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Nyx Macaron Lipstick Review Swatches Wow

Nyx Macaron Lipstick Review Swatches Wow

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So this blog is about some amazing and i mean AMAZING lipsticks i got from Ebay called the Nyx macaron Lippie.
Now I'm from the UK and these are mighty hard to get hold of here so this is why i turned to Ebay and got them from the USA from a lovely seller called Joy.
Joy actually did me these a bit cheaper as she agreed to me reviewing them for you guys,
I chose 8 of the 12 lipsticks they do,you can buy them in1 single 3's 6's or 12's i think but I'm sure if you contact Joy you could purchase as many as you want as her customer service was second to none,Joy got back to me really fast and i must have emailed her about 10 times asking questions lol and she was the nicest lady ever so thanks for that.
She has to give an estimated delivery time as coming from America they are bound to take longer,BUT THIS WAS NOT THE CASE these came within the space of a week,i was so chuffed and they were packaged well too,i was just sooo ubber excited to rip them open to try them eekk i do love strange coloured lipsticks :)
so if you do too then check out her link below to her ebay shop as she sells tons of items and has great feedback too ♥

No you are not seeing things,these are sooo cool and I'm chuffed to bits i bought them,how gorgeous are these?? i mean aghhh i just fell in love ♥

So here are the swatches,i have also done a Youtube video which i will link at the bottom as on that you can see them on my lips too,but for how here are the colours...
This one above is called Blue Velvet Mals 04
This is a very strong pigmented creamy blue and is one of my faves
This is Citron Mals 07
It's a lush orange yellow colour which does need a few coats to build up but would be fab for fancy dress
This above is Black Sesame Mals 10
This is a matte Grey and i really wasn't sure if i would like it,but to my surprise i really love this colour it's fab and like nothing i have ever seen :)
This is Lavender Mals 09
if you love your purple colours but are too scared to try bold then this would be fantastic for you to try.
 This above is pistachio Mals 06
Now this is a stunning mint green and oh my goodness this is just heaven i love it,prob my fave i think ♥
Above is Earl Grey Mals 08
and this is just a lighter not so bold blue but just so stunning
Above is Key Lime Mals 03
Now how different is this colour,would you dare to wear out or save for fancy dress,either way it's amazing
This is Violet Mals 05
Gorgeous deep creamy purple and totally another of my faves.

So the only ones i didn't get was a white a black a pink and like another orange and this is only because i couldn't afford it as i would have got the lot.

In conclusion I'm so so chuffed i purchased these and have them in my collection as i love lip products and these are just the best eek,OK some do need a few coats to layer them up but once on they look and feel fab,so would you try these too?.

Thanks again to the lovely Joy from Ebay,i would deffo purchase from her shop again as she is amazing,if you like the look of these then pls check them our here 

Also here is my Youtube Video so you can see what they look like on ....

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Love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny


  1. These look like so much fun! I'd love to try them out!

    Jasmine Monique Blog

    1. Thanks hun you really should they are gorgeous xx♥xx


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