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Makeup Revolution Welcome to The Pleasuredome palette Review

Makeup Revolution Welcome to The Pleasuredome palette Review

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So here you can see the beautiful colours of the salvation palette called welcome to the pleasuredome the name of this palette {80's inspired names are just the best}
There are 12 stunning shimmer colours at the top and then what i love is you get 6 matte shades to the bottom.
Perfect a matte and shimmer highlight and perfect crease colours 10/10

The packaging is very alluring with a corset style logo to the front.

All shades are named on the clear plastic,i do tend to lose these so i wish they were printed inside,but for the price you really can't ask for anything more.These palettes are only £6.00 which is so cheap considering the amount of shadows you actually get.

I have taken some swatches with and without flash for you to see any shimmer colours in a different light,i love the teal and the green and blue ♥

Above is without flash....

Above again is with flash...
They are not my favourite Makeup revolution palettes as i do have a soft spot for the 32 shade palettes from them,but i do think they are pigmented and the colours are fantastic.If you collect makeup like myself then I'm sure you will love it.

Here is the link to purchase from MUR website...

or you will also find they sell it on superdrug too,here is the link...

Would love to know your thoughts on this one,do you own it? or would you rock these colours as i love the mix of colours and neutrals in one palette myself.

Thanks so much for reading,love as always from Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny.
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  1. Not my colour scheme but as per usual formula looks amazing and pigmentation is decent :)

    1. Thanks lovely,i love any colours like this,i wouldn't say they were the most pigmented of the mur palettes as i love the 32 shade ones for pigmentation,it's nice though.Thanks for reading xx♥xx

  2. I wouldn't wear the bright colours I always go for neutrals but it's a great versatile palette for those who wear both colour and neutrals :) lots of love xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Thanks Zoe as i get older i'm wearing more neautral but i still love my colours too and try to add a pop of colour where i can hee hee #foreveryoung {not} but i try hee hee,thanks for reading gorgeous xx♥xx

  3. Fab post! I did a review a while ago now on 3 of their palettes from this range. They're great and I love the shades you get in this one! X
    Jen |

    1. Thanks Jenny yes i prob have more to do from this range too,i think i'm totally hooked on mur palettes lol xx♥xx thanks for reading hun


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