Sunday, 28 June 2015

Proud & positive No Negative Nancy

Proud & positive No Negative Nancy

Hi there welcome to my blog,if your already following then welcome back or if your a new reader they hi my name is Vinny pls follow using google Friends connect or Bloglovin as it makes me soo happy to gain new followers and hope you enjoy my blogs ♥

So i thought i would do a different kind of blog today,a more personal one.I have suffered with mental health issue and depression etc for many many years ,which has always put my mind set on everything negative,nothing was ever positive and even if it was positive i would try and change it into a negative.Also because i have had a pretty crappy life too,then i expect bad things to happen to me,so if i always look on the bad side then I'm not upset right?

This is stopping or for at least while i type this blog and tell you about all the positive things i am happy about x♥x

So obviously my first thing I'm positive and happy about are my wonderful children,i have one girl nearly 4 called Teegan and baby boy who is 2 in Nov called Tayum.
They are totally my pride and joy above anything else and this is why i started with them,I'm proud of them every single day beyond belief and they are growing up way too quick.♥

Next would be my partner Jamie who I'm totally proud of,he is the best parter and best Daddy in the world to our children,he is hard working,he is gorgeous,he does loads around the house,he is understanding,he's funny...OK we have ups and downs like any other couple but on the whole he is Mr perfect and i feel lucky to have him,i could talk about him all day but his head is big enough anyway lol ♥

I'm also proud with the way I'm dealing with life at the moment,i don't have anything to do with some of my family,well both my sister actually {they have nothing to do with me rather} or my children and with no explanation either? Also most of Jamie's family don't have anything to do with us,erm why? god only knows? We have 2 beautiful children that don't even knows they have aunties and uncles or even a Nan :(
it's totally shameful on their behalf not mine,OK if they don't like me but at least keep things civil and ask about my children,but no none of them care {such nice people} not.
So yes i have my off days and get very very down about this but on the whole i try to cope with it quite well considering they decided to walk out our lives for no reason,meaning my children have nobody {cheers family}

I'm proud of being a youtuber and having this blog and how they have grown,well how my Youtube has grown over the 3 years but only recently i have been blogging a lot more.
I have had no help no shoutouts,not like i used to do for people in the past,so i have gained all my lovely subscribers/friends followers on my own which I'm so proud of.
I'm proud that you all have stuck by me and actually believe in me and can see i am a nice person,unlike my family thinking I'm a monster? I'm proud that this is my hobby as i have never really had a hobby since i was much younger and i love it.
I'm happy that it helps or sort of helps with my mental health.♥

I'm proud of my makeup collection ha ha,that would of been a bit of a no brainer not to include that wouldn't it.
I started off youtube with an OK "normal" amount and now i have an over loaded abnormal amount lol.
OK I'm a hoarder but I'm still proud of it ha ha and it will all be Teegan's once she is old enough,but then again different brands will be out and all my stuff will be old and tat so i better start using it all ha ha ♥

I'm not proud of my body or the way it looks but this body of mine has given me 2 beautiful kids so I'm proud of that.
I'm proud of going through two pregnancies and two births which were both very different,as suffering with anxiety and panic attacks makes things 10 times worse as I'm an over thinker and i worried and worried,but alas i did it hooray for me,so if i have a jelly belly then OK i like cakes but i also have gorgeous kids too ♥

I'm proud of myself that i have great manners and i have passed that on to my children {or child} as Tayum doesn't talk yet but Teegan has really amazing manners and if she forgets to use them then i do give her a reminder each time.
My mum had a very stern way when it came to manners,not just manners but things like no throwing litter and not butting into a conversation and to look up to my elders etc,so i have now passed this on to Teegan and will be teaching Tayum too and I'm really proud as she is nearly 4 and always says please and thank you and excuse me etc,so well done me ha ha ♥ {proud mummy}

I'm happy with the way i dealt with losing my parents at such a young age,i was 14 when both my parents died and they died about 6 months apart,we knew my mum was going to pass away at some point as she had cancer but nobody knew that my dad would pass away and before my mum too :(
it totally rocked my world and still does tbh.
OK i was a little shit after they died as my eldest sister and brother were put as my guardians which must have been hard for them,yes i played up and was a nightmare and came home at all hours and missed school,but some of that would be typical teenager stuff anyway,i didn't end up on the streets or on heavy drugs or i trouble with the police or anything,so yes my head was mashed,i have always felt alone.
This is not a poor me thing but I'm proud that I'm now 36 and can now actually smile,OK i still get upset of course i do,but I'm trying my best this year to improve as i have missed them and grieved for them for all this time.So far so good and I'm doing OK ♥

I'm proud that i have worked with some amazing companies on my Youtube and blog,which is a total honour for me,little old me who suffers anxiety and has really shaky hands,i would never of thought i would get the opportunity to work alongside some well know brands and lovely PR people.
All of who have been totally amazing and lovely so thank you so much i really enjoy doing what i do and I'm so glad you believe in me too and can see how passionate i am about what i do ♥

I am proud of all the lovely friends i have made through Youtube and blogging and how many nice comments messages emails i receive,for them few haters that you get then that is nothing compared to all my lovely friends and i do see you as friends,even if i was a huge youtuber i would never see you as "fans" god i hate that word lol.
I do have the best subscribers though who leave lovely comments.also not only that but so many emails,so many direct messages and comments on photos on facebook and Instagram Twitter etc,it makes me overjoyed that you leave such lovely comments,you actually care for my children more than most of mine and Jamie's family put together but hey ho that shows what cool friends you all are so thank you so much.
You are like my wider family and i love you all ♥

Last of all back to my children,they are growing up so fast and not one day passes that I'm not proud of something they do or say.Just to see them playing together melts my heart and it's funny to see them pushing each other over too,cheeky monkey's,but it's great that i have Youtube and my blog to document their lives which i have done and to share it with you guys.
When I'm proud of something they do or say then i share it with you all as it's like telling my family.
They are gorgeous kids,not sure where they get their looks,must be Jamie ha ha but i never imagined i would have such beautiful children,not sure why but they are totally perfect,i know every parent is going to say that,but they are ♥

So if i can think of anything else that makes me Happy or Proud then i will add to the list,but for now i will just say thanks for reading and would love to know from you what makes you proud? not of me lol,i mean something that makes you most proud and happy about your life,this is a happy post.
so I'm spreading happiness to each and everyone of you who reads this,thank you love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny xx♥xx

It will be lovely to look back at this post whenever i am down,just to remind me that i do have lots of postive things i my life :)

PS..Please keep my happiness going and b4 you leave pls follow and join my blog,i also have two youtube channels below,a beauty/style one and a family one too,so head on over and share some love xxxxxxx

This is a photo which makes me really happy


  1. Really loved this blog post Vinny <3 you have such a gorgeous little family and you are lovely,genuine

    1. Hi Sarah aw thanks so much gorgeous,i usually am a glass half empty person but i really wanted to try and concentrate on all the things i actually love in my life too,thanks for reading hun it means the world to me xx♥xx

  2. Really such a nice post...I like it very much..
    Anxiety Attacks

    1. Thanks somuch Jim. It's hard to looking for positive things in life sometimes, but for this post i thought i would look at the great things I'm happy with rather than always dwelling on the negative. Maybe when i think life is crap then i should come back and read again. Thanks so much xxxxx

  3. What a lovely post Vinny I am proud of my blog that I started in March and I am proud that for the first time in 10 years I have managed to decorate my kitchen without any help from anyone a couple of days ago.
    Hope your okay....

    1. Hi hun i didn't even know you had a blog so congrats i have just followed you on Bloglovin hun,aww it's nice to be able to do something for yourself isn't it,then you can stand back and admire your work,well done i'm so happy for you,we are all ok,the weather is glorious isn't it,thanks for reading,love always vinny and thanks for sharing your happy proud moments with me xx♥xx

  4. Hi Vinny. What a lovey blog post. You are such a lovey genuine person with a lovely family. I love watching your videos on both your YouTube channels. Jamie really does make me laugh 😂. Xxx

    1. Thanks hun i thought i would do a nice post as i'm usually negative really but wanted to look at what actually i should be proud of,Jamie is always happy lol,his glass over flows with postive energy,he is honestly the same as you see him on camera,a clown lol,thanks for reading and leaving such a lovely comment though as it means the world xx♥xx


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