Monday, 5 October 2015

W7 In The Nude Vs Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupe

W7 In The Nude Vs Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupe

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So this blog is to show the difference between W7 in the nude and urban Decay Naked 3 palettes.
The palette on the top is W7 and at the bottom is urban Decay,i really love how they have duped the tin style rippled packaging too.
In The W7 palette you do get a brush one side and applicator the other side so really handy.
The palettes are very similar,here are the swatches to see for yourself and you make up your own mind.
As you can see W7 swatches are above and Urban Decay at the bottom,i will say urban Decay are a bit stronger on some colours but then other colours from the W7 are fab too and blend really well considering the price.

OK they are not exactly the same but pretty good matches,if you have always wanted to own any of the naked palettes then W7 do really good dupes but also do the best packaging for a dupe i think too.

Urban Decay are £38.00 and here is the link to Debenhams where i bought mine...

But W7 are available in different places,i have found it on Fragrance Direct for only £4.99 which is a total bargain,check out the link below...

so time to make your mind up guys.which one would you choose or do you own any of these already? I  will say it's so handy to have a backup as a dupe as i know i will never run out hee hee,let me know your thoughts as would love to hear what you think.
Thanks so much for reading and if you want to also check out the W7 dupes for naked 1 and 2 then the links for them are below,thanks again love always Littlemissstyleguru aka vinny ♥

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  1. these are pigmented and then who doesnt loves a dupe post :)
    thanks for sharing

    1. Yeah they are really great for the price,thanks for reading hun xx♥xx

  2. I love the colours of the Naked 3 Palette *-*
    I think the W7 one is a very good dupe ^^
    I made a Review to the Naked 3 too :)
    See you ;)

    1. aww thanks Jenni hun,they are really fab dupes,i love that the packaging is very similar too,thanks for reading xx♥xx


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