Monday, 1 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Eye Foils Review

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Eye Foils Review

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So here is a quick review of the Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Eye Foils which are meant to be a dupe for the Stila Magnificent Metals,i can't say how good a dupe as i don't own the Stila ones but i just had to try these,i will show you a few photos and then have more of a natter about them.
 This shade above i think is my fave and it's of course Rose gold
 Then is Black Diamond which is also gorgeous too ♥
 This green is a rather strange colour to bring out but i thought ok and it's not my fave but it is certainly wearable and called Emerald Goddess
Then the last one i have is more of a total shimmery highlight called Pure Platinum

These are £4.00 each on the Makeup Revolution website which is crazy considering the rival dupe by Stila is about £33.50.
The box contains the actual foil shadow which for some reason i thought was a powder? i think it says it's a powder on the website but it's not it is wet and creamy which is nice actually,you also get a mixing solution which is very much like if not the same as the Aqua seal by MUR which i love as a primer for my eyes my lips anything really,you also get a tray to mix the foil with the solution to make it pop a lot more and to make more long lasting.

When i first swatched them i thought they were very pigmented anyway and why would i need the solution,but after using it,the solution does make it more pigmented and last longer too,although i have never mixed them with the trey i have just add the primer to my eyes then the foil over the top.Here are some swatches.

Above are Rose Gold and Black Diamond and I'm in love with these two colours,the left swatch is with no primer but right swatch is with primer and as you will see it makes the colour pop more.

Then we have Pure platinum and Emerald Goddess again swatch on left is just the foil but to the right is with primer,
which are OK but i will use the top two a lot more

My final thought on the items are that they are gorgeous but could of been better as they don't dry 100% fully,they dried about 3/4 so OK didn't smudge all over my eyes or anything and did stay put but if i touched my eye then it would transfer slightly even after drying.

But don't let this deter you in anyway as actually i have had compliments when i have worn these,i did a look on my Youtube channel if you click here and used them in conjunction to eye shadow which was great and worked well for me,please subscribe and see video underneath thanks.

This was the look i did using them in conjunction to normal eye shadows as they are a fab shimmer or highlight

They also sell these on Superdrug but for £5.00 if you click here

I'm really glad i bought them as was so curious,and the top two are honestly such pretty colours and for that smokey night out look like above then i would say a steal not a Stila ♥♥♥
Thanks for reading love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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