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Hi there i thought here you could get to know me a little,my name is Vinny and I'm in my "cough " mid 30's and i live with my partner Jamie and two gorgeous children Teegan and Tayum.
We live in the south of England but we are originally from up North,yet we moved here about 14 years back now,both myself and Jamie still have our Nothern accents though,Teegan my daughter has a southern accent or a bit of a mixed one really lol and I'm sure Tayum will too.

I got into Makeup at a young age as i have two older sisters,i used to watch them putting their makeup on,half the time i would then steal it and try putting it on myself ha ha or on my dolls.
I didn't actually start wearing makeup properly though until i went to high school so about age 12 but i only wore a tiny bit,but as i got to age 14 that tiny bit became a lot ha ha.

I'm also into fashion although have a hate hate relationship with my figure and clothing and getting clothing to look nice and to fit nice,but when i find that certain something then i will buy about 10 of them,same goes for makeup,just incase they ever stop doing them lol.

This blog is totally different from Youtube,oh i also have a beauty/style youtube channel too and a family one,but here on my blog it's personal and more intimate and i get joy from typing out blog posts,when i have the time that is with two kids who are totally bonkers and demanding, but my blog is my thoughts and feelings and it's soothing just to type away,probably because i hate writing but i do like talking.

I suffer from quite a few mental health problems and nooo that doesn't make me mental,or maybe it does lol,but nope I'm just me but i can't do a lot of things that other people can and take for granted.
I suffer Anxiety,social Phobia,agoraphobia,Panic attacks,Gad,Ibs,Depression and Hyper Mobility syndrome......so all in all I'm a walking disaster,oh i have something called essential tremor too which makes my hands shake,it's made worse by my anxiety but even happens when I'm not anxious grrr.
I hate the fact i have all of this but this is why i started my Youtube and Blog as it helps me to have a hobby and somewhere to just be me and have a chat with my followers and friends.
I used to be very ashamed of having Anxiety,i think some of my family are actually ashamed but hey ho who cares,it isn't them that has it.But I'm not ashamed anymore,yes i may never get better and may have this for the rest of my life but I'm determined not to let that stop me having a fantastic life with my partner and my gorgeous children as there are so many people a lot worse off than myself.

Jamie is my partner and he is in some of my video's on Youtube,he is the best partner i could ever wish for,also he's my best friend too,people always say how come you get on so well...there is no secret we just gel nice together,he's the happy chappy funny outgoing bubbly one and I'm the more poker face serious one that actually wants to really burst into laughter when I'm trying to be mad at him lol,we mostly like the same things and he is only a year older than me,so into the same music etc.
He's very hard working and works nights but also does lots with the kids too {amazing daddy} so i can only write my blog at night when the kids are in bed and he isn't here or can only film when he is looking after the kids,so i do find it hard to juggle things but we manage.

My Parents passed away when i was 14 and i took it really bad,not at the time,it actually hit me later on in life and i started getting Anxiety at about age 19 or 20 and it's just escalated from then on,i have and do still seek help for it but nothing has worked up to now,only actually Youtube and my blog as i have now met or cyber met some fantastic friends.I will chat away about anything from Makeup to style,baby or lifestyle,just about anything really as I'm easygoing.

See i told you i ramble lol,but if you like a good read and a total ramble freak,then pls follow my blog and come say hi as it would mean the world to me.
Thanks for reading this about me {short story} lol
all my love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny



  1. Hi Little Miss Style Guru,
    I have nominated you for the Beauty Blogger Award. If you would like to participate, I would love to hear your answers to the given questions. You can find all the details on my post https://megansmakeupmuses.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/beauty-blogger-award/
    I love your youtube channel and I really enjoy your blog! Thanks so much for your consideration :-)

    1. Thanks so much that was lovely of you and i will try and do as soon as i get chance xx<3xx really kind

  2. Hi Vinny, I just found you on the #30plusblogs website and am really impressed with your positive attitude! Well done for embracing your health condition rather than hiding from it. I look forward to reading your blog posts and if I find time (my children are also very demanding) I will check out your YouTube channels :) https://spookymrsgreen.com/2014/07/28/who-am-i/


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