Sunday, 2 August 2015

Makeup Revolution MERMAIDS FOREVER Palette Review & Swatches

Makeup Revolution MERMAIDS FOREVER Palette Review & Swatches

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This is a review of the Makeup Revolution MERMAIDS FOREVER Palette and i love the colour of the packaging to this,it just screams buy meee please,i love the colour teal....
This palette contains mainly shimmer colours but what stunning colours they are,i have taken the swatches with no flash so you can see the true colour,some of the colours look very similar on the swatch photos but they are not,they are very pigmented and beautiful shades,they have some neutral ones too so not just colour
As you can see from the photo above they have done the colours in rows going down to compliment each other,first row being neutral then second peach orange shades then pinky plum then purples then blue etc etc so each row running down really do go well together.
I should have really swatched them like that but i hope you can see by the photo and from the swatches.

Some of the colours above look really similar but they are different it was just the lighting was going,if you look at the palette you can see that the colours are different,those blue's greens and brows are stunning as is the burnt orange colour and i love purple too,so this palette ticks all boxes.
Again another winner as always from my beloved Makeup Revolution.

Do you own this palette? as they do quite a few 32 shade palettes now for the bargain price of £8.00 which i think is amazing,
If you would like to purchase this palette or see what other 32 palette's they do then please click the link below....

I did a review on the 32 shade Affirmation palette too if you would like to click here and see swatches of that too it's beautiful if you are more into neutral shades....

Did you know they also sell Makeup revolution in Superdrug,i will leave the Link below for you to browse too....

Thanks once again for reading as it means the world,can you tell Makeup Revolution are my Favourite drugstore brand,well if you are like me then great as there will be lots more blogs to come soon,plus if you didn't know I'm also on Youtube with two channels,one being Beauty/style and other a family type one,so i will leave both links below if you would like to pop over and subscribe ♥

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  1. Swatches look lovely hun, thanks for your posts and your help and advice about the other palette xx

    1. Thanks so much Lisa it is so hard to get swatches sometimes even in daylight grrr,i tend not to do in videos now but sometimes it can be a total pain for a blog but i try,these colours are much nicer i think in real life,i love how buttery they are,thanks for reading xx♥xx


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