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New Superdrug Optimum Birch Water Micellar Tonic & Optimum Birch Water Day Cream Review

New Superdrug Optimum Birch Water Micellar Tonic & Optimum Birch Water Day Cream  Review

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Here we have the new Superdrug Optimum Micellar water and matching day cream,they are both enriched with birch sap from birchwood which is totally hydrating for dehydrated skin.
I was pregnant when i received this and so i have now tried it for a good few weeks,my skin was all over the place with being pregnant,it's oily combo but most of all dehydrated as i don't drink enough water {whoops}

I first tried them at night before bed,the micellar water comes in a big 200ml bottle and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.It is cruelty free and has the jumping bunny mark on the packaging.
Birch water is proven to be good and kind to the skin and have excellent moisturising properties,also containing vitamin B5 again which is fantastic for moisturising the skin.It's dermatologically approved so works well with the most sensitive skin.

This works really well to take my makeup off,even mascara which most micellar water's have trouble with.But the first thing that i noticed was the smell as oh my goodness it's gorgeous.It was hard to put my finger on what smell it was but certainly fruity like an apricot type smell,i can't explain it but something you would want to eat {yummy} ♥
I used a flat cotton pad and it really took my makeup off with ease,it didn't sting my eyes and left my face feeling refreshed and smelling gorgeous,it didn't feel tight just very soft and gentle.
One thing i was quite shocked about is how dirty your face can become during the day without even wearing makeup.I do go through days and i will have a no makeup day just chilling at home.But i used this before bed but still the amount of dirt my face had accumulated over the day was crazy as this micellar water took every inch of dirt from my face and pores.
Then below is the Cream,it says Day cream but i think you can use day or night.I used at night after the matching micellar water and also in the morning too.
It is a 50ml pump bottle with an SPF of 15,also cruelty free with the jumping bunny logo and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
The packaging is lovely and i do prefer a pump bottle as it just seems so much easier.This cream again is for dehydrated skin so i couldn't wait to try it.Most creams leave my skin feeling wet and sticky or tacky,but this sank into my skin leaving it super silky soft it's gorgeous.
It has again the same beautiful fruity smell like the micellar water.
I used about a pump and half for about the first week,i suppose it all depends how much you want to use or the amount you need to cover your face and neck.Then after a week i went down to using one pump as obviously something had worked as i wasn't needing to use as much.It was totally gentle around my eyes and my skin felt refreshed.
So my final thoughts on these products are that they are lovely,my skin did feel much better,i even felt it helped with crows feet around my eyes,plus my father in law said i was looking good and by then i had been using this for about a week,so i was chuffed.
They are both gentle on the face and smell fantastic leaving my skin soft and silky.
I would purchase again and even better when it's on offer,but i might now actually change my micellar water from the Garnier one to this one as i do actually prefer this,it smells better and takes my makeup off much easier too.

They do have a whole range in the Optimum skincare at Superdrug so if you would like to take a look or purchase then please Click Here
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