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Johnson's Baby Bath Items Review Johnson&Johnson

Johnson's Baby Bath Items Review Johnson&Johnson

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Hi there so here we have a selection of Johnson's Baby products all available from Boots Click Here
I am Due a baby in 2 weeks on Oct 15th 2016 {baby Girl} eekk,so this will always come in handy.
Although i have always used Johnson's and still do sometimes on my other children who are now 5 and near 3 years old.I love the smell of all the products and not only do the children use them but i do too hee hee,they smell lush ♥
Lets start with Johnson's 3 in 1 nappy care cream,which is ideal for babies but also ideal for my daughter who is 5 but has a bowel condition and her bottom still gets very soar.
This works wonders as a barrier and to clear up any nasty irritated redness really quick.
It contains zinc oxide and has a hypoallergenic formula.
This tube contains 110g and a little goes a long way.
It's a great price of £3.29 and available from Boots Click Here
Next is a family favourite of everyone i think and most people have used this,it's the Johnson's baby oil.This is fantastic for all ages,i used on the children when they were little as i will do on our new baby to give her skin a lovely massage after her bath.It smells lovely and fresh and makes your skin feel ever so soft.Skin loses moisture but the baby oil locks in moisture and also creates a barrier to protect  the skin.I must admit though i do use this myself as once i step out of the bath or shower you massage onto damp skin and then pat dry with a towel.You can feel it leaves the skin slightly oily but after about 15 Min's it's as soft as a ummm Baby's Bum lol.
Also i sometimes use to take off my makeup as it doesn't irritate my face and  gets off stubborn eye makeup it's a god send {love it}♥
Again available from Boots for £2.09 for this 300ml Click Here
Here we have the baby wash from the bedtime range and omg this is the best ever smell and i used it on both my children as babies and still do now,i also use it on myself too.♥
They do a whole range in this including cream etc and it's meant to help promote a good nights sleep.I think it does as the kids always seem snug clean,cosy and sleepy afterwards.
This is a 400ml and costs £2.59,available from Boots and i will leave the link to the whole range of this as you just have to try it,the cream is gorgeous too Click Here
This is the Johnson's 2 in 1 Shampoo & conditioner,i have never actually tried this so i tried it on my daughter.I don't usually like 2 in 1 when it comes to shampoo but it made it a lot quicker and turned out just fine.My daughter has long really thick hair and it bubbled and lathered up really well without using much,also her hair was beautiful and soft afterwards so no tangles.
This is 500ml and costs £2.99 from Boots which is a great price Click Here

Here is my little beauty after washing her gorgeous hair ♥♥
Then I'm sure everyone has tried this as it's the original Johnson's baby lotion,Smells gorgeous and smells just like the baby powder to me. This is lovely to freshen up and i sometimes use this after the kids have had a wash in the morning.Or of course all over body after a bath or for baby massage.

How do you find the Johnson's range? do you use it on your children or yourself? i have always loved and bought it and will continue to do so.
 *PR Samples*
Would love to hear your thoughts,please check these out on Boots as they do a huge range of Johnson's baby if you Click Here For Whole Range

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  1. I have used Johnstones in the past and enjoyed using them but I feel like most cheaper brands offer the same outcome for less.

    Sophie xo

    1. Hi Sophie thanks for reading i use Johnsons and always have as it smells so nice,yes i have bought cheaper brands and some are great i like the Tesco ones,although i do find the cheaper brands to be a lot thinner and not as thich if that makes sense.Thanks again hun have a great week xxx


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