Saturday, 27 June 2015

Freedom Makeup Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows Review Swatches

Freedom Makeup Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows Review Swatches

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This is a review of the new Freedom Makeup London eye shadow palette called Chasing Rainbows,which i really love the name of as it's a song that i love too :)

So if you didn't already know then this new brand of makeup called Freedom Makeup London are made by the same people who bring us Makeup Revolution,plus seen as i love MUR then I'm bound to love this right?? It is aimed more at a Pro Makeup Artist as they do bundles on the website of different makeup packages and also you can go on makeup courses which is fab and i think they are quite cheap.The makeup is pretty much the same price as MUR although it does remind me of them of course as it is made by them too,but also on the other hand they have totally different colours.
Hence me choosing this palette,just swoon at those colours ♥
These are only £4.00 each which is totally amazing,Makeup Revolution told me the formula would be different and now that i have swatched them then i can tell you to me,it does actually seem different,they are meant to look the the Nars shadows is style which is cool and i really like it.
I 'm not sure but i wasn't expecting them to be this pigmented but boy was i wrong,because you can see the shimmer then it looks like i have taken this with the flash,but nope this is pure daylight.
I'm going to go a bit above and beyond here as everyone knows my love for Urban Decay but and it's a big but,some of these shades are just as good and as pigmented and buttery as Urban Decay,i was totally shocked,OK some needed a bit more work than others,the bright neon yellow needed a few swipes to get that pigment but at £4.00 some of the colours are only swatched once eekk.
I hope you can see and agree how amazing they are,not chalky although you may get a tiny bit of fall out but you do with UD you gets loads of fall out,would i buy more of these palettes then hell yes lol i sure would,as it would be £4 well spent,if you like what you see then,they actually sell these on the Freedom website and on a website called Beauty Crowd too so check them both out,the link will be below.

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Would you be daring enough to wear this palette,let me know x

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