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I ♡ Makeup Black Velvet Palette Review & Swatches

I ♡ Makeup Black Velvet Palette Review & Swatches

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So as you can see by the photo this is my new palette from Makeup Revolution called black velvet.
The name kind of co insides with the stunning packaging as the lid is made from,,,,yes that's right black velvet with a gorgeous big black heart jewel in the middle,just makes me want to stroke it,my god am i mad,i have just done another review on Makeup Revolution choc bar palette which i wanted to eat and now i want to stroke this lol,but i am a sucker for cute packaging.
How stunning is that? isn't it pretty and would look the part on any dressing table or vanity for sure.

It comes with a normal sponge applicator but a bonus is that it does have names to the shadows,although and this is a big although,i wish Makeup revolution would print the names under the shadows inside the palette as once opened i actually lose them clear plastic pieces or they will fall out then i will have 3 laying around and I'm then wondering which piece of plastic is from which palette so if your reading this MUR i would really love you to change that ♥

I swatched these today and again Makeup Revolution never disappoints me at all with the pigment of the shadows.They are honestly amazing quality,I'm into all kinds of Makeup for different reasons,i may like Revlon for foundation and lip products but tbh i don't like them for eye shadows and i think Makeup Revolution do a much better job at a fraction of the price.
It's a really pretty palette with beautiful colours too.

So here are the swatches,the above photo is in daylight no flash but the bottom photo is taken with flash just to show you the difference.These colours are just to die for,although i would say it's more of an evening than a day palette as has more darker smokey colours,I think it has about 3 or 4 shimmer colours the rest are matte and matte colours are usually not so pigmented but MUR ones always are which is fantastic,i think I'm in love with the plum matte shade bottom row third along.
Lovely colours for the crease and great to have a shimmer and matte highlight colour too.

Do you own this palette or anything from Makeup revolution,then let me know what you think too?

All in all this is again a fantastic palette and my only quibble is the plastic sheets,please get rid and start printing them inside under the shadows if possible,but apart from that small factor then this is totally worth £7.99 so please click here to check it out>>>

Also Superdrug do Makeup revolution too in store {some stores} and online too so please click for Superdrug below

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  1. I love this palette so much. The shades are so gorgeous, and I love that Makeup Revolution do such lovely mattes as they're usually so hard to make for brands xx

    1. Thanks so much for reading Gemma that's really kind,i know it's hard to get matte shades pigmented but they always do a fab job,Urban Decay have a drugstore rival i think,i love sleek but Revolution are amazing for loads of things,thanks hun xx♥xx


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