Monday, 12 October 2015

New Facebook Fan Page For Makeup Revolution And Freedom Makeup

New Facebook Fan Page For Makeup Revolution And Freedom Makeup

Hi all welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny,please would you follow my blog as it's so easy using either bloglovin or google friends connect,i have buttons all over my page or at the top it says follow me,this means the world to me and honestly makes my day ♥

So this is just a quicky to ask you a huge favour,actually no scrap that,it is to do you guys a big favour tbh.
I have made a new Facebook Fan page for Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup because as you know they are my favourite brands,i own a lot from them and really wanted somewhere where i could start a little community of MUR and Freedom Makeup fan's.

So i want you guys to use this page to promote your blog or youtube or instagram photos etc as long as they are about these two brands in question.
So all as i ask you to do is give the page a like and that is all,here is the link

Now share away and come and have a chat,you don't have to be a blogger or a youtuber,you might just love MUR and Freedom and that is cool too as i want you to enjoy chatting about products.
Or sharing what you love from these brands.....So yes i run this Page but i do this off my own back,yes maybe I'm a weirdo as no I'm not being paid for this or getting any recognition for this,but this is mainly for you guys as i know how hard it is to get your blog posts seen or shared and youtube videos too,so i want this to be a place you can do that and feel free to use as you wish 
{within reason}
ha ha......So all as i ask is for you to like the page before you use it as that would help create a cool little group going :)

Thanks ever so much for reading,love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny.

Just wanted to make it clear this is a fan page for these two brands and i gain nothing for the time i spend doing this,so this is out of the goodness of my heart for a brand which i love and for you guys to help you out,cheers ♥♥

I am also on Youtube too and have a Beauty/style channel so i will also leave the link below if you would like to subscribe thanks xx

But pls don't leave my blog without following as i really want to do well with my blog and i jump for joy each time i get an email saying i have a new follower so thank you x♥x

It also may contain affiliate links :)


  1. i am glad to see a platform for the makeup revolution fans

    1. aw thanks so much,share and tell everyone as i'm trying to get as many people to join as pos thanks again hun xx♥xx


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