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Why i Love Makeup Revolution from Littlemissstyleguru

Why i Love Makeup Revolution

Hi all welcome back to my blog,if you are new then hi my name is Vinny,please follow using either google friends connect or bloglovin,it's easy and makes me so happy to know you enjoy reading my blogs thanks ♥

So why do i love Makeup Revolution so much?
Makeup Revolution first came onto the scene well over a year ago now and i subscribed to them right away on twitter before most people even knew about them i think and they now follow me too on all social media.

I also loved Mua and knew the owner of Makeup Revolution Adam Minto used to run Makeup Academy too,although "not anymore" that was his past and this is his future and what a future he has made for  himself,he is now Director of two thriving companies,one being Makeup Revolution and the other is the new brand Freedom Makeup London.

In such a short Period of time Mr Minto has achieved huge things with Makeup Revolution,the first stand was opened in the UK just 13 months ago and since then MUR is now in 25 different countries and still growing,and have just concurred America too going into over 250 Ulta Beauty stores and the Ulta Beauty Website too
 {well done}

Makeup Revolution have a website with a huge variety of items which I'm totally obsessed with,they have hundreds of products to choose from and keep bringing out new products and fresh idea's every few weeks,not great for my bank balance but cheaper and better quality than other brands i have tried check them out here
also on Superdrug here

They have gone above and beyond what i expected when they first started out,they have now overtaken MUA on Facebook and Instagram
They also have own Twitter page too so please go and Follow and Like thanks ♥

Don't get me wrong i still love Makeup Academy and all the other drugstore brands and high end brands but MUR actually believed in me and sent me some products out to review.
Obviously it's not about the products and before MUR i had already worked with W7Cosmetics and Miners Cosmetics too
so if you could see the amount of Makeup in my collection then you would know for me it's nothing to do with getting
 "free makeup" as i have tons aghhh,it's about being PROUD to work with a company.Feeling proud when i stand in Superdrug and think aww i am part of the revolution,i was actually over the moon when they had their first birthday and sent me a selection of Cake pops made of cute MUR items in cake form,they just came through the post and i had no clue,very shocked and happy.

I have actually helped so many people in Superdrug as i try to listen to what they are saying ha ha{very nosey},I'm so so shy and don't really talk to people but when it comes to Makeup Revolution i sometimes suggest things for them when i hear a conversation,so that makes me proud too :)
I also did a £50 MUR giveaway on my Youtube Channel which MUR provided the prize for so again i was chuffed about that.

Yes i have Purchased the majority of my Makeup Revolution Collection myself because I'm an addict but they have also sent me bits too which is lovely,again it honestly for me has nothing to do with Makeup,well obviously it does as i love it lol but more to do with the fact that i feel a part of The Revolution.
Who would think little old me would work alongside a brand in Superdrug and I'm featured on the Makeup Revolution Youtube Channel,i love it more when they will just send me something out of the blue through the post that i wasn't expecting as then i feel they value my opinion and can see how much people love MUR on Youtube Instagram etc,but if you are still not sure why i love them then,it's because of the wonderful comments i get and i have gathered them together to show the lovely comments i get on my videos and Instagram etc....♥♥

Oh yes i have been busy screen shooting lots of comments so if you are one of these people then thank you it makes me so happy that you love them too and that i have convinced you to go out and try these products yourself,there is way more comments than this but i would have been there forever.

This comment is rather special to me though ♥
Thanks Adam,i always see you working hard on twitter Instagram facebook and re tweeting and re posting people's photos and Same as how hard Jackie works too as i know she is always busy and must be run off her feet with emails comments and direct messages.

I have honestly never seen a Makeup company push themselves and work as hard as you guys do,you involve the public 
{so us who purchase your makeup brand} you involve us in decisions on what we would like to see next etc which i think is fantastic as what other lazy Makeup Companies do that? they just guess what we would like to see,and this is prob why you have come so far as everyone behind Makeup Revolution works so hard in supporting their customer and bbloggers and youtubers.

Anyway guys i will leave you with my MUR collection video and i have even bought more since this {addict i know}
Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.
If you have never tried Makeup Revolution then you totally must it's an order by Vinny hee hee,no honestly they are very cheap and affordable and fantastic quality,plus they are my Dupe Kings as they have done so many Dupes for popular brands such as Urban Decay,Too faced,Lorac,Tarte,Sleek,Mac and probably more,so if that Too faced choc bar palette is too expensive or the Urban Decay Naked palettes then look no further as Makeup Revolution have probably got what you are looking for

Thanks ever so much for reading and i could go on forever about them but i won't ha ha because i know you already know by my video's that I'm in love with them,plus your comments just make me smile from ear to ear thanks
Love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

PS.... will also be doing a blog on my fave items to choose from them at some point too so make sure you follow my blog to keep up to date with my posts thanks.

Do you own any Makeup Rev and do you love as much as me xx♥xx

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