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Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Liner Review & Swatches

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Liner Review & Swatches

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So this is a quick review and look at the new lip liners by Makeup Revolution,they have 8 shades and you can purchase them individually for £1.00 each {bargain} or buy all 8 for for £6.00 which saves £2 so i went for all 8 of course ha ha.
I will say though that the discount of the £2 only comes off at checkout so it will say 8 pound until you checkout and then it says £6 hope that makes sense ♥
So i got sent the eye liners from Makeup Revolution which also can be used on the lips and i have already reviewed them here

But because i loved them so much i bought these as couldn't resist and so glad i got them,again like the eye liners they are so creamy so lovely to apply on your lips,great to wear as a base underneath lipstick to make it last longer or also fill the lips in and wear alone just with a touch of gloss or balm as they are very pigmented.
They come with handy sharpener on the lid which is just genius as if your like me then you will hunt high and low for one,but no need to yay.
How gorgeous are these colours,they have done a great range from very dark deep plum to baby pink and neutral,there is no red in this bunch which i would of liked to see but I'm sure they will bring out more in the future i think.
 Just look at them close up,how pretty eekk is it just me that gets this weirdly excited about any makeup what so ever lol but just see below and how creamy and pigmented they are,i mean a pound each is crazy good ♥
so list of shades from left to right starting with the darkest shade is.... Vamp then Cherry Red then Rebel then Bold Pink then Soft Pink then Baby Pink then Nearly Naked and then The one

I love the names although please don't get confused with Cherry Red as this is a pink not a red as it would suggest by the name.
I think my faves are Rebel,Bold Pink,Soft Pink and The one as i don't actually think i own one in the shade The one and it will go with so many of my neutral lipsticks so big thumbs up.
Did i ever tell you how much i love ♥♥ Makeup Revolution ? Then if not i hope the above photo confirms i am in love.

If you are in love too and would like to purchase one or all of these shades then please click on this link

Do you own these? what do you think? or if not then i would love to hear what colours you would love to try? thanks for reading,love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥

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  1. Ooh, think i'll be ordering myself some of these for only £6, they look great! xx

    1. Thanks Chelsea they are really creamy and nice,so cheap too xx♥xx


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