Monday, 27 October 2014

Beauty Advent Calendars 2014 The Best picks

Battle of the best Beauty Advent Calendars for 2014 plus a few more Random Non Beauty ones to choose from!!

Hi Guys so it's that time of year where your thinking mmmm which Beauty Advent Calendar do i choose,well i thought i would list some fantastic one here which tickle my beauty taste buds and a few more that are not so beauty but still tickle my pickle.

If i had the money i seriously would buy the whole lot of them ha ha but lets be realistic,most of us can only maybe afford one so choose wisely as eeekk I'm just excited thinking about it.Plus i already know which one i hope to try.

So this one above is by Benefit and if you love Benefit then this is totally the one for you ,The Candy Coated Countdown is £60 and hopefully comes back into stock or maybe try your local Debenhams store ♥♥

Yes that's right it's The Body Shop Advent,mmm who doesn't love The Body Shop full of wonderful smells and treats galore bath time treats,it's £50 and very tempting

Love your nails and a new colour each day then look not further as Ciate also have a gorgeous advent for £49 from the Ciate website Selfridges,John Lewis and many more places too.

If skincare is more your thing then here we have the luxury Elemis Calendar,it's only 12 days but a snip at £59.50 from John Lewis or a few more places too

Yes the gorgeous one above is Jo Malone,and full of sweet smelling goodies,it's a whopping £250 but if your a gal that can't say no then treat yourself why not

           L'Occitane, £45 and full of yummy pampering treats for 13 days,,,,,

                      this is Available at from 3rd November

This is a beauty treat with behold and it's by Liberty,costs £149 and has the gorgeous Liberty print all over the inside,do i spy Nars?grab yours soon.
Available in store and at from November

It's 12 days of Christmas but who doesn't want to own the Lush Advent,I'm sure everyone will be so excited to grab one,it's £49.95 and full of shimmering Lush smelling bath and shower treats

So yes I'm really hoping to grab this little gem,it's a gorgeous No7 Advent from Boots eeekk can't wait,Miniatures of best selling products and only £35 which is very cheap,love No7 products,plus boots said they are bringing out one too so fingers crossed

Yes even Primark are doing a Beauty one which is about £15 i think plus i have also heard they are doing an accessories one for £10 which will have necklaces earrings etc,i think the beauty one is mosty nail items i have heard but we all love a bit of Primark in our life ♥

Selfridges Enchanted Spells Advent has Luxury beauty items including Lancome and Ysl and it's priced at £85,there is currently no stock but i hope it comes back into stock soon

This one looks really cool from YouBeauty and is £49.95 so a huge saving on some great beauty and skin care items,please click on the link to take a look yourself

This is deffo a fave for me as you know i love W7 and what better than a W7 Makeup Advent for that run up to Christmas? this is only a mere £19.99 and available from Tkmaxx so just click the link for a cute bargain

Ok so this is not beauty but awww i want this sooo much how cute is that and i really think everyone loves Yankee Candles,they smell delish and it's only £21.99 for a different tea light smell each day

Another non Beauty one but totally worth a look is the Topshop 


It's only £25 so such a bargain,really love this idea too

Again a non Beauty but i had to included this as my last one as who doesn't love chocolate and Lindt is Jamie's fave chocolate so i know he would love this,£9.99 so cue i love it

So they are the best of the bunch i have found,i hope you can please follow my blog using bloglovin or google friends connect to the right side of my blog.
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Leave me a comment and let me know if you will be hoping to get any of these and which one thanks i would love to know your thoughts xx♥xx

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Miners Cosmetics Tin o Tint For Soft Lush Lips

Miners Cosmetics Tin o Tint For Soft Lush Lips

Here are two Tin O Tints i was kindly sent by Miners Cosmetics and i do love them so much i thought i would do a quick review.
As you cn see by the photo i have used the cherry one and yum yum i love it,as it not only tastes great and stains your lips a lovely berry colour but the smell of cherry is gorgeous,good enough to eat.
I have not tried my Strawberry one yet but can't wait to try that too,they come in a sturdy metal tin and are not sticky but leave your lips nice and soft,it's not drying as it's a tinted lip balm that basically just smells  amazing.
Great to throw into your bag and top up during the day as not as heavy as a lipstick on your lips if you want a more sheer moisture  tint.
Miners have some great items on their website including these so i will leave the link below for you to check them out for yourself as they are really cheap too.....
Thanks for reading,as who doesn't need soft yummy kissy lips this time of year as this is the time they usually get chapped with the colder weather coming.
love always Vinny Littlemissstylegru x♥x

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review Swatches Uk United Kingdom

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review Swatches 

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I was so very happy when i got sent the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette from a lovely lady named Jane who runs her own Website called absolute kolor as she has a fab website which does specialise in Makeup from the Usa as that is where i purchased my Lorac 1 and 2 palettes from,I asked if she was able to get the Urban Decay Vice 3 before it came out in the uk and she got back to me on Instagram and said yes so i was going to pay through Paypal but to my shock and joy she kindly sent the palette out for free? omg yes i was jumping for joy so thankyou so much Jane.

Please click on her website here>>>>

as the website is amazing and she sells gorgeous things,i don't think she has anymore Vice 3 palettes now although i know she sells the Lorac pro and Lorac pro 2 but most of the time it is out of stock due to very very high demand,but in saying that Jane has amazing customer service and you can either reach her by email,facebook,twitter or instagram to ask her when they will be back in stock,she is Uk based but gets stuff imported from the usa especially for us Uk gals that are unable to purchase here in the nice is that.
Here are all Jane's link's to her social media so please go and follow her on twitter,instagram and Like her Facebook to stay up to date about new products thanks and you can contact her easier too.

Right now lets get talking about the palette and what a gorgeous UD palette it is.The case is a lot thinner than the other two Vice palettes and it's shiny with Vice on the front when the others have Ud,i'm not too over keen on the packaging but hey ho what's inside totally makes up for that lol although it does come in a cute handy bag with UD embossed onto the zip and could be used for other things such as to hold a tablet or as a makeup bag etc 
{it's not paded.} please see pics.

As you will see the brush is a double ended brush the same as most UD brushes but it's a metalic yellow/green which i like actually.

Now here is a view of the palette taken with the flash and without and i don't know if you agree but i think this is the most wearable palette of all the Vice palettes as they are more toned down shades not as bight so amazing for Autumn Winteri really love the rasberry shades as i love that colour for winter do you?

So there are some matte shades on the first row going down,well all four of them are matte but it seems they have the tinyest bit of glitter but i actually think this might be fall out maybe from the other colours but i have taken with and without flash to show you.

The 2nd row going down are green,teal a navy blue and coppery brown,the navy blue is more a matte and again here are swatches with and without flash.

Now the 3rd row is really pretty the top colour is a deep plum,then orange/copper brown and a white highlight colour at the bottom which again is more a matte shade but has got glitter paticles when taken with flash.

The 4th row down is my total fave of the palette as i love these colours for winter,the top colour is pale pink then a gorgeous rasberry but my most fave colour of the whole palette is the next one which is called Bondage it's a deep plum,almost a black but a plum,i wish you could see how amazing that colour is and then a vintage burnt pink rose colour omg stunning.

Then the last row is stunning too tbh as the first colour is last sin so if you love the colour sin you will love this,then a gorgeous beige a dark brown and the last colour is a chrcoal black and under the flash you will see multi glitter colours,so this row is really wearable too,i really love them all.

So to conclude my blog and my thought,then i really do love it and can see me getting so much use out of this for winter,i have not used it yet but seriously can't wait to do an eye look especially with Bondage as the colour is to die for.
This palette is not out in the uk for a few weeks,i think the start of November it should be in Debenhams so i'm sorry if i have tempted you but it will be worth the wait if you are anything like me and love Urban Decay then you will sure want this in your collection too,i would just again like to say a huge huge thankyou to Jane as without her i would of been unable to get my hands on it before release so thanks hun.
Remeber to look at her website and follow all her social media as she gets some really lovely things from the Usa and i think the website might also be stocking the Lorac Mega maybe at some point but you will have to ask as i'm not sure,she really did put herself out to get this and send it to me for free to review so thanks hun,although actually she didn't send it to review as she never asked me to but of course i would have anyway.
If there is anything in the Usa you can't get your hands on here then drop her a line,you never know she may be able to help.

Thanks for reading Vinny Littlemissstyleguru....
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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette-Sugar and Spice Review Swatches

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette-Sugar and Spice

Hi guys here is a quick review on the new Makeup revolution Contour & blush palette sugar & spice.

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So i bought this blush palette from my Local Superdrug the other week,i was a bit dissapointed as our stand isn't very big and there is so so many things i still want to try from this brand,but anyway i grabbed a few things that took my fancy and just had to blog about this one as really love it.
The price is £6 for 8 colours so that is less that £1 each blush which is such an amazing price.
The packaging is sleek hard black plastic and really sturdy,it has a huge mirror to be fair which is great if you use them.
It says it's a contour palette although it does have 2 brownish shades,i don't think i would use them to contour as not the right colour for me but would make a lovely light bronze colour.
The blushes are Matt and very pigmented but the two at the end are baked and so very pretty and shimmery,you have a baked blush and a baked highlight and for the price i love them.
Ok they are slightly powdery but the pigment makes up for that fact as you only need a light dusting as you can see by my swatches.

I'm actually quite in love with the colours as they are strong colours for winter and everyone needs a blush palette,they are so handy and it's not too big either just the right size.
I can see me getting plenty of use out of this gorgeous new find and for £6 you would be mad to pass up on this little gem.
So if you have Makeup Revolution in your Superdrug then look out for this bad boy.
Or even if you don't then i will leave the link for their website where to purchase and also the superdrug website too.
thanks for reading.... Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny.
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Monday, 6 October 2014

w7 Cosmetics Makeup Review

w7 Makeup Review

Hi guys sorry i have not blogged in a while but i'm back with a review from W7 Cosmetics who now have their own website btw whoop whoop link is below.

If You have watched or are subbed to my Youtube channel then you will know i have quite a few items from W7 as really love the brand,i have,dupes for the Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3 and Makeup brushes which i love and blushers etc.
So when W7 contacted me asking if i would like to pick some items from the website to review then what girl would'nt jump at the chance,so thanks W7.
I chose things that i thought i would love to try and here is what i chose and what i think of each item.

So i chose this Photo shoot 16 hour budge proof foundation.
I chose a light shade as i'm pretty pale and the shade was a great match,i have not got dry skin i have an oily T-zone and my fave foundation is revlon colorstay and tbh this reminded me of that so much.The formula was a bit thicker so not as runny but it was a pour bottle like the colorstay too,it applied really well and lasted the whole day.Ok i did have an oily T-zone towards the end of the day but i get that with any Foundation even higher end mac ones.
So all in all i was very very happy,it didn't go patchy and stayed looking great on my skin all day so i loved it.
Next i wanted to try this Camera ready primer as i have not found the perfect primer as yet.i do have oily skin and this is i would say Silicon based as it has that greasy texture so i would say aimed more at dry skin types,i didn't love nor did i hate as it just did nothing for my foundation that foundation doesn't do on it's own,i tried with a few foundations and it didn't spoil my foundation but it didn't make it look any better or stay any from the foundation i chose above i didn't need a primer as it looked fab without tbh,so yes it's nice enough but i would say more for dry skin than oily.

Then i chose the full colour lipsticks and wow i really love this,it's very pigmented yet really hydrating too so reminded me in a way of the revlon lip butters as felt the same on my lips as they do,i know they have a range of colours too.i usually like matte lips but when it's this pigmented i don't mind as it gives a slight stain too.
Next i said i would love to try some single shadows as i have tried the palettes and they are great but wow what can i say but i really do love these single shadows,i didn't choose the colours but the colours i was sent do compliment one another.The packaging is really cute and they feel a bit like a cream shadow they are that buttery,i love my soft shimmer eye shadows and these had no fall out at all,but i did prefer to use my finger on the lid as they are so soft,both pinky highlight colours are amazing for the brow bone or inner eye tear duct area,love love love............
I have quite a few more W7 items and really do love them as a brand,they only sell online not in high street stores,they sell in some pharmacies  and i have also seen bits on my market and tkmaxx and also savers,i really hope they branch out and one day sell in superdrug as i love the items i have tried,thanks again for sending these and i have been using them for the last month giving them a good try out,
Thanks for reading and please follow my blog with google friends or bloglovin and my Youtube which i will link below but please remember to check W7,love their makeup brushes they are spot on xx♥xx love vinny Littlemissstyleguru

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found a page on the w7 website of where you can purchase w7 from too,so the link is below thanks

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