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Youtubers I Love To Watch For Makeup Tips ♥

Youtubers I Love To Watch For Makeup Tips ♥

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So hello all,you probably all know that I'm on Youtube and have been for 4 years next year and getting on for 10K subscribers and over 2.5 million views {yikes} gulp lol .
Never in a million gazillion years did i ever think i would reach so many subscribers and a totally mind blowing view count,or it is in my eyes as I'm just little old me.
I started my Youtube because of my anxiety for one and just for a hobby to be honest as Jamie my partner is a DJ and makes his own music and i didn't have a hobby as such.
I now love it and i think i eat sleep breathe makeup,my kids come first of course so i don't get chance to do or watch as much as I'd like but i thought i would share with you some of the people who i love to watch to gain any makeup tips and who are just my fave to watch for tutorials etc.

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So firstly here is my youtube if you are not subscribed then i would love you to subscribe thanks,that's me above :) ♥

So these are in no particular order,they are just people who i love to watch for tips .....

So first up we have Sam and Nic Chapman from Pixiwoo and omg i love these ladies soooo much they are totally fantastic at what they do and both stunning beautiful ladies.Also they do some of my favourite makeup brushes which i use daily called Real techniques sold in Boots and Superdrug.So I'm sure you have heard of them but if not then please go and check them out as they do some amazing tutorials and tips and they are so calming to watch too ;) ♥

Next up is Wayne Goss or Gossmakeupartist on Youtube and he is just gorgeous and takes his job seriously.I love that he concentrated more for older women and not just teeny boppers.He gives the most amazing tips and tricks and i have tried many myself.
So again if you are not watching Wayne then you need to be as he is just a total gem and a joy to watch,breathe of fresh air and makes me smile always.

Next is Lisa Eldridge and to me Lisa is queen of hearts.
She is just fantastic i love her.if you have not heard of Lisa then where have you been?
but if you honestly haven't then please get your butt over to Youtube and subscribe for amazing tips tricks and tutorials.She is stunningly beautiful and amazingly talented .

Last on my list of faves,like i said these have no order but is totally Kandee Johnson as she is my little kandee crush,she is like Mary Poppins and practically perfect and every way.
I have watched her for years and omg guys not only is she talented at everyday makeup and looking stunning but she has pulled off some dramatic and amazing lookalikes.
You seriously need to check out her channel she has been Disney princess's,jack sparrow,barbie,Angelina Jolie,Kylie Jenner and now even Youtube Lookalikes...SO KANDEE IF YOU EVER READ THIS THEN PLEASE "DO ME DO ME"
total respect and talent for this little lady ♥

So anyway i thought i would just give you a taster of the 4 people who i watch most for makeup looks,that's when i have time that is with two kids and my own channel.

I am subscribed and watch hundreds of youtubers but i watch them all for different reasons,some for hauls some for sense of humour,some as they are close friends.So i would be here all day to list everyone but i try not to miss many video's from these guys.
Thanks for reading as always love and hugs

Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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Thanks as always hugs love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥

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