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Proud & positive No Negative Nancy

Proud & positive No Negative Nancy

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So i thought i would do a different kind of blog today,a more personal one.I have suffered with mental health issue and depression etc for many many years ,which has always put my mind set on everything negative,nothing was ever positive and even if it was positive i would try and change it into a negative.Also because i have had a pretty crappy life too,then i expect bad things to happen to me,so if i always look on the bad side then I'm not upset right?

This is stopping or for at least while i type this blog and tell you about all the positive things i am happy about x♥x

So obviously my first thing I'm positive and happy about are my wonderful children,i have one girl nearly 4 called Teegan and baby boy who is 2 in Nov called Tayum.
They are totally my pride and joy above anything else and this is why i started with them,I'm proud of them every single day beyond belief and they are growing up way too quick.♥

Next would be my partner Jamie who I'm totally proud of,he is the best parter and best Daddy in the world to our children,he is hard working,he is gorgeous,he does loads around the house,he is understanding,he's funny...OK we have ups and downs like any other couple but on the whole he is Mr perfect and i feel lucky to have him,i could talk about him all day but his head is big enough anyway lol ♥

I'm also proud with the way I'm dealing with life at the moment,i don't have anything to do with some of my family,well both my sister actually {they have nothing to do with me rather} or my children and with no explanation either? Also most of Jamie's family don't have anything to do with us,erm why? god only knows? We have 2 beautiful children that don't even knows they have aunties and uncles or even a Nan :(
it's totally shameful on their behalf not mine,OK if they don't like me but at least keep things civil and ask about my children,but no none of them care {such nice people} not.
So yes i have my off days and get very very down about this but on the whole i try to cope with it quite well considering they decided to walk out our lives for no reason,meaning my children have nobody {cheers family}

I'm proud of being a youtuber and having this blog and how they have grown,well how my Youtube has grown over the 3 years but only recently i have been blogging a lot more.
I have had no help no shoutouts,not like i used to do for people in the past,so i have gained all my lovely subscribers/friends followers on my own which I'm so proud of.
I'm proud that you all have stuck by me and actually believe in me and can see i am a nice person,unlike my family thinking I'm a monster? I'm proud that this is my hobby as i have never really had a hobby since i was much younger and i love it.
I'm happy that it helps or sort of helps with my mental health.♥

I'm proud of my makeup collection ha ha,that would of been a bit of a no brainer not to include that wouldn't it.
I started off youtube with an OK "normal" amount and now i have an over loaded abnormal amount lol.
OK I'm a hoarder but I'm still proud of it ha ha and it will all be Teegan's once she is old enough,but then again different brands will be out and all my stuff will be old and tat so i better start using it all ha ha ♥

I'm not proud of my body or the way it looks but this body of mine has given me 2 beautiful kids so I'm proud of that.
I'm proud of going through two pregnancies and two births which were both very different,as suffering with anxiety and panic attacks makes things 10 times worse as I'm an over thinker and i worried and worried,but alas i did it hooray for me,so if i have a jelly belly then OK i like cakes but i also have gorgeous kids too ♥

I'm proud of myself that i have great manners and i have passed that on to my children {or child} as Tayum doesn't talk yet but Teegan has really amazing manners and if she forgets to use them then i do give her a reminder each time.
My mum had a very stern way when it came to manners,not just manners but things like no throwing litter and not butting into a conversation and to look up to my elders etc,so i have now passed this on to Teegan and will be teaching Tayum too and I'm really proud as she is nearly 4 and always says please and thank you and excuse me etc,so well done me ha ha ♥ {proud mummy}

I'm happy with the way i dealt with losing my parents at such a young age,i was 14 when both my parents died and they died about 6 months apart,we knew my mum was going to pass away at some point as she had cancer but nobody knew that my dad would pass away and before my mum too :(
it totally rocked my world and still does tbh.
OK i was a little shit after they died as my eldest sister and brother were put as my guardians which must have been hard for them,yes i played up and was a nightmare and came home at all hours and missed school,but some of that would be typical teenager stuff anyway,i didn't end up on the streets or on heavy drugs or i trouble with the police or anything,so yes my head was mashed,i have always felt alone.
This is not a poor me thing but I'm proud that I'm now 36 and can now actually smile,OK i still get upset of course i do,but I'm trying my best this year to improve as i have missed them and grieved for them for all this time.So far so good and I'm doing OK ♥

I'm proud that i have worked with some amazing companies on my Youtube and blog,which is a total honour for me,little old me who suffers anxiety and has really shaky hands,i would never of thought i would get the opportunity to work alongside some well know brands and lovely PR people.
All of who have been totally amazing and lovely so thank you so much i really enjoy doing what i do and I'm so glad you believe in me too and can see how passionate i am about what i do ♥

I am proud of all the lovely friends i have made through Youtube and blogging and how many nice comments messages emails i receive,for them few haters that you get then that is nothing compared to all my lovely friends and i do see you as friends,even if i was a huge youtuber i would never see you as "fans" god i hate that word lol.
I do have the best subscribers though who leave lovely comments.also not only that but so many emails,so many direct messages and comments on photos on facebook and Instagram Twitter etc,it makes me overjoyed that you leave such lovely comments,you actually care for my children more than most of mine and Jamie's family put together but hey ho that shows what cool friends you all are so thank you so much.
You are like my wider family and i love you all ♥

Last of all back to my children,they are growing up so fast and not one day passes that I'm not proud of something they do or say.Just to see them playing together melts my heart and it's funny to see them pushing each other over too,cheeky monkey's,but it's great that i have Youtube and my blog to document their lives which i have done and to share it with you guys.
When I'm proud of something they do or say then i share it with you all as it's like telling my family.
They are gorgeous kids,not sure where they get their looks,must be Jamie ha ha but i never imagined i would have such beautiful children,not sure why but they are totally perfect,i know every parent is going to say that,but they are ♥

So if i can think of anything else that makes me Happy or Proud then i will add to the list,but for now i will just say thanks for reading and would love to know from you what makes you proud? not of me lol,i mean something that makes you most proud and happy about your life,this is a happy post.
so I'm spreading happiness to each and everyone of you who reads this,thank you love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny xx♥xx

It will be lovely to look back at this post whenever i am down,just to remind me that i do have lots of postive things i my life :)

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This is a photo which makes me really happy

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Freedom Makeup Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows Review Swatches

Freedom Makeup Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows Review Swatches

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This is a review of the new Freedom Makeup London eye shadow palette called Chasing Rainbows,which i really love the name of as it's a song that i love too :)

So if you didn't already know then this new brand of makeup called Freedom Makeup London are made by the same people who bring us Makeup Revolution,plus seen as i love MUR then I'm bound to love this right?? It is aimed more at a Pro Makeup Artist as they do bundles on the website of different makeup packages and also you can go on makeup courses which is fab and i think they are quite cheap.The makeup is pretty much the same price as MUR although it does remind me of them of course as it is made by them too,but also on the other hand they have totally different colours.
Hence me choosing this palette,just swoon at those colours ♥
These are only £4.00 each which is totally amazing,Makeup Revolution told me the formula would be different and now that i have swatched them then i can tell you to me,it does actually seem different,they are meant to look the the Nars shadows is style which is cool and i really like it.
I 'm not sure but i wasn't expecting them to be this pigmented but boy was i wrong,because you can see the shimmer then it looks like i have taken this with the flash,but nope this is pure daylight.
I'm going to go a bit above and beyond here as everyone knows my love for Urban Decay but and it's a big but,some of these shades are just as good and as pigmented and buttery as Urban Decay,i was totally shocked,OK some needed a bit more work than others,the bright neon yellow needed a few swipes to get that pigment but at £4.00 some of the colours are only swatched once eekk.
I hope you can see and agree how amazing they are,not chalky although you may get a tiny bit of fall out but you do with UD you gets loads of fall out,would i buy more of these palettes then hell yes lol i sure would,as it would be £4 well spent,if you like what you see then,they actually sell these on the Freedom website and on a website called Beauty Crowd too so check them both out,the link will be below.

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Would you be daring enough to wear this palette,let me know x

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Liner Review & Swatches

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Liner Review & Swatches

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So this is a quick review and look at the new lip liners by Makeup Revolution,they have 8 shades and you can purchase them individually for £1.00 each {bargain} or buy all 8 for for £6.00 which saves £2 so i went for all 8 of course ha ha.
I will say though that the discount of the £2 only comes off at checkout so it will say 8 pound until you checkout and then it says £6 hope that makes sense ♥
So i got sent the eye liners from Makeup Revolution which also can be used on the lips and i have already reviewed them here

But because i loved them so much i bought these as couldn't resist and so glad i got them,again like the eye liners they are so creamy so lovely to apply on your lips,great to wear as a base underneath lipstick to make it last longer or also fill the lips in and wear alone just with a touch of gloss or balm as they are very pigmented.
They come with handy sharpener on the lid which is just genius as if your like me then you will hunt high and low for one,but no need to yay.
How gorgeous are these colours,they have done a great range from very dark deep plum to baby pink and neutral,there is no red in this bunch which i would of liked to see but I'm sure they will bring out more in the future i think.
 Just look at them close up,how pretty eekk is it just me that gets this weirdly excited about any makeup what so ever lol but just see below and how creamy and pigmented they are,i mean a pound each is crazy good ♥
so list of shades from left to right starting with the darkest shade is.... Vamp then Cherry Red then Rebel then Bold Pink then Soft Pink then Baby Pink then Nearly Naked and then The one

I love the names although please don't get confused with Cherry Red as this is a pink not a red as it would suggest by the name.
I think my faves are Rebel,Bold Pink,Soft Pink and The one as i don't actually think i own one in the shade The one and it will go with so many of my neutral lipsticks so big thumbs up.
Did i ever tell you how much i love ♥♥ Makeup Revolution ? Then if not i hope the above photo confirms i am in love.

If you are in love too and would like to purchase one or all of these shades then please click on this link

Do you own these? what do you think? or if not then i would love to hear what colours you would love to try? thanks for reading,love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥

oh just before you go,i also have a beauty and style Youtube channel,oh and a family one too,so if you would like to see more Makeup and chit chat then please come and subscribe to me on Youtube,the links are below thanks so much xx

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Gold22 Argan & Shea Butter Haircare Products Review

Gold22 Argan & Shea Butter Haircare Products Review

Hi there and welcome to my blog,if you are already following then you will know me as Littlemissstyleguru or Vinny and if you are new then hi i would please love you to follow my blog via Bloglovin or google friends connect which is really simple and makes me so happy to know you guys are reading and following ♥

This is a review on some haircare products i was **kindly sent** by a company called Gold22 and here is the website

They sell a wide range of haircare and hair products on their website and as I'm into beauty and style then i said yes i would love the chance to review some items for you thanks.

It actually couldn't of come at a better time to be honest as with all shampoo's I'm not sure if you are the same but your hair can get used to the same shampoo and after a while you might need to change to another for a while? well yes i was finding my hair was going oily and greasy more frequent than usual and itchy too which really didn't make sense as i use Loreal Elvive and i love it and yes i still do love it,although this change did me good.
These are the items i chose and can i just ADD THEY ARE ALL paraben free which is a total bonus .....
I chose a shampoo,conditioner a hair Serum and a hair styling cream,they have different ones of the website for damaged hair,dry,normal hair or volume etc etc but i opted for the Argan Oil and Shea Buttering knowing this was a great option for my hair and knowing it was meant to be good for your hair too.
This is the shampoo and you get 250ml for £3.50 which isn't a bad price but i can buy cheaper on the high street.
The shampoo smelt lovely like toffee and to be fair worked into a lovely fluffy lather so i didn't need as much and my hair has been great with it and not as greasy so i think i needed that change.
This is the Conditioner and 200ml is £3.50 which again isn't bad but i can by cheaper alternatives,having said that it's lovely and smells just the same as the shampoo,it does feel like it nourishes my hair,i always leave conditioner on for about 5 Min's while in the bath anyway and add mostly to end and length of hair but never to my roots,it's very soft and i can run my fingers through my hair when it's wet.
This is the Styling cream and it's 150ml for £4.00,i don't think you get much ML for the price and should be a 200 or 250ml but you only need the smallest amount anyway
So sometimes i use a hairdryer if I'm in a hurry but i do try to leave my hair dry natural or at least partly dry naturally with a towel,then when my hair is just damp i add this Styling Hair Cream which is meant to style and stop damage from heat.
I can never say anything stops damage from heat as i wouldn't be able to tell but saying that,my hair isn't damaged so i must be doing something right,and this styles it lovely,does not make it hard or crispy but gives you more control over it while drying or straightening which is fab.
So this is the Oil Serum and costs £6.00 for 100ml,again i think you should get more for the price but honestly this is my favourite product out of everything,you only need a tiny squirt and i use this at the end to smooth down my hair and make it look glossy,i think it works a treat,i have been using for about 3 weeks now so prob used about 8 times and you can see how much is missing from the bottle {not much at all} so i really do this this is lovely.
Here is a photo of my hair after use of all these products and hopefully you can see it's healthy and shiny and you can't see but it feels very soft indeed.
This is also just another photo showing that my hair isn't flat,like the photo above shows my hair actually does swish and moves really nice with volume and texture,but not too much volume as i have thick hair anyway.

My overall thoughts are that it's really lovely and i have enjoyed using it so much,my hair doesn't feel oily or itchy and actually feels and looks great after use,i do think it's a tad pricey but then if it's working and you love a product then i would be happy to pay it.
My fave item is the oil without a doubt it's the best.

What do you think? would you buy shampoo online and do you think Argan Oil and Shea Butter are better for your hair?
Les me know your thoughts as i would love to hear what you think and again check the website out below as the do a whole range of different haircare items.
Thanks for reading Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Eyeliner Hypocrisy Collection Eyeliners

Makeup Revolution Eyeliner Hypocrisy Collection Eyeliners

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So i was kindly sent a set of Eyeliners by Makeup Revolution**
Thanks guys i was so happy to receive these.
I was the sent Hypocrisy range of 5 liners and then another 4 single liners,all which can also be used on the lips as well as the eyes so as lip liners too whoop whoop.

I couldn't wait to try out the colours on my lips and eyes,at first glance they remind me of the MUA ones as they have the sharpener on the lid the same,which is certainly an amazing idea for sure,if your anything like me you will hunt high and low for that sharpener you knew you put safe somewhere lol.
So yes Makeup Revolution fab idea......although that is where is stops in relation to MUA as they were OK but these Makeup revolution ones are so so soft and creamy and buttery,hence can be used on lips or eyes,i actually expected them to be sharp and rough but boy was a wrong,they are fantastic and only £1.00 each,actually the Hypocrisy colours are £4 for all 5 if you buy them together so that saves a pound and then the other colours are a pound each too.
So as for the swatches,the 5 swatches on the left are the Hypocrisy liners and then the darker 4 shades to the right are just the normal eyeliners,but all just as creamy as each other.

So yes here is a very mad close up of my eye,each one wearing a different colour just to show really how easy they glide onto the waterline and how cool they are,i have no other makeup on here by the way so no mascara or anything as just wanted to show you photo of the liner on it's own,this lasts on me for ages as it's so creamy,a little in Love i think,OK the orange red looks a bit cray cray but still for a festival it doesn't and the blue i would wear anyway.
So 5 Hypocrisy colours to the left starting with orange/red are called Vice,Tipx,Depraved,baddest blue and crime.
Then 4 colours on the right are called Iconic Brown,Bad Girl Blue,Black and then the last one is called Stardust which is also a black but it's an amazing glitter black,which i hope you can see little flecks of glitter as it's just beautiful.

Because they are so creamy,they apply great to waterline,lips or even to smudge out for that smokey look,i actually can't choose my favourite but i have used the white a lot called Tipx which opens up your eyes lovely although i would also like to see a more nude for waterline too,Depraved for lips and Crime are just totally gorgeous,and Stardust with the glitter is amazing,so did i say i LOVE them lol? if you like the look of these too then please click the link below for the Makeup revolution Website 

as all of these would only cost you a mere £8 for all of them,yes i know crazy.

Do you own these? would you wear them on your lips or eyes? and which colours would you like to try?
Thanks so much for reading,i also have a beauty Youtube and Family Youtube Channel too,so if you like to see more makeup and family shiz then click the links below to subscibe,thanks the more the merrier,love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny xx♥xx

*Thanks again for the gift Makeup revolution and i would buy again and again for sure ♥

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

*Dupe Alert* Makeup Revolution Vs Mac Lipsticks Iconic Pro

*Dupe Alert* Makeup Revolution Vs Mac Lipsticks Iconic Pro

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This is a review on some amazing Dupes i have found by Makeup Revolution whoop whoop as they are the King of Dupes to be honest and have done some amazing ones but these really are a totally amazing find.....wait for it,yay Mac Lipstick dupes.
so before i get started,they only sell these online at the moment on Makeup Revolution website and here is the link

So they have done a new range of Lipsticks called Iconic Pro and there is a set of 20 all together although i bought 15 of them as 5 of them are the same shade only in a matte formula so i decided to get the matte of those 5 if that makes sense,anyway i found five exact Dupes for some very popular Mac lipsticks i own,so i will get onto the swatches.......

So above is a dupe for Mac Heroine and as you will see the makeup Revolution is on the left and Mac is on the right and same with the swatches,,,so can you tell the difference? as you honestly couldn't get any more Dupey if you tried and to me this is a fave and sometimes quite hard to find in Mac as it's very popular so always tends to sell out fast,the Dupe is called Liberty or Liberty Matte as they do a normal and a Matte and i chose Liberty Matte and love that name too ♥♥ Winner

So here above is another Mac fave which is Russian Red and again Makeup Revolution is on the left and Mac to the right and same on swatches,it's a fab dupe,oh Mac is ever so slightly more creamy but i think you would expect that considering mac are i think a staggering £15,50 and MUR new Iconic Pro are £2.49 ahhggg Bargain and this one is called Propoganda Matte and they also do a Propoganda normal too {again total winner}

This one above is one of my fave plum colours by Mac and it's called Rebel and Mac to the right MUR to the left,again this is going to save me so much money having such a good dupe as a backup it's amazing,this one is called No Perfection Yet by Makeup Revolution,gorgeous and i would wear this all year round {love it}

This is called Good Kisser by Mac and is quite a new one it's actually Ltd Ed from A Novel Romance Collection so i was chuffed to find a Dupe for a Limited Edition one so good on you Makeup Revolution as this is spot on and called We Were Lovers,the only difference is the Mac on the right is Matte and  MUR one is a normal but the colours are the same
{well done MUR i was so chuffed to find this}
Hard to find being Ltd now ♥♥

Last one i found is a total fave from mac by so many people and is called Candy Yum Yum,a gorgeous bright pink for summer,Mac on the right and as you can see the MUR one on the left is an exact totally exact match,what a saving as i know everyone loves Candy yum Yum,,,,the Makeup Revolution one is called It Eats You Up Matte,although they do a matte or a normal in this too.
{thank you for saving me money Makeup Revolution} ♥

I have also done a video on these Dupes if you would like to see me compare them both on my lips then click the link below to my Youtube channel and please also subscribe for more videos.

Alternatively i have also swatched all 15 lipsticks on my lips in this video if you wanted to see all of them then click the link below

My over all thoughts on the Iconic Pro new Lipsticks by Makeup Revolution is...... I'm actually a huge fan of them and omg especially the dupes as it's saved me a fortune and i know not everyone can afford Mac as even i don't have a huge collection.
They smell nice but not the same smell as Mac,they are such a gorgeous texture and do last on my lips well,i do own other MUR lipsticks and some have been patchy but these are far from patchy,so i think the formula has been changed as these are so nice for the price.
If you have always wanted to try any of these Mac colours but was a bit scared in case they didn't suit you then spending £2.49 is nothing compared to £15,50.
OK they are not Mac and not totally the same but as dupes go,these are the best i have ever seen.
 may be even more dupes in this range of 20 lipsticks but because i don't own tonnes of Mac then i could only find 5 but there could actually be more and if you find any i would love to know?which one would you love to try??? again link to Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks is below.

Thanks for reading love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥ Follow and share

Mua Luxe Bronzed Shimmer Stick Review Makeup Academy

Mua Luxe Bronzed Shimmer Stick Review 

Hi Guys welcome back to my blog,thanks for stopping by to have a read,if you are not following then please make sure you do by using Google friends connect as everyone has a google account right? if not then please use the Bloglovin button to follow as they have such a cool Bloglovin App too.
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So this is a Review of the stunning new Makeup Academy Mua Luxe Bronzed Shimmer stick.

This is £4,00 from Superdrug website please click here if you like what you see and grab a bargain Superdrug Click Here

So the packaging is nice enough and a lovely colour,it stands on your dressing table and looks beautiful.
Want some bronzed shimmer for summer?? then look no further as this twist up stick is full of shimmering goodness and can be used for a multitude of things.
It can be used lightly to highlight your cheeks for a beautiful bronzed glow,but you don't have to add much at all as very pigmented and shimmery,or you could even mix and rub together with your foundation for an all over glow?
or even better how about adding it over your tan to your arms or legs for a beautiful shimmery look.
This is a swatch of it with no flash so quite hard to see any shimmer and plus it's not blended at all so a thick pigmented swatch.
This is the same swatch but using the flash so not you can see it does have a golden shimmer.
This is the swatch blended and as you will see it's a golden brown but next photo you will see the shimmer when the light catches it...
So now this is with the flash and as you will see it has a stunning shimmer and you don't need much at all if you are planning to use on your cheek bones although it is a gorgeous summer colour.

So just to give you my last thoughts,this product by Mua is well worth £4.00 as will last you a while as you really only need a small amount it's so pigmented.
This is very creamy and not sticky.
It's a nice subtle shimmer so not too too glittery which is good.
Available is Superdrug Stores or only here

This will also soon be available on the Mua Website here too

Did you know i also have a beauty Youtube channel and a Family one too,so i will leave the links below as i review and haul all my products on Youtube so please go and subscribe thanks but don't leave here just yet,,,have you followed my blog? and please also let me know your thoughts on this or if you will be buying it,thanks all love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny x♥x

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mua Luxe Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit Makeup Academy Review

Mua Luxe Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit Makeup Academy Review

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So here is my review or first impressions on the new Mua Luxe Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit.
Firstly can we just take a look at this gorgeous packaging,it's a stunning gold sturdy case with push button on the front.
then you open it up to see this....
A mirror inside the lid which is really handy and what i first thought oh no it's a shimmer bronzer for contouring??
I Got this in Medium Dark as i just grabbed the last one on the shelf,so I'm not sure if they do two colours? i take it they must do if this is Medium to dark then maybe they do a light?
I know i know this looks so dark in the photos,the bottom later is actually the Sculpt contour part and is totally matte with no shimmer which is a total bonus and then on the top is a gorgeous bronze highlight shade for summer and i love the spiky detail to the powder,i did think it was going to be way too dark so i swatched it.
These are the swatches and because I'm so pale my first thought was yikes,i have not tried it on my face as yet,so here is a closer photo for you....
This to me screams so very pigmented which is amazing,and i was still worried about it being dark,but and it's a big BUT,i then started to blend into my skin with my finger as didn't have a brush handy and it got much lighter,so i can imagine using a brush light handed would be OK,or hopefully as you couldn't really which for a better more pigmented matte which is Non orange and then a beautiful bronze peach shimmer for your cheeks as a highlight.

The photo below is blended out using my finger and as you can see this would be much more wearable even on my pale skin.

Overall i think this is amazing for the price of £5.00 and i can't wait to try it on my face but i really wanted to get this review up for you guys for you to see how beautiful it was.Plus it contains a whopping 20g of product wowzer.

It will also be available from the Mua store soon so please click below for that also

Thanks again for reading,do you think you will pick this up? do you like the look of it as i would love to hear your thoughts??
love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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Pre Release Mua Power Pout Acrylic Review Makeup Academy

Pre Release Mua Power Pout Acrylic Review Makeup Academy

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would be me eekkk with Joy

So i really needed to get this up today to show you swatches and tell you my thoughts on the new Mua Makeup Academy Power Pout Acrylic lip shades.
These are due out tomorrow {wednesday} in Superdrug or i think they may be on Superdrug online now if you click here

and online from Mua if you click here from Friday...

So here are the swatches whoop whoop......
So here are all six shades revealed from top to bottom they are called,Decorous,Supreme,Infinity,Potency,Wondrous and Unwrapped.
I chose all 6 shades because i actually like all six to be honest.
They have two lovely neutrals gorgeous purple bright pink then Rose type pink and a bright red,so great colours for everyone.
here are the swatches and they are very pigmented as only one swipe needed for this.
So i tried the other lip Velvets from Mua the whipped ones and i wasn't too keen on the formula or the smell as they did smell of car air freshener.....To be fair these too still have that hint of car air freshener smell but nothing like the whipped ones and plus the formula on these is so much more creamy and pigmented and last longer that i really love them.
I wanted to get this blog up as quick as i could so i did quick lip swatched on my phone,not great photos sorry but good enough for you to see the colours and how cute they look.
sorry about the NO Makeup but i was just doing lip swatches ♥
This is a gorgeous bright red and called Decrous.
This is called Supreme and if a gorgeous everyday pink
Here we have Infinity for a bolder brighter pink
This is Potency and a stunning plum it's just beautiful.
This is called Wondrous and a lovely everyday neutral.
Last one is Uuwrapped is a fave everyday neutral with hint of pink.

So there we have it,these are creamy not sticky and are slightly velvety but not too thick of a velvet and seem just right to me,these do not "DO NOT" dry totally on your lips or they didn't on mine,they stay creamy but not too wet,they do dry slightly but as time goes on,even if they wear away,they still actually leave a stain to your lips which is great,but i would say a creamy matte finish.
Smell puts me off slightly but not as bad the the velvet whipped ones and i can put up with it as can't taste it with these as much either,so overall i would give them 9/10 as i love them but 1% don't like the smell that much,colours are fab and feel nice on the lips.They are £3,99 each,you get 5ml in the tube and packaging is nice and bright.

Thanks for reading and i hope this helps when deciding which colours you would choose,actually would love to know in the comments too which colours you are after or would you choose them all?
Thanks for reading Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny
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