Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Freedom Makeup Pro Cream Strobe Palette Review & Swatches

Freedom Makeup Pro Cream Strobe Palette Review & Swatches

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So this is a review of this gorgeous new release palette from Freedom Makeup Called Pro Cream Strobe palette,now you get a lot of bang for your buck in this one palette,this is only £10 and is a cream palette with highlight and contour shades which are all matte creams {no shimmer}
The palette is a sturdy black palette with huge mirror and it does remind me of the Lorac Pro Contour palette but in a cream,so a "dupe" if you like,although i would say the packaging of the Freedom looks much better.

How can i go any further though without mentioning the gorgeous brush,now this brush is shamazing,it is just the right size and shape to contour and highlight,it's ever so soft on the skin and is cute too ♥♥

I mean how gorgeous is that and you can see how soft yet dense enough the bristles are {obviously cruelty free}
Just a great shape size and weight to work with.

It shows you on the box a demo and gives the shade names on the box too...

So above are the swatches how you see them in the palette and taken right by the window no flash,the first top shade is called beige highlight,then yellow highlight and then just highlight at the end,these top shades are fantastic for different skin tones,i have found myself using the first shade and last shade most...
Bottom row are then the contour shades called light contour then deep contour then medium contour at the end,as you can also see by the shade range then these are ideal for pale skin or darker skin i think,i prefer a mix of the two first colours on myself and as with all cream products they are so easy to blend,very soft and smooth on the skin.

I used to be quite scared of cream contouring,i really really love highlighting and use it all the time but i did once shy away from cream contour but practise makes perfect,and to be honest this gorgeous little brush does all the hard work for you and gives you that chiseled cheek effect.

Finally for £10 i think this is totally worth the money and have now tried it a few times to get the feel for it,i really do like the look it gives,you can leave it quite dewy or if your like me and prefer to add powder then that will matte out your face and make it last longer throughout the day.
You can grab yours now on the Freedom website or from Superdrug,i will leave the links below ....

If you are one of the lucky ones then you may have freedom already in or soon to be going into your local Superdrug store,plus if you are a total mad Makeup Revolution and freedom Makeup Fan like myself then you will want to keep up to date with new products launching and read more blogs and youtube etc....if this is you then pls give my new Facebook fan page a big like as we are heading on up to nearly 100 likes so a huge thankyou if you are one of these kind people :) share the love and come join or mad community hee hee,come say hi and have a chat ♥

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

New Release Freedom Makeup Pro Highlight Diffused & Ambient

New Release Freedom Makeup Pro Highlight Diffused & Ambient

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Here is a review of the two new highlight shades from Freedom Makeup,these are only £3.00 each so an amazing price.
They are in sturdy packaging and i love the wave detail to the powder with Freedom embossed into the powder too.

These two powders might look the same in the pan but they are actually slightly different colours which i have tried to show on the swatches.
This one above is taken with no flash,so as you can see the one of the left is more of a bronze and the one on right is a pinker shade
This was taken with the flash and if you don't like much shimmer then these are the ones for you,as they might look like MUR but they are so different,these are much finer milled powder and don't give much of a shimmer,so such a subtle sheen ♥
The one on the left so the more bronzed colour slightly darker is called... Ambient and then the one on the right the softer pink shade is called diffused .

I really love these so much and would use when i didn't want much shimmer,i love highlight but i think sometimes you only need a slight bit and these would be perfect :)
do you own them or would you buy them? as for £3.00 they are a must,total and utter bargain,here is the link below to the Freedom website ....

They also now sell Freedom on Superdrug so pls check them out below and they are in some Superdrug stores too ....

Thanks ever so much to Freedom Makeup for the Blogger Pr sample

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Makeup brushes Review

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Makeup brushes Review 

Hi all and welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny.If you are already a follower then thanks but if not then pls follow via google friends connect or bloglovin as it means the world to me,and thanks to all my new followers too ♥♥

so as you can see this is a review of the new Makeup revolution Ultra Metals makeup brushes and yes before i go any further they do look very similar to a particular Bold Metals from Real Techniques.
So yes they are a dupe,i only own 1 from the Bold metals Real Techniques range which is the flat contour brush so i can only compare that.

These are a fraction of the price of real Techniques and totally amazing quality,i was actually *BLOWN AWAY* by how amazingly soft and sturdy these feel.
I bought the whole set from the Makeup Revolution website as you do hee hee.
But I'm so sooo happy i did as I'm chuffed to bits :)

So they arrived in clear boxes as they are sold separately too if you just want to maybe try one or two.
The first thing that caught my eye is the obvious stunning rose gold metal finish and how pure white the bristles were {beautiful}

I think you can probably see from the photo above just how soft they are,i actually thought they might be a bit poor quality but BOY WAS I WRONG....i couldn't love these brushes more,good job MUR as always you have come up trumps ,they are all made of the finest synthetic hairs so { Cruelty Free } and like i mentioned to THE BOSS we just need the matching eye set now as that would be awesome to get like a 12 piece eye set if they were as good quality as this ♥

so lets start with the big fluffy brush which is called the Ultra Flawless Powder Brush. I'm not sure about you but i use brushes for anything and not usually for what it suggests on the box. This can be used with any form of powder though,i wouldn't say liquid or foundation.
But i could easy use this for face powder,bronzer or blusher,might be a little big for a blush brush but for powder or bronzer then it's fantastic.
They are a lovely weight to the handle,being made of rose gold metal then it does give them a slight weight but not too much,just perfect in my eyes and you couldn't get softer bristles and plus they all have Makeup revolution embossed into the metal which looks gorgeous.
Check it out below....

Next is a smaller brush but just as stunning and soft and called The Ultra Sculpt brush,this brush for me would be totally perfect for buffing in contour into your cheek bone area or i would even use as a blush brush or highlight brush too,so again could be used as multi purpose.
Check this one out below....

Next up is a brush i own already from Real Techniques so i wanted to see how they compared,this is called The Ultra Flat Contour brush.
I would say this is a slight bit smaller than the RT Flat contour brush and also shorter bristles so a tad more sturdy and dense,but i would say just as soft to be honest,only time will tell to see how they both last and wash etc.
So as i do with my RT one i would use this for the start of my contour before buffing it in with the smaller brush above.This gives that precise cut just under the cheek bone and i would also use this with either powder or cream as could be used for both.
Small cute lovely weight,love the design,check this out below...

The next brush is the only eyeshadow brush,hence me asking for them to do a whole set of shadow brushes :) this is called The Pointed Crease Eyeshadow brush,i wouldn't say it was pointed but what i will say is that it's a perfect crease brush and a great size too,or if you wanted to be more adventurous then you could use this to contour down your nose or i think even under eye concealer too,so a good all round brush i think,oh how i want a whole pot full of these on my dressing table :)
Check it out below....

So the last brush i was really intrigued about as this is a total dupe for the RT triangle foundation brush,so this is called Ultra Contour Foundation brush.
It is cut in a perfect crease triangle style.
I don't own a brush anything like this so i really can't wait to try this,i have not tried it as yet but you can't get any softer,i did think it would be more dense and the bristles would be more stiff but instead it is very flexible,until i use properly then i can't comment but it certainly does get into those hard to reach area's as goes straight into corner of eyes,around ears and hair line with ease.
Seems fantastic and i can't wait to do a video review :)
check it out below,so very pretty ....

So they are all 5 of the brushes and Makeup Revolution i could kiss you,just what we needed,as don't get me wrong i love my Real Techniques they do outstanding brushes and i also love Sam and Nic Pixiwoo too.But when they brought out Bold Metals i could only afford one to be honest and did i really need the others if they were that expensive?? no prob not.
But did i need these because they were so cheap,a fraction of the price and a dupe,then i certainly well did lol,i can totally justify getting these and the price i paid which for the Set was £34.95 because i bought them together on the MUR website, i will leave the link below....

But they also do sell them single from Superdrug underneath here....

so just to sum these up in 7 words it would be....
{sounds like i'm talking about my ideal man} ha ha

Do you need these in your Life? just take a look at the photo's and you decide....

Just a quick tip YOU DO NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE,honestly i know i always speak highly of Makeup revolution but these are tremendous and are much better quality than their original brushes,,
Thanks so much for reading,as always love and hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Freedom Makeup Pro Creme & Highlight Palette Review Swatches

Freedom Makeup Pro Creme & Highlight Palette Review Swatches

Hi all and welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny.If you are already a follower then thanks but if not then pls follow via google friends connect or bloglovin as it means the world to me,and thanks to all my new followers too ♥♥

So here we have a review of this new release from Freedom Makeup called the Pro highlight Palette this contains 6 cream to powder highlighters and 2 powder highlight illuminates.
This comes in the usual sturdy Freedom packaging with huge full size mirror {bonus}
you get 3 creamy highlighters either side,these are extremely creamy but once applied they smooth out into a powder type formula.
Then just in case that wasn't enough you get 2 very big square shaped highlight powders in the middle which illuminate the face.

I don't usually like mixing powder with cream in the same palette but it comes with a clear plastic covering to protect them and in this case is an exception as this is one stunning palette and all that for a mere £6.00.
Check it out here on the Freedom website

here we have a close up and as you can see the cream highlighters are very metallic and the powders are a gorgeous baked style.

I think this would suit all skin tones as one side is very light and other side is more bronzed,plus you have a pale and bronzed baked powder too.
I have taken photo's with and without flash to give you an idea of the shimmer they produce when they catch the light.

So here are swatches of the creams to the left of the palette,isn't that silver so different it's very beautiful indeed.

These are now the two powders in the middle section of palette,so great for pale or darker skin tones.

Again here are the creams to the right side of palette,and i do think my favourite is that middle pink highlight,wow it's a gorgeous colour,totally beautiful.

I don't own so many cream highlighters so this was fab to try and i love it,on myself it lasts all day but most makeup does,i do love highlight all year around though as i think it gives you that fresh wide awake healthy look,or great for when your skin is feeling a bit dull.

So do you already own this or would you purchase it as for £6.00 I'm totally in love,the pigmentation is spot on,these are available on the website and soon to be going into some Superdrug stores too.

Here is a list of the Superdrg stores that will be stocking Freedom up to now.

Pls give the facebook page a like while you are there as it would mean the world thanks again here it is ....

Beauty Crowd website also sells a wide range of freedom products too,so please check them out here

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

New Mua Metallic Liquid Lips Swatches Blog Review

New Mua Metallic Liquid Lips Swatches Blog Review

Hi there and welcome back to my blog or if you are new here then hi my name is Vinny .I would love you to follow my blog as it's my hobby and passion and I love making new friends.

So this is a blog on the new Metallic Liquid Lips by Mua Cosmetics.

I thought i would do a blog review and a video review on these,so here you will see swatches and i will put my youtube video at the end for you to see them on my lips too.

So this first one above is called Luster and i think this might be my favourite as i have never ever seen a lip gloss like this before,it is very metallic and neutral and pretty,doesn't look much on the swatch but wait until you see it on my lips in the video...
Here we have Glint which is still metallic and a very different grey brown type colour which i think is fab :)
Flare is nice and a kind of in between red and pink i would say.
Spark again is another fave as it's a beautiful metallic purple with a huge amount of sheen,love it.
This colour reminds me of now and autumn or Christmas and it is called Blaze,so so gorgeous.

My thoughts on these lip glosses are yes they are worth £4.00 each as they are something very different from other brands and thus make them stand out.
The colours are fab but i think they might do more online too.
They are non sticky,but they don't dry,they are totally a lip gloss.

The only down side to these which i can just about put up with because i really like them is the smell.I have had this before with Mua products but to me they smell and taste of a car air freshener,if you have ever smelt the tree car air freshener b4 then that is what these remind me of,as do quite a few other mua products.

If you can put up with the smell/taste then they are amazing and I'm really glad i bought them.
The links are below on where to purchase these

Also if you would prefer to see them on my lips then check out my youtube video here

Thanks ever so much for reading and i hope you enjoyed,as always love and hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny x♥x

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New Release Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Oil Control Base Anti-Shine Lotion

New Release Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Oil Control Base Anti-Shine Lotion

Hi there and welcome back to my blog or if you are new here then hi my name is Vinny .I would love you to follow my blog as it's my hobby and passion and I love making new friends.

So this is a review of a new release by Freedom Makeup called. .. Pro Studio Oil Control Base anti-shine lotion.
This is Available here on the Freedom website below. ...

It is a pump style bottle which is really handy and contains 30ml,this comes in a clear frosted bottle with metallic silver lid. Really like the packaging actually,very professional looking and would be an essential asset for a Makeup artists kit or just home use to add to your makeup collection. 

This claims to matify and prime the skin for an oil control Base to be used under foundation.So this is what I did as I have a really oily t-zone and quite large pores, so I didn't use my normal Revlon primer and instead tried this.

Here is the photo of my makeup before going out today. ...
ha ha I'm so bad at taking selfie's and always get the wrong angle.
This applies really evenly and sinks in well and does leave your face feeling matte.
It doesn't cover my pores though so next time I might use in conjunction with my regular pore minimising primer.But that said it made application of my foundation just glide on effortlessly and did matify my skin but leave for a few mins before you apply your foundation for it to properly sink in and dry to matte your skin out. 

I wasn't expecting miracles as nothing has ever made my T-zone non oily, after about 3 hours it's usually like an oil slick tbh, no matter what cream, primer or foundation I use; but to my delight and actual shock this really did work hooray for non oil slick.

This is my makeup taken when we got home after about 6 hrs of wearing it.

So hopefully by the above photos you can see my face is non oily after 6 hrs only ever so slightly and not only that but my makeup had stayed perfect :)

So in conclusion I'm so happy with this new find and that it does what it says it should. 
OK granted after about 10 hrs my face was feeling rather oily but that is a whole lot better than my usual 2-3 hr oil slick to anybody with oily skin then I would give this a go as it's so very cheap to stop you looking and feeling like a greasy mess.Even after 10hrs though when it had gone oily, just want to add that my makeup had still not budged or slipped and looked the same. 

Do you think you might give this a go as I would love to hear your thoughts too or what you have tried in the past. 
Thanks for reading love always 
Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny 

Thank you so much to Freedom Makeup who sent me this pr blogger sample. 

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They also sell Freedom on Beauty Crowd too and the link is below

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts I Heart makeup

Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts I Heart makeup

Hi all and welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny.If you are already a follower then thanks but if not then pls follow via google friends connect or bloglovin as it means the world to me,and thanks to all my new followers too ♥♥

So this is a quick blog on the Blushing hearts by Makeup revolution and i now own five of them and here they are .....
Thought i would be kind and name the ones i own so you know which ones to order or to buy if you like any of them.
If these don't tickle your fancy then i don't know what will lol.
As to me these are my babies,they have pride of place on top of my makeup storage unit as how can you hide these away in a drawer?  can hardly even bring myself to use them as they are too pretty.♥♥

I didn't swatch them all as this gives you an idea of how stunning and pigmented they are,this one is Bursting with love and how beautiful is it?
These are only £4.99 on the MUR website or i think you can purchase from some Superdrug stores too,they are a dupe for a certain Too Faced variety,but i would much rather pay £4.99 any day ♥
The link is below for the Makeup rev website and Superdrug too.

Ahhh i can stare at these forever and would make the ideal gift too for a friend or loved one,or even give your partner and nudge and tell him you want these hee hee,i think they have 12 altogether.
Do you own any already,if so which ones? i would love to collect them all,would you love to own them? good idea for Christmas maybe?

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Nyx Macaron Lipstick Review Swatches Wow

Nyx Macaron Lipstick Review Swatches Wow

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So this blog is about some amazing and i mean AMAZING lipsticks i got from Ebay called the Nyx macaron Lippie.
Now I'm from the UK and these are mighty hard to get hold of here so this is why i turned to Ebay and got them from the USA from a lovely seller called Joy.
Joy actually did me these a bit cheaper as she agreed to me reviewing them for you guys,
I chose 8 of the 12 lipsticks they do,you can buy them in1 single 3's 6's or 12's i think but I'm sure if you contact Joy you could purchase as many as you want as her customer service was second to none,Joy got back to me really fast and i must have emailed her about 10 times asking questions lol and she was the nicest lady ever so thanks for that.
She has to give an estimated delivery time as coming from America they are bound to take longer,BUT THIS WAS NOT THE CASE these came within the space of a week,i was so chuffed and they were packaged well too,i was just sooo ubber excited to rip them open to try them eekk i do love strange coloured lipsticks :)
so if you do too then check out her link below to her ebay shop as she sells tons of items and has great feedback too ♥

No you are not seeing things,these are sooo cool and I'm chuffed to bits i bought them,how gorgeous are these?? i mean aghhh i just fell in love ♥

So here are the swatches,i have also done a Youtube video which i will link at the bottom as on that you can see them on my lips too,but for how here are the colours...
This one above is called Blue Velvet Mals 04
This is a very strong pigmented creamy blue and is one of my faves
This is Citron Mals 07
It's a lush orange yellow colour which does need a few coats to build up but would be fab for fancy dress
This above is Black Sesame Mals 10
This is a matte Grey and i really wasn't sure if i would like it,but to my surprise i really love this colour it's fab and like nothing i have ever seen :)
This is Lavender Mals 09
if you love your purple colours but are too scared to try bold then this would be fantastic for you to try.
 This above is pistachio Mals 06
Now this is a stunning mint green and oh my goodness this is just heaven i love it,prob my fave i think ♥
Above is Earl Grey Mals 08
and this is just a lighter not so bold blue but just so stunning
Above is Key Lime Mals 03
Now how different is this colour,would you dare to wear out or save for fancy dress,either way it's amazing
This is Violet Mals 05
Gorgeous deep creamy purple and totally another of my faves.

So the only ones i didn't get was a white a black a pink and like another orange and this is only because i couldn't afford it as i would have got the lot.

In conclusion I'm so so chuffed i purchased these and have them in my collection as i love lip products and these are just the best eek,OK some do need a few coats to layer them up but once on they look and feel fab,so would you try these too?.

Thanks again to the lovely Joy from Ebay,i would deffo purchase from her shop again as she is amazing,if you like the look of these then pls check them our here 

Also here is my Youtube Video so you can see what they look like on ....

Hope you enjoyed this blog,pls share for other people to see,and as always don't leave my blog without following as i love to gain new friends and to get an email to say i have a new follower makes me sooo very happy thanks all ♥♥
Love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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