Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Makeup Revolution Super Wow Stick Review & Swatches

Makeup Revolution Super Wow Stick Review & Swatches

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This is a review of the whole collection of Super Wow high Gloss sticks from Makeup Revolution.

So these are them and i didn't purchase these for a while because of the fact it said high gloss,I'm not into gloss loads but then after reading about them i realised they were not as glossy as i though,so i purchased two to begin with and fell in love ,so then i bought the rest,i would say these are totally matte not gloss in the slightest,but i love matte lips and if they are too drying then you can add a little balm,but matte lips means you can drink eat kiss or anything you want and it won't budge {which is fab}
The only thing that is a pain is that they don't appear to have the colour names on the actual sticks,they are on the outer packaging.
But this won't matter tbh if you don't do blogging or youtube like myself as i like to know the names of things.
I love how they look with the black sticks and Super Wow printed in pink,makes them really stand out.
They wind up from the bottom so no need for a sharpener yay.
Here they are more close up and as you can see you have a great selection of shades from very bright pink to mid tone pink,lighter pink,nude orange and what a fab selection for all year around.I used a little balm on top on mine last time so it wouldn't be so drying,but it still stayed on for hours :)
I have swatched and named each one of them for you so you know which one you are purchasing from the website,I'm not sure which is my fave? I love Sunday Girl,Dreaming,and Maria but then i love them all hee hee ♥ which ones would you choose? as i would love to know,and if you would like to purchase these for only £2.99 each then please click the link below...

They are so cheap yet such fab quality and I'm so glad i bought the whole set as they can now sit in a pot on my dressing table :)
As always thanks for reading and comments make me even happier
love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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