Tuesday, 1 December 2015

I ♡ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz

I ♡ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz

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So as you can see this is the gorgeous new chocolate bar palette from Makeup revolution called Pink Fizz,such a beautiful name for a beautiful palette ♥

The packaging to this is just stunning,i mean who wouldn't want a pink choc bar shaped eyeshadow palette right? It's girly and i love it :)
and yes i did eat those chocolates on the table and Teegan ate the smarties ha ha,she actually did ask if she could eat the makeup lol {funny girl}
But it's just gorgeous like melted chocolate and comes with names inside on a plastic sheet to protect the shadows.
I still really wish MUR would put the names inside the palettes as i do lose those plastic sheets but for the price you can't complain about that,
The packaging is very sturdy robust thick plastic with a huge mirror and comes with white applicator sponge.

Love the shades in this palette although i do think it's lacking in more matte crease type colours,i used the second colour along in my crease but it could have done with another.
But the shadows are so very pigmented just like all MUR eyeshadow palettes :).

These are the swatches below so it shows which ones are shimmery and 2 maybe 3 that are matte .
How pretty are these? just beautiful and only £7.99 too which i think is a bargain.
If you can't wait to get your hands on this palette then the link is below...

Or the link below on Superdrug too ...

So do you own this palette or would you like to? do you own any other chocolate palette they have done? as they have now done 5 different ones.Would love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading love and hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny 
I also did a youtube review on this if you want to see swatches there instead then click play ;)>>>

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  1. lovely colours and I really love the packaging..but I don't know if going to buy it or not because I don't know if I will use it 😔

    1. Thanks Jayca isn't it beautiful,the colours are stunning i have used both navy blue and the lighter blue and love it,wish it had another matte but then i have plenty of matte shades,i just can't resist pretty makeup xx♥xx


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