Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Pre Release Mua Power Pout Acrylic Review Makeup Academy

Pre Release Mua Power Pout Acrylic Review Makeup Academy

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So i really needed to get this up today to show you swatches and tell you my thoughts on the new Mua Makeup Academy Power Pout Acrylic lip shades.
These are due out tomorrow {wednesday} in Superdrug or i think they may be on Superdrug online now if you click here http://www.superdrug.com/search?text=power+pout

and online from Mua if you click here from Friday...

So here are the swatches whoop whoop......
So here are all six shades revealed from top to bottom they are called,Decorous,Supreme,Infinity,Potency,Wondrous and Unwrapped.
I chose all 6 shades because i actually like all six to be honest.
They have two lovely neutrals gorgeous purple bright pink then Rose type pink and a bright red,so great colours for everyone.
here are the swatches and they are very pigmented as only one swipe needed for this.
So i tried the other lip Velvets from Mua the whipped ones and i wasn't too keen on the formula or the smell as they did smell of car air freshener.....To be fair these too still have that hint of car air freshener smell but nothing like the whipped ones and plus the formula on these is so much more creamy and pigmented and last longer that i really love them.
I wanted to get this blog up as quick as i could so i did quick lip swatched on my phone,not great photos sorry but good enough for you to see the colours and how cute they look.
sorry about the NO Makeup but i was just doing lip swatches ♥
This is a gorgeous bright red and called Decrous.
This is called Supreme and if a gorgeous everyday pink
Here we have Infinity for a bolder brighter pink
This is Potency and a stunning plum it's just beautiful.
This is called Wondrous and a lovely everyday neutral.
Last one is Uuwrapped is a fave everyday neutral with hint of pink.

So there we have it,these are creamy not sticky and are slightly velvety but not too thick of a velvet and seem just right to me,these do not "DO NOT" dry totally on your lips or they didn't on mine,they stay creamy but not too wet,they do dry slightly but as time goes on,even if they wear away,they still actually leave a stain to your lips which is great,but i would say a creamy matte finish.
Smell puts me off slightly but not as bad the the velvet whipped ones and i can put up with it as can't taste it with these as much either,so overall i would give them 9/10 as i love them but 1% don't like the smell that much,colours are fab and feel nice on the lips.They are £3,99 each,you get 5ml in the tube and packaging is nice and bright.

Thanks for reading and i hope this helps when deciding which colours you would choose,actually would love to know in the comments too which colours you are after or would you choose them all?
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  2. Totally agree about the other MUA lipcream thingies. They were too dense and fluorescent. I really like the Powerpout acrylic and prefer these to the Rimmel Apocalips. They are longer wearing and I don't like the smell of the Rimmel product

    1. Yeah i really didn't like the other MUA ones they felt a bit patchy and stange but these are a lot better and not sticky either which is good,thanks ever so much for reading and would love you to follow if your not already,thankyou,love getting comments on my blog it means so much xx♥xx


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