Hi Guys i would just like to begin by saying thanks for reading and following my blog if you have done.
All the opinions on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.
I love to review makeup and style and always will give you my honest opinion on any products i buy or get sent to me for review purposes,as you will see by my Youtube channel Littlemissstyleguru i do always give you my honest thoughts of everything and try to describe things to the best of my knowledge.

The majority of products i review on my blog and Youtube are obviously bought by myself but if a PR company does send me anything to review or i have been gifted a product for any reason then of course i will mention this in the blog or video.
Also if i am ever asked to do a sponsored blog or Youtube video then my followers and subscribers will be the first to know.
My Blog and Youtube May Contain Affiliate Links.
If you already know me from Youtube anyway you will know i spend a lot of money on makeup and clothing and i do purchase all different brands as love to try a wide range or products from cheaper drugstore to more high-end items so if you see anything that i own and you would like me to do a review or blog about it then please just ask as always here to try and help.


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