Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Olympea Paco Rabanne from Escentual

New Olympea Paco Rabanne from Escentual

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So i thought i would blog about the new perfume called Olympea by Paco Rabanne as this is a set that i won from a giveaway on Twitter from the company

Plus before i go into this blog can i just say that Escentual has got a 20% offer going on at the moment on all products up until the 18th Aug 2015 with code  ESCENTUAL20  which is just an offer not to be missed.

Omg i was totally over the moon to win this and didn't realise i was winning the whole set,eekk i was just jumping for joy when i found out so thanks so much to escentual ♥

They sent it out to me right away and it came today {the next day} and straight away i couldn't even wait to use it and went for a bath ha ha i just couldn't wait.
Lotion200ml  plus a cute nail file as seen in the picture with the website name on :)
So the perfume is stunning,i won't go into notes of the smell as I'm no expert when it comes to telling you about notes of jasmine etc lol,i could google it or copy the website but i won't as most people don't really understand notes either,so i will just say that it's not too too sweet but also not musky and not too over powering although will last a good 5-8 hrs on my skin,i would say it's more on the sweet side but not too sickly sweet,but i think to me i can smell a hint of coconut especially when it dies down a little,well on my skin it smells like that,and i love that smell too,if you have not tried this yet then please do as i would say it's a sexy seductive smell,i own a few by Paco Robanne already so i thought i would love this too,and i do love everything about it,you can purchase in 30ml 50ml or 80ml and this above is the 50ml bottle.
The bottle is a gorgeous Laurel shape to the outer edges and with rose gold it just oozes class.
Please click the link below if you would like to find out more and purchase this item.
So i had a bath with the shower gel and only used a small amount as it bubbled up well,i didn't want to put much in as i don't want to waste it ha ha,but i also lathered it up over my body in the bath and it smelt divine,i could smell it when i got out of the bath after drying myself etc.It's so nice to have the matching smells {very posh} and smells just like the perfume, so if you would like to see more details or purchase this product then the link is below.
So above is the body lotion and aww i really creamed myself up after my bath it is pure luxury,again it smells the same as the perfume and i could smell it for a good few hours after my bath,
You don't actually need to apply too much as it spreads really nice,it's a lotion so not really buttery and thick it's more thin and milky {beautiful}
Really love the packaging and the wings and colours,it's all so girly and feminine and would look great on your dressing table or vanity.
If you would like to find out more details or want to purchase then please click below.

I'm so very thankful to Escentual as never in my wildest dreams did i think i would win,so to win this gorgeous smelling new perfume that i was thinking of purchasing anyway was a total shock,a lovely happy shock,isn't it all so gorgeous ♥♥♥
here is the link to see the whole set....

I actually didn't know how much Escentual sold,their website is amazing they sell everything from perfume,aftershave to makeup,skincare,haircare gifts and have items for women and men.
I will leave the link below as they don't just sell perfume but some amazing brands,i could spend all evening browsing and spending money i don't have ha ha,but window shopping is still good as then when next payday rolls around and you have your eye on something whoop whoop
Enjoy shopping and thanks for reading,as always love from Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny x♥x

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

So Are We A Nation of Naked Nude Neutral Natural Makeup Crazy People

So Are We A Nation of Naked Nude Neutral Natural Makeup Crazy People

Hi welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny.
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So i thought i would just have a quick chat about makeup,lol me talk about makeup  (no really ) ha ha 

Can i just ask how many neutral makeup eyeshadow palettes you own or neutral lipsticks?  If you are normal you might own 3 or 4 at a push,although if your not normal like me lol and do maybe youtube or blogging or you just love makeup then you might own tons. 

Are you getting a bit sick of the whole Naked Nude Neutral Natural thing?
I didn't think I'd ever say this but i am you know,OK I'm a collector of Urban Decay so nothing in the world would  stop me from  beating down crowds for the Naked palettes and new Naked Smoky out soon lol and also likewise I'm very fond of Makeup Revolution so i can't say no to them when they bring out new items. 

There are so so many copies of the Naked palettes though copies of Naked 1 2 and 3 and even copies of Naked basics 1 and 2.
Just off the top off my head i own dupes by Mur, mua, W7. 
Which are all great but then i also own a billion more neutral palettes. 

Which OK i should stop buying so my own fault but the adverts draw me In and just the thought of new Makeup tbh,I'm like a moth to a flame or a sucker to every makeup company who are rubbing their hands together and prob thinking, ha ha that vinny she's such a sucker and they would be right :(

Although i have stoped myself now at times and thought nope i don't actually need this. I  mean Maybelline and Loreal are a few years too late bringing theirs out, this is why i haven't bought either of  them. 

I do think people are scared of colour and i admit now I'm a bit older i prefer a neutral eye most days but omg i only have 2 eyes not 102 lol so please steer away from nude palettes makeup industry and come out with new idea's that float my boat. 

Bring back the 80s and just be done with it as I wanna start rocking wild colours for a change haha. 
No i do own loads of brights too,I'm just sick of seeing same old same old and something new needs to be born. 

This is why Makeup Revolution are my top of the pops as they do cater for a wide audience and have a wide variety at an affordable price and amazing quality.They are different from other brands that have duped the Urban Decay Naked palettes as they have also done dupes on. ...Lorac, Too Faced, sleek,Tarte just to name a few.
They are my #Dupekings that do really  tickle my pickle as do Urban Decay. 

But anyway this rambling blog is trying to point out that i think the world is nude crazy and I'm a tad bored off it.

What i would like to see are palettes made in mind of seasons; like one for autumn with golds green rustic colours and winter red, berry,chocolate brown with a hint of Christmas about it, then a pastels spring palette and a summer sunny palette with reds orange yellow etc etc lol i think you get the gist. Plus same with lipsticks. 

Please tell me your thoughts as i do think Makeup Companies have gone a bit stale on the idea's front and need some good ideas or they will just go bust or get bought out and re vamped. 

This is why is keeping on top of the game as they are actually involving themselves with the public  (like us) and actually asking what we would like to see next. 

I've never seen any other makeup brand asking what people would like to see next lol and this is where they (other brands) are going wrong, they are bringing out Makeup that they think we would like to see,or they think is bang on trend a few years too late lol grrr. 

Would love to hear from you and thanks for reading love always Littlemissstyleguru aka vinny xxxxx 

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Freedom Makeup Pro Blush & Highlight Palette Pink And Baked

Freedom Makeup Pro Blush & Highlight Palette Pink And Baked

Hi all welcome back to my blog,if you are new then hi my name is Vinny,please follow my blog with google friends connect or bloglovin,thanks as i love gaining new readers :)

So this is the new Freedom Makeup blush & highlight palette in the colour .... Pink and Baked.
They come in beautiful piano black sturdy packaging with a full size mirror inside.There are 3 different blush colours down each side then 2 larger square baked blush and highlight in the middle.
I get asked if they are the same as Makeup Revolution and although yes they are similar then no they "are not the same"
These are square which i like but the colours are different from the ones i own by Makeup Revolution,the baked highlight is the only thing i can see that i would say is the same,but don't let this deter you as omg that baked highlight is honestly to die for.
Here are the swatches....
As you can see they are very pigmented so a little goes a long way and they are all lovely  and very different colours of peachy pinks to a more berry colour bottom right,but just look at those highlight colours in the middle,i mean wow.
I know i know vinny it's only makeup lol calm down,but i love makeup so much it's my passion.
These are a mere £6.00 which is crazy and can be bought from Freedom Website or Beauty Crowd Website and both links are below for you....

Do you own anything from Freedom as yet as if you didn't know they are the Makers behind Makeup Revolution and have some Fantastic items.

Would you purchase this for £6.00 as i think it's a steal and again a massive well done to Freedom for continuing to feed my makeup habit lol
Thanks for reading as always,big hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette AFFIRMATION

Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette AFFIRMATION

Hi guys welcome to my blog,if you are new then hi my name is Vinny,please subscribe with google friends connect or bloglovin as i do love gaining new readers thanks ♥♥

So this is the "Gorgeous" palette by Makeup Revolution called Affirmation {love the name of all MUR items}
Comes in really nice packaging for the mere price of £8.00 on the Makeup Revolution website here >>> AFFIRMATION

This stunning palette is a mixture of shimmer and matte shades and is a mostly neutral palette with a few added colours like purple/plum,one side i would say is a daytime neutral but then this could easily take you into a day to night look with the smoky darker colours at the other side of palette.
Here are the gorgeous swatches swatched in rows across 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and you get 32 shades in all.

As you can see the top shades would be great for the day and the bottom shades great for a night out or bolder smoky look.
This palette for me has it all going on and more.
The pigmentation is second to none {amazing} like all Makeup Revolution palettes,the swatches above were take with no flash in daylight to see the true rich colours.

I have now used this quite a few times just like most of my MUR items I'm totally in love,probably a bit too much ha ha,but they are gorgeous and so cheap that i can't resist.

If you have never tried Makeup Revolution before then aghhh you totally must {that's an order} no I'm joking but honestly you must as they are fantastic and for the price totally hands down beat some of my high end products.

I would love to know if you own this palette or if you would love to try anything else?
Look at those colours and swoon :)
again if you would like to check out MUR then here is their website

They also sell MUR at Superdrug too here

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Love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

Monday, 13 July 2015

Do You Wear Makeup Everyday

Do You Wear Makeup Everyday
Hi all and welcome back to my blog.If you follow already then thanks but if your new then hi I'm Vinny, please follow my blog using Google friends connect or bloglovin as it makes me so happy to get new followers.

So the real reason i want you here is to find out if you're wear make up daily and or if you would leave the house without wearing makeup?

I live in a place where i don't know a great deal of people but i still do like to put a little bit on even if I'm just popping to the shop down the road,even if it's just a tinted moisturiser powder lippy and certainly my eyebrows lol.

I'm honestly not great with my brows but i was much worse in the past,so i at least like to fill them wonky buggers in before stepping out anywhere ha ha.But if I'm going into town or to an event or somewhere further than down the road then yes i usually do a full face of makeup. 

So going onto do i wear makeup daily, then from my stupidly extensive collection you would think yes.But in all honesty i never usually wear makeup at home only when I'm filming youtube videos,oh if your new i have 2 youtube channels,one for beauty/style and other is family;links are below if you would like to subscribe.

So yes i wear for filming videos once or twice a week and if we go out which isn't very often due to my crappy anxiety at home i don't bother tbh but I'd love to know if you do? 

Looking back to before i had kids then i probably wore it more often then if I'm honest.So maybe it's just I've slacked or i have not got the energy or the time.

I would love to get chance to play around with it more but I'm always so tired,looking after 2 kids and 2 bonkers kids at that is so tiresome;but then again you can tell in my appearance,gosh even Teegan my nearly 4 yr old says mummy you have really big bags under your eyes,yes thank you darling your so kind lol.

Here is me at home doing a face mask then  makeup free .......

Then here is me underneath how i usually look to go out. 

A video Below is my Makeup collection about 5 months back,so will have to do an updated one soon maybe i think xxx

So do you wear a full face when you go out? How long does it take you,i mess about listening to music lol so takes me half hour or more. Are you ashamed to go out wearing none? I'm ok if i wear a tiny bit as don't feel so naked,plus I'm 36 so not looking any younger lol.

Let me know if you do or not as I'd love to know,thanks for reading love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny xxxxx

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Freedom Eyeshadow Palette PRO 12 DREAMCATCHER

Freedom Eyeshadow Palette PRO 12 DREAMCATCHER

Hi all welcome back to my blog,if your following already then great,but if your not then hi my name is Vinny,pls subscribe using google friends connect or bloglovin,thanks all as love gaining new readers with a passion for all things beauty ♥

This is a review and swatches of the new gorgeous palette from Freedom Makeup called Pro 12 Dreamcatcher.

This is the gorgeous dreamcatcher  and has a mix of both neutral and coloured shadows which makes this very versatile and the perfect palette to take you through from day until night.
Get a subtle day time look or a pop of colour for a night out.

I now own three of these palettes and i have to say I'm astounded by the pigmentation,i love the design as they have the look of Nars,they are quite big square shadows and come with an applicator sponge.
Here is a close up of the gorgeous shades.
Look at these gorgeous metallic colours,as you can see a top row of neutrals and 2 neutrals on the bottom row and the rest are coloured,but they are not really bright,purple is stunning and the navy blue,but then i love green on my brown eyes too.
My fave colour from this palette has to be the blue and the green far right,and of course the neutrals as mixing neutral with a pop of colour looks stunning.
They are really creamy and velvety,very pigmented and wear all day really well,no fall out as such either.

I love them ♥♥♥

This is called Dreamcatcher and you will find it on the both links below,one link is the Freedom Website and other is Beauty Crowd

Do you own any of the palettes? or would you like to try them as they are only £4.00 a total bargain,let me know which one you would try??

Thanks for reading,love and hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Mutton Dressed as lamb can't Help Ageing

Mutton Dressed as lamb can't Help Ageing

Hi all welcome back to my blog or if you are new here then hi my name is Vinny,pls could you subscribe and follow my blog by either using google friends connect or bloglovin,it's so easy to do,you will see buttons everywhere or follow by email.
it makes me do a little happy eekk when i get a new follower ♥

Anyway i shall get back to the title of this blog which is mutton dressed as lamb,which we all know this means,an older person trying to dress as if they were younger {a lamb} lol
The majority of you reading my blog are probably younger but if you are older like myself and don't have a clue how to dress for your age then please come and join the club aghhh.

I'm 36 years young {old} and in my 20's i was very slim,i was a size 8 actually would you believe,so i could pretty much wear what i wanted without feeling uncomfortable or too old,so this blog is prob about wearing the wrong clothing or more so the wrong clothing for my shape maybe?

ever since i hit the age of 30 i started to feel a bit weird wearing short skirts and heels or denim shorts or the skorts that have been around for the last few years.
So I'm very conscious of what i wear and half the time i look into the mirror and feel a complete dickhead tbh.Then i get changed around 3 times usually to cover my belly which i hate with a passion.but then i look all frumpy :(

Even though i love fashion and love everything about it,i just don't like it on me,or i can't get it right,I'm a total short ass as I'm only 5"1,i used to be thin but now i feel a blob,yes my own doing,i have 2 kids and it took me ages after Teegan to lose all the weight and fair play i did,but then i put it all back on with Tayum again grrr,plus i love my food,i do exercise but half the time I'm too tired to do anything by the time the kids have gone to bed.
So above is me about the age of 20 ish full of confidence,i was thin and tanned and felt young enough to wear body con type dresses or mini skirts or short shorts etc lol
Now 16 yrs on and I'm 36 and this is me now,OK i don't look too bad in this photo,i was breathing in lol but the jeans are actually a size 14 from Zara :( i wouldn't say i was mutton dressed as lamb here but i do get very confused when I'm out shopping for clothing.
I usually see all these skimpy short tops or dresses etc but keep having to tell myself that I'm not 21 I'm 36 and I'm not a size 8 anymore with a flat tummy,more like a fat tummy.
So i end up buying some leggings or joggers and a baggy top and then i look a mess and feel rubbish.

Please tell me I'm not the only one feeling stuck in a fashion rut because of my age and changing shape.
same is happening with makeup too,although i love love love coloured shadow,i can't get away with it like i used to and it's not fair boo as i really love playing with wild looks.
I do still like to add a pop of colour though to my eyes mixed with neutral too

I really don't think Victoria Beckham has this problem as she always look beautiful and does dress for her age,but then again she is so thin and I'm not,some people are not conscious of their size and i really do applaud you for that,but I'm so very conscious i hate it ,but i love eating lol so i lose all round.

Let me know your thoughts and do you find it difficult to dress either for your age,shape or both,wouldn't it be wonderful to have our very own stylist to help us say yep that looks amazing.
Thanks for reading love always littlemissstyleguru Aka Vinny ♥

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Freedom Makeup Pro Glow review Swatches

Freedom Makeup Pro Glow review Swatches

Hi guys welcome to my blog,welcome back if you already follow or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny,please follow with either google friends connect or bloglovin as it means the world to me knowing you are an avid reader of my blogs ♥

This is a review on the new powders from Freedom called Pro Glow,they do 4 different shades at £2.50 each which is an amazingly cheap price,so of course i couldn't resist buying all four of them,i mean look how pretty they are....

So i took individual photos and then the swatch will be underneath,when i swatched them with my finger i thought oh nooo it was so pretty and now Ive mixed all the colours by swatching it,but i dusted over with a brush and it was back to normal again,such a cool pretty design,a lot of brands have done a similar design including Too Faced,Benefit and W7.
Prettiness makes all the difference to me when buying makeup.

So the first one above is called Pro Glow Purr and leaves a gentle bronze colour so not over powering at all,such a pretty shade for the summer ♥

Next is Pro Glow Roar and this is a deeper shade of brown which would make a fab bronzer or even contour shade it's gorgeous ♥

This is Pro Glow Meow and a gorgeous brown,just a lighter shade than above,so if you have more pale skin it's beautiful ♥

Last one is Pro Glow Pink cat and it's such a pretty pink blush shade with a very slight shimmer ♥

You can use them as individual colours or swirl them around which i did,i wouldn't say any of them have a huge amount of highlight at all as i thought they were going to be very shimmery but not at all,they actually seem more a matte shade to me once mixed.
Above is a photo after i had swatched them,but then i dusted with a brush and as you can see back to normal again.
They would look beautiful on your dressing table or vanity and at that price you would be mad not to grab them all.

which one do you like the look of? would you try one or get them all as i would love to know?
Do they draw you in because they are sooo pretty as that is what made me purchase them,but I'm so glad i did.
Thanks for reading and please click the links below for the Freedom website where you can purchase these or they also sell Freedom on beauty Crowd which i will also link below too.
Thanks Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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