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Are Youtubers Not Important ??

Are Youtubers Not Important ??

Hi all and welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny.If you are already a follower then thanks but if not then pls follow via google friends connect or bloglovin as it means the world to me,and thanks to all my new followers too ♥♥

So yes this is my blog and i do love blogging when i have the time and same goes for Youtube.They are both my hobby and i love them.

However i probably do favour my youtube as it does have a wider following and i have more interaction with my followers which for me is huge as i love making friends and chatting.

I have now worked with quite a few PR companies and reviewed quite a few items on my blog and on Youtube also which i love doing.Love to try new items out and give you guys my verdict.It has come to my attention though that bloggers for some unknown reason seem to be favoured by PR companies more than youtubers? I'm really not sure why this is and if anybody can throw any light on that then cool as i really don't understand.

So are Beauty bloggers more important than Beauty Youtubers? I have no clue but it seems to me they do get more attention from different companies.
So yes although i have a relatively small blog following around 550 followers.
My main audience is youtube as i have just passed 10K followers whoop whoop which I'm so proud of :)
Plus over a huge 2.6 million views on my channel,which I'm still overwhelmed by.

PR companies do seem to go on how many followers and subscribers people have,which i do think in a way is wrong as all those subscribers could be fake.Mine are not obviously as you can see by my views and interaction on my videos.

I love blogging too so I'm not dissing blogging as it relaxes me and makes me feel good typing down my thoughts,so please don't think I'm dissing it because I'm not.
But i do think Youtubers should also be looked at in the same way bloggers are.
When i look for reviews,personally i look on youtube.When i want to find out about a new phone or gadget or even a new palettes or lipstick range,then i do type into youtube......Because for one I'm lazy hee hee and sometimes i can't be bothered to read a blog i would rather just sit and listen to a review rather than having to read a really long blog {lazy i know hee hee} blogging does have it's uses though for photos as i often look for swatches on blogs to see a true vivid colour :)

I work hard at both but i have just done a lot better on Youtube and get more views etc on youtube.Maybe one day PR companies will stop and think ...hang on a minute these people have a great following on Youtube too and not just see #bblogger but #byoutuber too.

As always would love to know your thoughts.
Thanks ever so much for reading.
Happy New Year and all the best to everyone for 2016.
May you your blog or youtube prosper and i hope 2016 is your year to shine.
All my love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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  1. Happy new year Vinny. After reading your blog post about youtubers vs bloggers when it comes to pr samples etc. I completely agree with you. You hear a lot more about beauty/tech/food bloggers that have a review from a company but not so much when it comes to YouTube. As the same as you I prefer to watch a review on YouTube I find it easier to get the real review from there and I totally agree with you xx

    1. Thanks Sophie i think if you ask the majority of people,they are pretty lazy too and would rather just watch/listen to a review rather than read through a big long blog post tbh.But yes i'm not even sure why bloggers are favoured more as i get more views on my video's than i do on blogs and more on my video's than somebloggers do tooSo it's beyond me why they are favoured.You head of bbloggers all the time,the hashtag comes up on twitter as it is that well know,but what is the hashtag for beauty youtube? byoutuber? nope i have never heard of that hashtag being used.I would say maybe blogs come oup more on google but i'm really not sure as i looked into my analystics on youtube and people are finding my video's through google and promoted video's on the side of youtube etc. Oh well maybe one day they will realise that yes i do both but work really hard at youtube as a lot more goes into filming xx♥xx thanks hun

    2. I do have a thought though Vinny, It could very well be that Bloggers/Blogging and/or BBloggers have been around for many years Which means big companies are used to them and know how the process works, But because Youtubers/BYoutubers have not been around very long (Getting into the mainstream about 3 years ago) The big companies don't understand how youtube works and how popular youtube is and is growing by the minute. xx <3 xx

    3. Yes Sophie that's a fair point as i think blogging has been around longer your right so that is prob why.we need to take a stand lol and say look we are just as important too.I do love blogging but i do Youtube more xx♥xx thanks for your lovely comment and makes sense really x


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