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Freedom Makeup Pro Cream Strobe Palette Review & Swatches

Freedom Makeup Pro Cream Strobe Palette Review & Swatches

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So this is a review of this gorgeous new release palette from Freedom Makeup Called Pro Cream Strobe palette,now you get a lot of bang for your buck in this one palette,this is only £10 and is a cream palette with highlight and contour shades which are all matte creams {no shimmer}
The palette is a sturdy black palette with huge mirror and it does remind me of the Lorac Pro Contour palette but in a cream,so a "dupe" if you like,although i would say the packaging of the Freedom looks much better.

How can i go any further though without mentioning the gorgeous brush,now this brush is shamazing,it is just the right size and shape to contour and highlight,it's ever so soft on the skin and is cute too ♥♥

I mean how gorgeous is that and you can see how soft yet dense enough the bristles are {obviously cruelty free}
Just a great shape size and weight to work with.

It shows you on the box a demo and gives the shade names on the box too...

So above are the swatches how you see them in the palette and taken right by the window no flash,the first top shade is called beige highlight,then yellow highlight and then just highlight at the end,these top shades are fantastic for different skin tones,i have found myself using the first shade and last shade most...
Bottom row are then the contour shades called light contour then deep contour then medium contour at the end,as you can also see by the shade range then these are ideal for pale skin or darker skin i think,i prefer a mix of the two first colours on myself and as with all cream products they are so easy to blend,very soft and smooth on the skin.

I used to be quite scared of cream contouring,i really really love highlighting and use it all the time but i did once shy away from cream contour but practise makes perfect,and to be honest this gorgeous little brush does all the hard work for you and gives you that chiseled cheek effect.

Finally for £10 i think this is totally worth the money and have now tried it a few times to get the feel for it,i really do like the look it gives,you can leave it quite dewy or if your like me and prefer to add powder then that will matte out your face and make it last longer throughout the day.
You can grab yours now on the Freedom website or from Superdrug,i will leave the links below ....

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Thank you to Freedom Makeup for sending this PR blogging sample


  1. I love the highlight shades, not a huge fan of bronzer shades as they're a tad too warm for me. I use only the middle shade and set it with cool toned powder contour. Great palette for the price though :)

    1. Thanks for reading hun i love the brush for the price it's crazy that you get a cute brush too,the brown colours are not as me as they could be but i use the middle one too but try and use a light hand as too dark otherwise xx♥xx

  2. hmmm - overall this looks great, but I am not sure these contour colours would work for me. They look a little warm. Perhaps the powder version would work better for my skin tone. Thanks for another great review!

    1. Yeah will be doing the powder one soon hun,the middle brown colour is best as not as orange toned and i use a light hand so not as dark as that xx♥xx thanks for reading


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