Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Eyeliner Hypocrisy Collection Eyeliners

Makeup Revolution Eyeliner Hypocrisy Collection Eyeliners

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So i was kindly sent a set of Eyeliners by Makeup Revolution**
Thanks guys i was so happy to receive these.
I was the sent Hypocrisy range of 5 liners and then another 4 single liners,all which can also be used on the lips as well as the eyes so as lip liners too whoop whoop.

I couldn't wait to try out the colours on my lips and eyes,at first glance they remind me of the MUA ones as they have the sharpener on the lid the same,which is certainly an amazing idea for sure,if your anything like me you will hunt high and low for that sharpener you knew you put safe somewhere lol.
So yes Makeup Revolution fab idea......although that is where is stops in relation to MUA as they were OK but these Makeup revolution ones are so so soft and creamy and buttery,hence can be used on lips or eyes,i actually expected them to be sharp and rough but boy was a wrong,they are fantastic and only £1.00 each,actually the Hypocrisy colours are £4 for all 5 if you buy them together so that saves a pound and then the other colours are a pound each too.
So as for the swatches,the 5 swatches on the left are the Hypocrisy liners and then the darker 4 shades to the right are just the normal eyeliners,but all just as creamy as each other.

So yes here is a very mad close up of my eye,each one wearing a different colour just to show really how easy they glide onto the waterline and how cool they are,i have no other makeup on here by the way so no mascara or anything as just wanted to show you photo of the liner on it's own,this lasts on me for ages as it's so creamy,a little in Love i think,OK the orange red looks a bit cray cray but still for a festival it doesn't and the blue i would wear anyway.
So 5 Hypocrisy colours to the left starting with orange/red are called Vice,Tipx,Depraved,baddest blue and crime.
Then 4 colours on the right are called Iconic Brown,Bad Girl Blue,Black and then the last one is called Stardust which is also a black but it's an amazing glitter black,which i hope you can see little flecks of glitter as it's just beautiful.

Because they are so creamy,they apply great to waterline,lips or even to smudge out for that smokey look,i actually can't choose my favourite but i have used the white a lot called Tipx which opens up your eyes lovely although i would also like to see a more nude for waterline too,Depraved for lips and Crime are just totally gorgeous,and Stardust with the glitter is amazing,so did i say i LOVE them lol? if you like the look of these too then please click the link below for the Makeup revolution Website 

as all of these would only cost you a mere £8 for all of them,yes i know crazy.

Do you own these? would you wear them on your lips or eyes? and which colours would you like to try?
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*Thanks again for the gift Makeup revolution and i would buy again and again for sure ♥


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