Monday, 17 November 2014

1 million Youtube Views littlemissstyleguru

1 million Youtube Views littlemissstyleguru

Hi there all and welcome back to my blog or if your new then hi I'm Vinny aka Littlemissstyleguru.
Some really cool news,well at least I think so lol,I wanted to share with you that I've just reached a huge milestone and hit over 1 million views on my Youtube channel and that is all thanks to you for taking time to watch my videos,so a special big squeeze for you all to show my appreciation.

I started Youtube about 2 and half years back and it that time I will be clocking on up near 1000 videos soon enough  (yikes).
I started youtube as a hobby to help with my mental health issues,although I think I will always live with my crappy anxiety but on the other hand it has helped in such a way that I now have a hobby and my own little place to hang out and chat,oh and of course here,my Facebook, instagram and twitter and all my links are above in the section where to find me, so please come and follow as I love gaining new friends it's brilliant and that is what I class you as is friends.
((Never )) will I be  a youtuber who see you as fans even if I had loads of subscribers, ur just all my friends.

Anyway back to the matter of a million views eek very shocked that you take time out of your days to watch me so again thankyou.
plus I never leave you out as at 5000 subscribers then I will be holding a giveaway,so  please click the link below to subscribe to my channel and then come and join me on my other lives  which is here my beloved blog yay love chatting here and instagram to see my life in pics and twitter and Facebook for a chin wag. 
Thanks again vinny big hugs littlemissstyleguru xxxx


  1. This is amazing! I remember watching your videos when you had a couple of hundred subscribers! Well done, keep going! xx

    1. ahh do you that's amazing Amy thanks so much and thanks for sticking with me hun xx♥xx


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