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What To Expect When Your Child Turns 4 Years Old

What To Expect When Your Child Turns 4 Years Old

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So i thought i would veer away from Beauty and Makeup for this one and have a mummy topic for a change.
So my daughter Teegan turned 4 last week on the 7th Aug 2015,so i thought i would just do a blog on my thoughts and how she has changed so much over the years and ups and downs.
so here is me and my gorgeous stunning Teegan....
She is totally my whole world,her and her little brother Tayum are the best things since sliced bread and make my life totally complete,i really can't believe that 4 years have flown by so quick before my eyes,she is not my baby girl anymore :(
Although of course she is,she will always be my baby girl but she is not a baby baby if that makes sense.
Here is how she has changed,aww i miss all those cute pink baby grows and frilly dresses.

Although saying that it's been so lovely to watch her grow and learn and come out with new things.
Teegan is a total character and very  funny,i think she takes after her Daddy as he is a complete nut case he's funny and daft and the kids love him to bits.
I think all children grow and learn at different times,i think Teegan is really advanced for her age but her brother is 2 in November and still doesn't talk,so she was a lot more advanced than he is at that age,but I'm not worried about her brother {Tayum} as yet as i do think all kids learn different things and progress at different stages.

So if you are a mummy or daddy worrying about your little one not keeping up with the Jones next door
{i think that is a saying lol}
But if you are worried about them not doing certain things at certain milestones then please try not to worry.

I signed up to Bounty when Teegan was a baby and always get the email when they turn a different age and what you should expect from your baby at this age,so i don't think reading helps or reading or hearing other Mums or Dads saying, oh my little one can recite the alphabet backwards and has done since they were 2 and they can play the piano and paint like Picasso ha ha

So if you are a parent like this then "stop" it's amazing and all good that we praise our children and of course we think they are the best but you must remember all children are different,
so please don't ,before you open your mouth to another parent don't say stuff such as...

How old are they? What and they still have a dummy?

Breast is best but you chose to bottle feed why?

Aww bless still not talking,my little one was talking at 3 months but I'm sure they will learn soon.

You shouldn't be leaving them cry for that long it's not right.

You use what form of punishment? Oh i have never used the naughty step as don't believe in all that it's wrong.

Wow your little one is very naughty isn't she/he

My little one walked at 11 months so nearly 2 years old and not walking is ridiculous.

You shouldn't be giving your child sweets or orange it makes them hyper.

They go to bed far too late,my sweetie is in bed by 7pm.

Still in nappies and not potty/toilet trained yet? that's very odd for their age i think,maybe you need to get them seen.

You shouldn't co sleep with your child as that is wrong!!

Just Stop

OK some of the thing above i wouldn't do like co sleep etc but please stop before your blurt any of this out to a parent as none of it is wrong or any of our business,they are not going to be still co sleeping at 15 years old are they lol,so each parent has their own ways of raising their children,we all learn from mistakes along the way.
My goodness it's hard being a mum or dad and babies do not come with a hand book,we are all in the same boat.

Some days are amazing and other days you could break down into a heap and just cry,there are lots of things we all must stress about as parents and mostly are we doing it right.
Are we making the right choices,well if they feel right for you and your family then carry on doing what you are doing.

Teegan starts school next month and I'm thinking about it with each day that passes,i think it's going to be a big shock to the system.
We have been together everyday since i gave birth and i have only been away from her when i gave birth to Tayum which was very hard as we are a very close bonded family.

She isn't clingy and is looking forward to school as she enjoyed nursery and she just wants to make a friend i think,plus i want her to make a friend too.
She has Tayum and it's so gorgeous to  see as they love each other so much,but it's funny when they fight too hee hee.
I think he is just too young for her to play with though as he just wants to chew on cars and throw them and she wants to play with play doh although Tayum eats it lol.

Teegan is actually still in pull ups and i was worried and still am about school and how she will cope as she has a bowel problem,it is getting better but she needs help with the toilet as pull ups are so hard to actually pull up and down along with trousers etc.
So yes I'm worried already about that.

She is going through the green eyed monster stage,asking me if i love Tayum her brother more than her,and if i shout at her she will punish herself by slapping herself on the head or biting herself,although me and her dad just make light of it and fun of her saying how silly she looks,rather than shouting at her.

She used to be amazing at sleeping but now she wakes in the night scared of the dark? she has never been afraid of the dark,but suddenly now is,then she is awake very early in the morning so i don't get much sleep at all.

She has totally come on leaps and bounds and I'm proud of what she has learnt and most of all I'm proud of her manners as i have brought her up to have great manners as my mum drummed manners into my head and I'm so glad she did now,so i want to do the same with these pair too.

She is so funny she makes up her own little stories which make me laugh,she has even made up her own word but she made that up when she was about 2 yrs old and she calls everyone a "slauncher" we have not got a clue what it means it's just a funny name that instead of calling people a wolly she has made up the name slauncher lol ?

She has been really freaking me out recently talking about years ago when i wasn't there and didn't know her??
You know when i had that other mummy and daddy,not you mummy but another one with short hair that sticks up and my daddy had black hair.
{in my head I'm thinking OK you are freaking me out a little here}
so yes she is mad bonkers funny and both my children are the same but also very different in the mannerisms and the way they have learnt things at different paces.
Yes look at these pair of slaunchers,how cute are they hee hee,they look nothing like me and just like daddy,I'm the proudest mummy in the world though and it might look like butter would melt here.
When in fact Teegan can be a total handful and Tayum cries eats or drinks all day and when he hasn't got food he cries lol
A lady came up to me in Asda the other day when Tayum was screaming and said don't worry love i have had this all day today with this one so i know how you must be feeling,but just to let you know your a great mum and keep doing what you are doing.
I nearly actually cried as most people do look down their noses at you if your child is screaming but she actually didn't and was really nice about it,i could of hugged her.

Teegan is such a picky eater,she never used to be but when they are little i think they eat most things but she is doing better than she used to,she oddly enough loves fruit and eats loads of it and loves peas and sweetcorn and is liking potatoes now so I'm happy about that as she used to be very difficult.
So this is my wild family that i wouldn't change for the world,ha ha i know bonkers right?
but we do have fun and i never want to be a boring parent,so both myself and Jamie get stuck in and do silly things with the kids as we are big kids ourselves.

So my beautiful Teegan I'm going to miss you when you start school next month and not just for the day but your whole life now,well not quite life that sounds bad,but until you are a teenager and beyond.
I will read this back in years to come and show you how much mummy and daddy think the world of you and Tayum.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for reading such a long blog and if you are a parent and you are having a tough time,then remember behind closed doors we all are,it may look like Freddy or Thelma down the road are so so clever and are always such good children,but we all go through the same things and the same worries and concerns {Freddy and Thelma} are made up names BTW lol ha ha.

I bet that you are doing right by you children and doing a cracking job of being a parent so don't be so harsh on yourself.
That goes to mums dads,stepmothers and stepfathers and foster parents or grandparents or guardians,anybody that has to look after a baby toddler or child deserves a medal as it is difficult but very very rewarding.

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Here is Teegan on Youtube turning 4

Thanks for reading Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny xx♥xx


  1. Cute photos :)
    Maria V.

  2. Aww lovely blog- and I couldn't agree more about how people need to stop comparing their children to someone else's. You are a brill mum, can't wait to see Teegan and Tayum hit puberty and that's when things will get even harder! Ha ha sending my love Xx

    1. aw thanks for readinf Charley,as a parent you do compare between your own children which you shouldn't really,like Tayum can't talk as yet as Teegan was saying loads at his age,although Tayum started walkibng b4 Teegan so swings in round abouts,it's just when other parents or non parents say to you,wow she's still got a dummy my little one gave that up when she was 1,or wow still not sleeping through the night,my freddy has slept straight through since he was's like having a dig so i don't know why people who do that as we are all trying our best.Thanks that means a lot and omg don't freak me out lol puberty,i'm not thinking that far ahead,just her starting school next month is worrying me and Tayum humping our legs like a dog kind of worries me too ? lol not sure what's going on with him ha ha, aw that little baby you taught how to dance is now growing up xx♥xx

    2. oh Teegan doesn't have a dummy btw lol i was just talking in general about what other people shouldn't judge on xx♥xx


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