Monday, 16 March 2015

Mua Luxe Whipped Velvet Lip Lacquers

Mua Luxe Whipped Velvet Lip Lacquers

Hi all so I came across the new Makeup Academy Mua Luxe Lip Whipped Velvet in Superdrug and at  £3.00 then I couldn't resist.but and it's a big BUT.
I can honestly say I don't like them and really don't think I can even wear them which is a shame as I love Mua and own loads of their items even got the Luxe velvet whipped blushers too which I actually love but these are just not my cup of tea at all.

So I chose a pink and coral.the pink top one is called Ritzy and Coral one is Chichi. 
They feel a little velvet like but other brands have brought out much better ones with a thick creamy velvet texture as I own quite a few but these from Mua are quite thin in texture,pretty sheer and don't stay on the lips more than about 15 mins :(

But the most off putting thing of all is the smell as honestly these smell like a car air fresher and also taste like they smell and it's really off putting to the point I can't wear them.Although if you don't mind the smell of a car air freshener on your lips then go for it as everyone is different but I would never purchase these again as even searching and smelling my hand just reminds me of being in a car.
I will  leave the link below to where you can purchase these from though as they are cheap enough and you might like them.

Have you tried these before? And if so then please let me know your thoughts thanks vinny Littlemissstyleguru xxxxx 

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Blog Giveaway Winner is.........

Blog Winner Congratulations

Hi Guys so thanks for entering my blog Giveaway
It means so much to me and of course i will now hold one in the future too,as i had never done one before so this was my first.

So please don't be disappointed as i do giveaways quite often on Youtube too or here etc so carry on entering and it could be you,but for this Giveaway then i would like to say Congratulations to ......

here is your blog Link

So Sarah congrats and can you please let me know your address through getting in touch with me through email which is or better still would be facebook as then i know it's the real you lol......

Soon as i have your address then your items will be posted out next week

whoop whoop well done love vinny littlemissstyleguru

and please stay tuned for more giveaways,you gotta be in it to win it as they say,so thanks for entering xx♥xx

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