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Bell Hypoallergenic CC Cream Makeup Review Beauty Crowd

Bell Hypoallergenic CC Cream Makeup Review

Hi all welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny,please follow my blog using google friends connect it's really easy and i love to know you are reading and keeping up to date,this makes my day so much ♥♥

Back to the review,i was kindly sent this Bell Cosmetics cc cream for free to review from Beauty Crowd {thanks so much}
If you have never heard of Beauty Crowd then it's a cool website that sell different brands but more so brands that are harder to get hold of like from the USA for example Milani,L.A.Color and L.A.Girl and my beloved Freedom Makeup too,and rumour has it that soon they will be selling Essence too,whoop whoop.

I had never heard of Bell Cosmetics until i was sent a face powder from Beauty crowd,but i was that blown away by the formula and velvet texture that i have actually hit pan on it about 2 months after receiving it,so if you know me i have tons of makeup and never hit pan on anything to be honest as i use all different thing,but that one powder was gorgeous and this is the powder i mean 
So i was excited when i was asked to review the CC cream,it is Hypoallergenic so great for sensitive skin which is a big thumbs up,it comes in different shades and mine is shade Cream nude which i have tried to show is the photos below.
Love that it's in a squeezy tube as no messing about pouring a bottle,it's just a nice design.

So this is the colour above on white paper and back of my hand,as you can see it's a great colour,this isn't rubbed in but because it's a cc cream then this actually sinks into my skin and doesn't leave a colour if that makes sense ,so it's the perfect colour as it's just to even out the skin tone which it does.

Oh and now for the scary part eekk lol,yes I'm no spring chicken I'm 36 :( lol and although people always say i have great skin,in fact i have really huge pores which i hate.
I do get the odd spots from time to time but in general my skin is OK but not so flawless due to large pores and pigmentation colour after giving birth,so this is where this creams comes into it's own as my skin in pink with brown marks in other area's {weird i know} but after using this cream the cc colour corrector cream makes it much better.
above me with no makeup lol i know i told you it would scare you,people always say my eyes look mad on photos ha ha.
Here is me with the cc cream all over and ready to go,I'm not sure why but when it comes to BB or CC creams then i do prefer to use my fingers and hands to rub it in as it's more like moisturiser to me than foundation so makes more sense ♥
This is straight after applying the cream,no powder nothing just the cream,it doesn't have any coverage to be honest,it's not thin as it's actually very creamy and not too greasy but more a matte i would say as sinks into my skin lovely,so hopefully you can see some difference between the No makeup first photo and this photo,not loads of difference but i have to admit it has evened out my skin and now it's all the same colour :)
This photo is after concealer under my eyes and powder on top,the powder i mentioned above and i was really happy with the outcome as some days you just don't want it all thick and cakey,especially now I'm older so less is more as they say.
I wasn't actually going out this day i was just testing out lol but i thought i would add contour,bronzer and blush too,just to give you a better picture that actually you don't need a full on foundation some days,you just need a good BB or CC cream ♥
Ha ha totally a different colour photo sorry but lighting can be a pain grrr,this was the same day but about 6 hours later and to me it still looked the same only it had gone oily on my T-Zone by evening but i have never tried a foundation or anything that ever stops my oil from coming through,so all in all I'm really happy with this gorgeous cc cream and i thought it looked really nice after the initial scary photo hee hee {didn't do brows as wasn't going out}

The last two photos above are another day as i thought i would test it out properly as then i could give you a true feeling,lighting is silly in my house sorry,one was taken in the bedroom but last one in the bathroom where it is really bright.

But i can honestly say while i have no spots then i might be leaning towards using more CC or BB creams instead of full on foundation as it's felt really nice and fresh the whole day,OK now I'm typing this really late and it's oily again but i would expect that from a full day's wear,it doesn't go blotchy though unlike some foundation which is fab.

If you want coverage then i would say this isn't for you,but if you are starting back to school or older like myself or just can't be bothered with cakey foundation then please check this out.

I'm totally loving Bell Cosmetics at the moment.if you would love to try this CC cream then please click the link below
Also if you didn't know,Bell Cosmetics do a whole range so check them out here

Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoyed this full on photo review as i really enjoyed trying this out and loving it,as always thanks for reading Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

If you would like to check out other brands that Beauty Crowd do then please click here to see what else they have to offer ♥

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  1. Hi Vinny, just to let you know - Bell Cosmetics is a Polish company, they have very good quality make up and very affordable. I was positively suprised to see them on Beauty Crowd. I love your blog and yt channel, by the way, already subscribed :-) Keep up the good work! XOXO

    1. HI aw thanks i didn't know they were polish,i really love everything i have tried from them upto now,really great quality makeup actually,i would buy again for sure,thanks again for following and watching too,that means the world thanks hun you learn something new everyday cheers for that xx♥xx


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