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  1. Just wanted to say I have read about you on yr blog and my heart goes out to you and would love to see a video about anxiety and depression and your thoughts on this subject. I went through a rough time in 2013 which left me broken, I had to take medication which now I have managed to come off, but only through sheer courage and determination, I now focus on keeping healthy and do at home excersises when I can ... Not all the time but try to eat healthier and try to drink lots of water. If you have any tips on positive well being when you are feeling low I would love you to make a video about this and how to cope in our busy lives :-)xx

    1. Thanks hun ever so much,i don't deal with mine very well really hun and i wish there was an easy answer as i'm still on lots of meds grrr,although yes i will do a video on my thoughts again i think,as starting youtube is one of the best coping things i find that helps me hun and i would tell anybody to do it that suffers xx♥xx


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