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Live Love London BHS Beauty Brand Hand Wash & Hand Lotion Review

Live Love London BHS Beauty Brand Hand Wash & Hand Lotion Review

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So here we have a Hand Wash and Hand Lotion from Bhs Beauty brand Live Love London.
They come in different fragrances and i got to try out Elegance Luxury hand wash and Sensuous luxury hand lotion too.

We always have hand wash in the kitchen and bathroom but never actually have we had hand lotion.I mean i do use hand cream and hand lotion but i have never thought of using it straight after washing my hands.That sort of reminds me of some posh toilets in hotel a or something swish hee hee.
We have used both of them in the bathroom and i say we as Jamie my partner has also used them and even Teegan my daughter as she wanted to feel grown up by putting cream on too.
This fragrance Elegance is gorgeous and doesn't have a feminine or masculine smell meaning anybody can use it.It just has a really fresh smell.
It is a clear soap which bubbles up lovely leaving your hands soft and clean ♥
The Sensuous hand lotion has been gorgeous to use as like i said above i use it straight after washing my hands now which i never would of thought of doing before.
It's a great idea as leaves you smelling gorgeous and your hands so so soft and plus you only need a small amount as it goes a long way and sinks into the skin lovely.I would say it smell of coconut,almond and maybe a hint of marzipan.So yes men or woman can use it's beautiful.
Really does keep your hands moisturised throughout the day though.

Thanks so much to Live Love London for sending me this Pr sample to try as it's been fabulous,the whole family like it in fact so a big thumbs up from all of us.

These are only a few pounds and are sold in Bhs ,British Home Stores.They are not online at the moment but sure to be in your nearest Bhs.They sell toiletries haircare and even Makeup so you should really give this new brand a try ♥♥
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  1. I'm obsessed with hand washes and hand lotions. I am still to find a better one than Soap and Glory Hand Food - smell is just to die for - I have 3 for crying out loud (by bed, at work and in my bag) lmao ;)

    1. Thanks hun i did use hand cream but i had never thought of having one in the bathroom for right after i had washed my hands but seems to make sense now and this isn't girly or manly so ok for all of us.Yes i must agree i love S&G too i love the smell of sugar crush by S&G xx♥xx


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