sure they sell online,but you must check out your local store if like me you wanted to try more Nyx.
Thanks for reading love vinny Littlemissstyleguru x♥x

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