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Pixi By Petra Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons Review

Pixi By Petra Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons Review

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So let me introduce you to the new Double Cleanse from Pixi,they went into collaboration with a few beauty bloggers and one happened to be the lovely skincare expert Caroline Hirons .
Now i don't think their is anything Caroline doesn't know about skin,i read her blog and watch her video's from time to time but i wish she did youtube more.
If you don't know Caroline then you must follow her as she is a total mad lady,honestly she brightens my day watching her Instagram stories...funny funny lady,please go and follow her on the links below....

 So back to Double Cleanse,click the photos to enlarge and you will see the beautiful Caroline on the back.I had heard such amazing things about this product so when i was sent the huge pixi box i was overwhelmed,i have actually done a video on youtube HERE .
It contained this double cleanse and i watched Caroline do a video on showing how to use it,i also watched an insta stories too.
Obviously you don't need to use both at night you could use one at night and one in the morning,but boy did i need it.

I started off my day with a full face of Makeup here...
Then came very very early hours and i wanted to show you just how good this works,so next photo is me at about 3am and makeup still on from that day,only my lipstick had worn off tbh...

I then took my nail and dug into the hard cleanse side and used an amount about the size of a penny and rubbed this all over my face.It didn't smell and just felt like it was melting away my makeup as very oily,similar to coconut oil i suppose but without the coconut smell.I massaged all over paying more attention to my eyes to rub into my mascara as we all know that's a bugger to come off lol.
 Above is me looking like a rather not very happy panda ha ha...the next bit Caroline is going to freak at me about if she reads this.Yes i used baby wipes but not in the sense straight from the pack.I ran a sink full of warm water and soaked the baby wipe in and wrung it out etc,so basically i used it as my flannel...now look at this grime you won't believe it {yuck}
I know right how gross is that,a baby wipe soaked in warm water wiped away all the first solid cleanse off my face,but it felt pretty clean afterwards,see the photo below :)

You can actually click the photos to enlarge,but did the first cleanse take it all off?? No it actually didn't and this is obviously why Caroline had the best idea of a double cleanse as it just doesn't get into the nitty gritty of all that grime.So then i went onto the cream cleanse and again massaged over face and neck and eyes again.To my shock and horror i still got this much crap off my face below..
Isn't that shocking as i thought it was clean after the first cleanse but obviously not....but after this i was as clean as a baby bum...not sure where that phrase comes from as are babies bum's clean? but my face was gleaming and felt so very soft.
Here i am all happy and clean before bed,it didn't actually take me long but I'm so glad i did it as just look at that filth below i could have been leaving on my face ewwww.
The next day my face felt great,no irritation and just felt lovely.
You can purchase Pixi Double Cleanse from a few places listed below.
It's £24 and i don't know how long it will last but i only used a very small amount each time so my guess would be 1 to 2 months hopefully so worth the price for sure
Buy from these places..

So there is my review,i love this product and would totally give it 10/10,sorry i didn't do it sooner but i do like to use a product a good few times before reviewing thanks.
Do you own this or would you love to try it too? let me know in the comments thanks .
*pr sample
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  1. It's a fabulous product isn't it? I love it, Its amazing how much is left on the face after the 1st cleanse isn't it? I always double cleanse at night but having both in one pot is so much easier, yet another Pixi product I'll be forever repurchasing, the girls love it too :) Lots of love xxx

    1. Thanks Zoe I've never double cleansed
      Before so it's shocking how much crap is
      Still left on the face tbh. Need to buy
      A flannel lol,have to get loads of cheap
      Ones as they smell after a bit.I know
      You can wash them but I'm sure they
      Must hold bacteria and germs xxxx :)


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