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#SP Laser Hair Removal At Pulse Light Clinic London

#SP Laser Hair Removal At Pulse Light Clinic London

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So i was contacted by Pulse Light clinic asking if i wanted to visit one of their three clinics in London to have Free laser hair removal treatment to review on my blog.
I was so very interested although with my social phobia then travelling to London from where i am is too much of a commute,especially with the children too.
But i did agree to do this blog as it's something i myself am interested in and thought you would be too.

I have never been for Laser hair removal so obviously have no knowledge on having the treatment done.But after watching this video below and reading the website and obviously a bit on google,i would certainly want to try it myself.
{see video}

I actually have tons of hair lol way too much,just think monkey and you would be on the right lines ha ha.No honestly my hair is so thick and dark and grows super fast too.
I shave my legs all the time and underarm,bikini line and i also get hair on my face now I'm older {peach fuzz} is that what they call it,plus a moustache...yes a moustache grrr,i have such dark hair so it's not fun :(

I think Laser hair removal sounds a great idea as it's a permanent hair reduction you should lose 10% permanently after each session and you can see results just after one session.It does state it can be uncomfortable but no pain no gain  right? You have to go through a slight bit of pain with most things so that wouldn't bother me.

This works on both men and women and on all skin types.."YOU ARE NOT" to go for laser hair removal if pregnant or breast feeding,nor straight after sunbathing etc.All info in video.
THE GREAT THING IS THAT YOU CAN GO FOR A FREE 15 mins consultation with patch test to try this on your skin first,which i think is an amazing idea,as this will give you peace of mind first before booking that first appointment.

Treatments are from around £35 depending on which area and size of body area they will be working on.which i don't think is too bad if it means getting rid of your hair in the long run.
It will treat ingrown hairs which usually takes around 3 sessions.

The clinic is located in three area's which are ... 
Fenchurch Street
Tottenham Court Road
Liverpool street

Please check out the website below for more details...

They also do so many other specialist treatments in the clinic too such as tattoo removal,Acne scar removal,Stretch marks,cellulite,pigmentation,rosacea and anti ageing.

Give the a call for free consultation,all details are on the website.They have great reviews in Google Plus and have been featured on BBC News and the Telegraph.
After reading in depth about the company and finding out you can go and chat to them first and have a look around then i would trust them to be a reputable company.If i lived closer i would have gone and had the treatment done myself for sure.

Thanks so much for reading and let me know if it's something you have ever thought about having done?? or have even already had done.
Thanks Kind Regards Vinny x♥x

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