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Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels Eyeshadow Palette Review Swatches

Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels Eyeshadow Palette Review Swatches

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This is a review for the huge 32 shade eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution called Eyes Like Angels.

I am totally in love with Makeup Revolution anyway and this just adds to my addiction.
As you can see you get a mixture of neutral and coloured shimmer shades.
They are mostly shimmery shades and some are like a matte but with glitter in them too as you will see by the swatches.

I have taken swatches without flash then wish flash so you can see the shimmer here are the first two top rows of shades.

This is without flash ...
This below is with flash

before i go any further i just have to say these are the most pigmented gorgeous eye shadows ever,i was swatching Urban Decay on the same day and actually found these to be more pigmented and soft,it's like they are a cream but a dry cream if that makes sense as they are so very soft just like butter i think I'm in love ♥♥♥

so here are the next two rows of colours and again without and with flash to show you the difference.

This is without flash....
This below is with flash..

so you can very simply do the most stunning eye with these shades and you get a staggering 32 colours for just £8.00
so a neutral eye or colourful eye can be done from this one palette.
Do you like matching your outfit to your makeup??
because i do and i wore a green top the other day,so i used this palette and used a mixture of green on my eyes and the subtle peach colour in my crease from the first row of palette.
This is the photo....

Makeup Revolution have done quite a few 32 shade palettes now and if you want to grab this one or any other then please click the link below.....

also Superdrug sells MUR so here is the link to browse too

Here are another two palettes from the Ultra 32 shade range,click below to check out swatches of Mermaids Forever palette and the Affirmation Palette too ♥♥

I did a collection Video on Youtube a while back of my MUR collection but i'm totally hooked so i now have even more,aghhh help addiction at it's best lol,but at these prices and this good quality can you blame me? I have never said a drugstore brand is just as good if not better than Urban Decay before but i totally can with Makeup Revolution,they are smooth creamy,blend really well and if i could talk to you all day about them i would ha ha.
Totally my favourite drugstore brand bar none.

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  1. This is my most used and most favourite palette from MUR, its just so pretty!
    New follower here! I'm following on GFC :)

    Brogan xx

    1. Hi Brogan aww thanks so much hun for following that means so much,it's beautiful isn't it,do you own any of the other 32 shade ones as they are all amazing i think and some of the most buttery shadows i have ever tried tbh.
      thanks again for reading hun xx♥xx


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