Thursday, 28 January 2016

Live Love London New Brand In Bhs Love Your Look Palette

Live Love London New Brand In BHS Love Your Look Palette

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So here is a brand new brand called Live Love London Makeup Obsession.This is exclusively sold in Bhs which is British home stores.They sell a range of affordable Makeup and Toiletries and i couldn't wait to test these out.
So Bhs Beauty sell bath products,hair products and a range of makeup.

This new brand has launched into more than 100 BHS stores nationwide and at the moment is only available in store so nip down to your closest BHS and see if they have this.
If you read my blog or watch my youtube then you will know I'm just a makeup freak hee hee,but I'm guessing you are too and that's why you're here?
So i was sent this smokey palette which has a range of highlight and matte shades.I do love a palette with a matte highlight and shimmer highlight and this ticks both boxes.
There are 12 colours in total with a really cool unique quirky design.
As you will see Live Love is printed into the highlight powder shades and then the darker shades have a stippled quirky look which i really like.
It comes with a normal double ended sponge applicator and the packaging is sturdy plastic.
Has no mirror but hey who uses a mirror in a palette? as i know i don't.

You don't hear much of BHS so i wasn't expecting amazing things but i was pleasantly surprised.These palettes are only a few pounds and have fab pigmentation,They lasted on my eyes the whole day,like any other shadows to be honest but i loved that smokey eye effect you can get from this palette,so here are my swatches.♥
As you can see very pigmented and i love the grey silver tones but the fact it has a few browns and gold too make this a fab choice for the day and then smoke it up for a night out.

All in all i think the palette was great and would most defiantly purchase more of this brand if everything is as good as this.
Have you ever heard of BHS beauty as i hadn't until they contacted me asking if i would like to review some exclusive items.
So thank you for the pr samples BHS.

As always thanks for reading,love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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  1. This looks like a lovely palette :) i'd love it if you'd comment back xx

    1. Thanks ever so much Amy it's a gorgeous palette hun xx♥xx

  2. Hey Vinny,

    From one make up freak to another :-).
    This palette looks freakin amazing :-).

    I don't know how I have not heard of this brand as I was just in Bhs the other day and didn't really see it but then again I didn't know about it so it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. hehe.

    This palette looks gorgeous and right up more alley as I love neutral colours and I've been experimenting with smoky colours as well lately.

    I will have to go back into my local bhs and see if they have any in.

    Hope you, Jamie and the kids are well.

    Take care

    1. Hi Beautiful thanks for reading you freak {only joking lol} yeah it's really really nice.I wouldn't have known about it had they not contacted me either hun and our bhs has just clossed down in our city too grrr gutted.But yes deffo check next time you are in as i have some handwash and cream to review and lipsticks too xx♥xx

  3. Sounds good but I can't see myself cheating from my favourite drugstore brands like MUR and Freedom :)

    1. It is really good and fab pigmentation,and i know i feel like it's cheating too sometimes ha ha,but then again i use all types of drugstore makeup like Rimmel Revlon anything hun.So i really do love to try new things.You should give it a go if you live near a BHS as ours has just clossed down so i'm a bit gutted xx♥xx thanks for reading beautiful :)


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