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Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette Review

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette Review

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So this is my review on the Makeup revolution Ultra Base Corrector palette which i have now used for a few weeks.
 I got a similar palette to this from Amazon a while back and loved it but that had no brand as such and i think this one is even better,so I'm really chuffed my favourite brand have done this one.
Here are the colours and each are very creamy to the touch,this would suit quite a few skin tones as a lot of the colours would go underneath foundation not on top,like the green would go under your foundation etc.

There are eight shades in total and all have different uses when it comes to applying to the face as all the colours do and act in different ways.
Colours explained
Pink brightens so if your face is looking a bit dull and needs that brighter look under the eyes then this is a great one to use.
Lavender neutralises yellow tones,so if you have different pigmentation's in your skin {like me} as since giving birth my skin tone is very different so a good one to even out the skin tone.
Green neutralises redness and helps with rosacea or red inflamed spots,i don't suffer with red skin only a few red spots now and then, but i know loads of friends and youtubers and my subscribers who do,so this will be a god send for them.
So the last colour on top row is described as orange which neutralises blue tones,and where do we get blue tones you might ask? well under your eyes as in your bags as i know mine are a dark blue purple colour as i suffer really bad bags.

Bottom row is firstly peach which helps with discolouration to the skin,so again any pigmentation or your skin tone needs to be evened out then this is great.
White brightens and highlights,this is not a matte white but a lovely shimmery white to highlight cheeks bones or even add over foundation for a lovely glow to your face as it's not too shimmery.
Next colour is cream although i would say it's more a yellow and this also cover any dark purple area's,so if you don't find one to work under your eyes then another might or even suit your skin tone more.
Last colour is described as brown but to me is more of a salmon colour,this is meant to be for medium to dark skin tones and to cover Ashiness.I have pale skin myself and i have used this under my foundation to cover dark circles and it's fab.

So i hope this has helped a little to explain what the colours are meant for,although you may find one colour works for something and another works for something totally different.
Either way this is a great palette.
I don't use this palette on a daily basis but if i was going somewhere special or my skin needed extra help that day due to lack or sleep or big red spots then i have reached for it quite a few times now.
here are the swatches
These were taken right by the window so very bright and on the inside of my very pale arm.

My thoughts are that it is a total bargain with a creamy texture and would be ideal to add to your makeup collection
and it's ever so cheap at £6.00
You can buy this from the Makeup Revolution website and i think they might actually have in some superdrugs now too,so i will leave both links below.

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