Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dupe Alert Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette vs Sleek Acid Palette

Dupe Alert Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette vs Sleek Acid Palette

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So i really enjoyed taking photos for this blog it was fun and colourful.These are the most colourful eye shadow palettes i own and boy are they bright,to some this may seem a bit scary but nooo not to me as i love colour.
This is the Makeup Revolution Acid Brights VS Sleek Acid.
so the colours would be great for so many things,for a party or rave or festival look or a full on gorgeous bright summer's day eye,but i have been using it more and more just to add a pop of colour to a neutral eye which looks fantastic just to add that something extra to your normal everyday eye look.

I have done the swatches in two rows as shown in the sleek palette,so top and bottom row.
so just the same as the palette the Makeup Revolution swatches are at the top and Sleek to the bottom.
Pretty similar right??
Same as above MUR swatches on top and Sleek to the bottom.
Again most colours spot on or very close.

So my thoughts on both palettes as i love Sleek but i also Love Makeup revolution now even more because of the price and quality of products on offer.
Some of the Sleek colours were more pigmented and then on other swatches the Makeup revolution were more pigmented,so both pretty similar,although i did actually have to work a little harder at the Sleek because of the rough bumpy texture to the top of shadows

Sleek is £7.99 and they are available at Superdrug or on the Superdrug website although i have checked and they are not stocking the Sleek Acid palette so hard to get hold of.

But instead for £4.00 and pretty much a fab dupe give or take a few colour differences,then the Makeup Revolution is a great alternative and available here on the Makeup Revolution Website

Or here if you check out the palettes on Superdrug

Don't ever be scared of colour,be daring and express yourself,even if it's a pop of colour then it looks amazing,so would you buy this palette or do you own it already?

Are you like me now and steer more towards Makeup Revolution instead of Sleek? as i do now tbh.
Thanks so much for reading as always,love from Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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